Friday, August 8, 2014

Baarish , Borosil & Monsoon Magic !

monsoon meal
How many times have you looked up at the grey ominous sky praying it would rain again ?The summer in Bangalore has been hot and long ut the slight breeze and dark clouds that appeared this morning had given me hope. How I longed for the days I would sit by the windowsill, allowing the rain to splash gently on my arm. I would sip a steaming cup of masala chai along with hot spinach pakodas looking down at the busy street....downpours are not just a gloomy season It is a season to devour delicious food and fall in love, to get drenched in the downpour and dance in the rain.

 monsoon chai
With the rainy season in full swing you want nothing but a wonderful Sidney Sheldon novel , 2 to 3 glasses of your favorite masala chai and crisp hot pakodas alongside with it...
ginger green tea

There are days when the afternoons evenings and mornings cannot be distinguished , they are gloomy all through out the day..and on such days you wish ginger green tea , the very good old pakodas with tomato sauce and frozen fruit custard And not to forget the spicy aaloo chaat ! Its a bonus if you have hot cupcakes to go with this ! This is what I call a sumptuous short exquisite monsool meal...
And Borosil just came along and made the whole idea of monsoon meal more exciting and beautiful...
Let us see how that is...


I could simply cook my masala chai in borosil glassware! yes ! Some of the glassware can be used over the flame ! I had a hinge it would break or burst any moment , but Borosil performed beautifully! My tea was ready in no time...
spinach pakodas

Next came the pakodas.. Its a pain to go all over the process of making a basin batter, cutting all onions, veggies and other spices to cook the pakodas hence I simply cook a pakodas in huge number and store them...hence I simply picked the pakodas out from the fridge and microwaved them in the same borosil dish... you are right they are microwave safe !
Spinach Pakodas

The Borosil vision glasses are so light and perfect to serve the masala chai !
So here you go sit right in your balcony , sip your masala chai along with piping hot spinach pakodas right out from the microwave and enjoy the magic spun by monsoons !

And enjoying the downpour would be incomplete without a bowl of yummy refrigerated fruit custard !
custard Feast your eyes not just on the beautiful droplets of rain but also the exquisite monsoon meal you intend to binge when there is a downpour next time.. :)
PS: This is the beautiful hamper I won in the Borosil Round 1 contest…
Borosil Hamper
This is a part of Borosil #beautiful round 2 contest on Indiblogger..


  1. Najm... I don't think I could handle monsoon weather... I hope all the food tastes as delicious as it looks.;-)

    1. Thanks Launna , and oh yes the food tastes as delicious as it looks :D

  2. yummy!
    custard and chai looks great

  3. Custard is mouth watering!

  4. Lovely little compilation, I really like the way you have presented, especially the picture with the umbrella :)