Thursday, August 21, 2014

A house that makes you smile ..

What's the difference between a house and a home? Even a toddler can tell you the difference between the both! A house is simply a structure you live in. But a home is a place that gives you strong sense of belongingness, a place you want to have your memories ,physical and emotional well-being. Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. All of us dream to live in a house that will make us smile and leave us feeling at home, where you want to come back at the end of the day. Home is not just a noun, its an adjective and an adverb and Home decor plays a vital role in making you feel home. Let's look at three simple things that will turn a house into a home. A beautiful home with Traditional Home Decor.
traditional house decor
3 simple things that will turn your house into a home from

I like the idea of traditional home decor when it comes to showing of my personality. Traditional theme of style is a mainstay of home decor. And like every decorating style, it evolves with the trends. Its forever classic, today's updated traditional style keeps a fresh face by injecting modern comforts and taking a more pared-down approach. Traditional styles with a little updating make the perfect space to live in! A traditional home decor would mean living like a Queen ! Traditional color schemes can be neutral or saturated as long as hues are sophisticated, not heavy. Traditional furnishings will always be elegant, but there's room in today's interpretation to mix period styles or inject a modern element that complements your personality.

We all love the vintage trends of the past but also love the comforts of modern life. Make the corners of your home smile by adding a perfect opportunity to unleash your creative side and impress the world with your personal touch. Adding personal touches to make a house a home doesn't necessarily mean that you have to dig deep into your wallet. Shop around for best buys and bargains, or simply shop at MakeMyHome for never b before home d├ęcor accessories which allow you to keep the look fresh and trendy. Several top designer brands weigh in on how tried-and-true decorating is moving forward to create the ultra-livable New Traditional style. And you can find all of these on MakeMyHome !
I picked up these exquisite pieces from MakeMyHome because they perfectly Define The New Traditional!

My 3 picks from the Best of Home Decor from here…

1) Wall Art (Mesleep Lake Painting):
 Fashion traditional style that looks up-to-date and feels like a home is incomplete without pieces of sophisticated art that reflect what you like and in turn reflect your personality. Art is the perfect way to inject a dose of personality into a home. It not a surprise to find personal touches straying from the style rules to add character, such as the vintage-inspired wall art and traditional designed chandeliers.
Whether you like a punch of colors or a painting which is not heavy on the eyes, art is a versatile way to add interest and individuality. If I am not sure what frames to add I simply go for inexpensive but traditionally beautified digitally Printed wall art painted on thick canvas . It gives a feeling and colour to my walls and this lake painting (I love travelling by boats) is a perfect find ! One should never be afraid to try hot colors and the best way to experiment with colors is to try wall art in hot colors and scenery’s.

2)The Sofa (Marwar Stores Sofa) :
The next key element for an updated traditional theme decor is Hand made furniture , its canvas and the wood used in the furniture. Traditional furniture and fabrics have come a long way from the days of the fussy parlor. Furniture still leans toward formal, but the lines are sleeker and pieces are definitely more comfortable. For a traditional approach one must choose a sofa that lends a modern simplicity to a dressy statement. Don’t be afraid to use bold patterns or vibrant colors on a traditional sofa or chair to give this formal style an up-to-date finish. The reason why I chose House This! Cushions in warm pink tones to go with this light on the eyes sofa.
Grey blue furniture pieces and billowing fabrics are forever elegant and romantic, a favorite approach in traditional design. With a sofa in earthen tones it is important to balance the traditionalism, hence I make sure the old-fashioned look enjoys a breath of fresh air by keeping colors light and accessories minimal.

3)Cushions (House This! Pink City Cushion Covers):
Its true when they say that the finishing touches set your home apart. When choosing your fabrics, stay away from elaborate patterns because they will distort the clean, contemporary look you are trying to achieve. Over stuffed cushions with colorful cushion covers is a traditional color scheme to bring in the rich look to your traditional themed without being heavy. But its important one chooses colors that are light in value with warm undertones to give a traditional room space to breathe. A soft green establishes a classic palette in a polished traditional living room, while pops of deep pink add playful luxury. I opt for cushions in my favorite playful colors and what better than cushions that have ‘I heart Pink’ written all over them which also would give my home a traditional appeal!

Today's updated traditional design is a blend of comfortable, liveable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh look and feel. Clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details characterize updated traditional design for me.

At the end of the day, decor accessories reflect who you are and add character to a home, so don't be afraid to proudly display the best of traditional art , traditional based furniture and treasured grandma’s china. Give it to your home !

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  1. I am more of a fusion person, but can imagine your conception. Loved it!

    1. Contemporary , fusion and ethnic are my favorites too :)

  2. I am more of a traditional furniture person, Gaddas, floor seating...and jhaokha wall arts...just love them

    1. Aaah floor seating is one which hits home :) I can totally relate to the furniture you like. Even now when I get to my grandparents home I love the traditional gaddas and jhula there :D

  3. Liked the way you portrayed it traditionally .... :-)

  4. I went with a contemporary look for our place but sometimes I wonder if I should have done what you suggested here.. all the best :)

    1. Contemporary look is LOVE ! I am sure your house is one of the most beautiful homes :) I think traditional and contemporary are very close when it comes to decor :)

  5. In my ancestral house the things are already 100+ years old so in my house I try not to keep them but I know they give a very personal kind of feeling. :)

  6. I am completely with you on the traditional front. Of late I have gotten a fancy for worli art and have been on the look out for new stuff accordingly.. My most recent pride was a wall clock with a fusion of chattisgarh metal work and worli art, gives such a great look for the room :)