Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday favorites : Sci fi movies !

The other day I was watching Godzilla and I got so bored I actually skipped black dark some dumb machine fighting blah blah  few of the most boring scenes. Oh lets quip the whole movie actually can be quipped for a bore. It sucked up big time. No really with all the hype over the movie I expected much better story & action than borinnnnnnnnnnnnnng dinosaur monster fights. Yawn.
Last 3 months have been a lot of movie time for me and I ended up watching loads of sci fi and action movies of which few were disasters and few just blew my mind off! I am more of balancing hollywood and bollywood movie  types  but lately after I  watched 10 minutes of awful awful very awful salman khan starrer Kick , I lost faith in bollywood until it was restored  day before yesterday after I watched Mardaani :P
Bollywood is turning RemakeDisasterwood now. Sigh. The only movie which emerged as a winner until now of 2014 was Queen, others have left me quite disappointed.The reason why I ended up watching so many scifi movies from hollywood and of which I do not regret at all :D I caught up on the best of 2013 hits I missed watching and I have come with a list of best fives and the worst 5 , which turned out to be so bad I wished I had  not  watched them in the first place.
Best ones :
best of 5, scifi movies

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A house that makes you smile ..

What's the difference between a house and a home? Even a toddler can tell you the difference between the both! A house is simply a structure you live in. But a home is a place that gives you strong sense of belongingness, a place you want to have your memories ,physical and emotional well-being. Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. All of us dream to live in a house that will make us smile and leave us feeling at home, where you want to come back at the end of the day. Home is not just a noun, its an adjective and an adverb and Home decor plays a vital role in making you feel home. Let's look at three simple things that will turn a house into a home. A beautiful home with Traditional Home Decor.
traditional house decor
3 simple things that will turn your house into a home from

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Height Trend- High low hemline dresses :My 5 best buys!

What happens when a flirty mini-skirt meets a longer maxi? "High-low" hemlines become a hot trend!
You will get to read all over the internet that a few fashion wizards have come up with a fix for those who debate whether to go with a short or a long dress. A party wear/ ethnic wear from the front and a formal dress from behind. This Wearing this hot trend makes one noticed. What is so special about this dress, and what are the upcoming trend?

One of the most adorable fashion trends for 2014 is high-low hem dresses. High-low hem is a style in which the hemline in the front part of the dress is shorter than the back part of the dress. These dresses are not only fun but  flirty too! These dresses are a great option for women who want to dress up different than the rest . It has emerged as one of fashion's most covetable trends, the outfit provides a cutting edge wardrobe collection!
In past two months I have been shopping ruthlessly (It was the season of sales, who am I kidding?) for these high low beauties and ended up owning atleast 10 of them *mini happy dance* ! Here are the best five ones I am loving at the moment !

high low hemline skirts

Friday, August 8, 2014

Truly Utterly Beautiful Food ~ Eat with your eyes…

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the visual presentation of food is as equally important as the flavour of the food served…
There is a saying that people eat with their eyes first and while the quality of ingredients, color and coupling of flavours are the key elements in a successful dish, the food you serve in comes a close second. Why not ? Because serve ware plays a vital role in making your food look beautiful!
Gulab jamuns   
Borosil serveware

Baarish , Borosil & Monsoon Magic !

monsoon meal
How many times have you looked up at the grey ominous sky praying it would rain again ?The summer in Bangalore has been hot and long ut the slight breeze and dark clouds that appeared this morning had given me hope. How I longed for the days I would sit by the windowsill, allowing the rain to splash gently on my arm. I would sip a steaming cup of masala chai along with hot spinach pakodas looking down at the busy street....downpours are not just a gloomy season It is a season to devour delicious food and fall in love, to get drenched in the downpour and dance in the rain.