Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars, spells and dreamy proposals…

I shut my book with a loud thud, 6 more damn hours. What was wrong with me , it was just another sweet date except for the fact that he hadn't called and had sent flowers and a card asking me out.
I couldn't concentrate on what i was writing, dammmit! I was in the middle of writing my first ever romance novel and so many unnecessary distractions.

My love for books is never ending, writing had been my passion. To see my work printed in black ink and been read and adored by millions had always been a dream and a dream I was not giving up on. I was intoxicated by the magic the books and the spell they casted on me . I was in the middle of writing a chapter where the protagonist lady wished for five things in black she always desired and wished for. Tough part I thought to myself. Blotches of black ink were smeared on my delicate fingers , I sighed inwardly I had to get rid of them afterall it was going to be a special date today. We were going to celebrate our one year of togetherness today.
I wished for the millionth time I would make my head as to what I was to wear, I couldn’t pick up any silk dress from my wardrobe because we were going celebrating, it had to be something nice and good too. Just them my Blackberry screen flashed and “Your my love’ Started playing ,It was Captain Jack Sparrow ‘The love of my life.
“Hello , how’s are you my darling?”
“Great ! Just that I am going to come naked tonight” I joked “I haven’t yet got anything to wear” I pouted
“Well well, the greatest crisis of woman’s life, don’t worry I have sent a gift for you .It will be there at your doorstep any minute now.Please accept it as a present, I would like to see you in it” He said mischievously.
“You bought me a dress? Whaaa ! ..” I said dramatically
“Who ever told it was a dress? Okay look I am getting late..I just called to tell you I will not be able to pick you instead sahil dada will drop you to the dinner place , okay?” He seemed to be in a hurry.
“umm okay, see you soon, thanks for the dre..whatever you brought me” i replied smiling into my blackberry
“love you, Can’t wait to see you “ and the phone went dead.

Please god whatever he is sending let be small and black and not expensive I prayed silently. He had already showered me with expensive gifts. i din’t want any more of them. And I wanted it to be black because I had painfully gone through a Black nail art and wanted to wear black to go with my nails, I rolled my eyes at my own mix matching skills.  I looked in the mirror my black waist long hair was damp from my bath , black irises engulfed up in almond shaped eyes shone back , black thick eyelashes coated the eyes in the mirror and a black tiny mole peeped from under my chin… Everything in black mesmerized like no other color did, and why not , wasn’t black timeless and everything adorned with considered beautiful from shoes to coats to sleek gadgets..,my train of thoughts were interrupted by a doorbell ring.
I gasped as the contents of the packet slipped out from the packet that had just arrived , I had almost dropped my pen while taking the courier, it was so beautifully wrapped and HUGE, was it?!!
What was jack thinking off! Buying such an expensive classic dress from …. . It must have cost him a fortune ! And no the surprise just did end there were matching glossy stilettos from Clarks and matching dark black gloved to go with it. Did he wan to take me out to some supermodel ramp walk show? This was too much ! i picked up my Blackberry and dialled his number.
“Switched off, who send his girlfriend a gift worth millions and then switches of the phone” I muttered angrily . I couldn’t even thank him huh.

From the time the package had arrived my mind had rocketed off all the possibilities of him sending  me the gift . He is taking you meet his parents, he is going to ask you him to marry you , yeah keep dreaming sweetheart I thought to myself. But them as time ticked i became more and more nervous , I skipped lunch and the butterflies in my stomach might have had butterflies in their stomachs.
'Calm you nerves down! Can’t a man who loves you send a gift ? It is simple. there is nothing more to it' my brain kept on repeating again and again but my stupid stupid heart just wouldn't listen. 'There is more to this, and you know it"is what my heart whispered  .
I tried calling him 18 more times. Switched off, was he going to cancel the date? business meeting , someone stole his phone, phone crashed ..what what what . STOP.
I was simply going crazy. Some spell seemed to have bound a spell on me. I was going frigging crazy about what would happen on a simple sweet date and nothing else. I was mad. Simple.
Exactly at the promised time a beautifully dark black Limousine drove at my front door, trust my love to keep his word.
“5 minutes!!! “ I shouted  from my window while waving at Sahil dada, who was Jack’s 60 something driver. He smiled in return and signaled me to make it fast.

I gave a final glimpse to my appearance in the mirror, and damn did I look beautiful or did I look beautiful! The beautiful black dress had lace detailing and snugly fit to show off my delicate curves. My black long black hair tousled down at both sides and fell on my shoulder , the black thick kohl defined my almond eyes, whilst the long thick lashes guarding the deep black eyes transferred me into some other woman . But there was something else, there was nervousness and love , shining from those eyes in the mirror. I straightened my dress and flipped my hair back, not bad at all. Jack is going to be in for a shock I thought to myself . I looked too lovely even for my eyes!I pinched myself I was actually wearing a high class LBD out for a date with my love ! What more could a woman wish for.

The limousine in no time reached the dinner place, I had no idea were we were having dinner as he told me it would be a surprise. I felt it hard to walk in heels given the situation that I knew there was something special about this dark black night. It was not that the heels where uncomfortable but it was the anticipation the black night held that made me tremble with joy.

“WOW, I can eat you up” I said easily looking at the man waiting for at the entrance of the restaurant. he wore a black three piece suit from head to toe. So beautiful , dark and handsome. My knight I thought gleefully and a giggle escaped my lips. he looked at me amusingly and didn't reply. Just “My Black beauty you have no idea I am thinking of now “ he whispered from behind. I shivered but then the next moment he slid a blindfold around my eyes
“What ,... what are you doing?” I stuttered.
“Surprise sweetheart . remember ?”

Moments later the he removed the blind fold  i stood open mouthed at the surroundings of the most stunning, beautiful, amazing thing ever…a beautiful open sky garden , where chandelier were hanging from trees, in the centre was a beautiful table in mahogany  wood on which a delicious black chocolate cake stood proudly. The candles made it look even more exotic.The sky was lit up with beautiful skyworks. He must have arranged for them to be jewel the night sky when I was blindfolded.It was so exquisite .I had no words.
I turned around to thank him for such a beautiful present , but he was suddenly standing too close, my heart plummeted to my head.
“Najm ..”
“yesss,  I mean..its beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you,Look up sweetheart.” he whispered in dark husky tone.
And there on the beautiful black blanket of sparkling stars written in fireworks “My love,will you marry me ?” .
My heart contracted , wet tears of joy streamed down my radiant face dangerously asking me stop crying or they would ruin my smokey eye make up.
I turned to him and found him down one one knee ,looking anxious. He pocketed a small black box on which in small writing was written Tiffany and co.
“Hush, sweetheart don’t cry, please just say yes.” he spoke more firmly but his voice held a flicker of nervousness .
I stood there with my mind all baffled and he mistook my silence “ He took my hand in his own and looked seriously into my eyes.
“Will you?” he asked tentatively.
I looked down into the depths of those beautiful male eyes which were now looking with hopefully into mine, I then stared at the little black box of immense joy he held in his palm, a spectacular black diamond ring sparkled hypnotizing me … my breath got caught in my throat and when I got it back shallow and quick.
I heard cameras stutter , I looked around too see two camera men flashing their black DSLR’s who went on clicking pictures of us both.good god he had even made arrangements to capture the best moment of my life in the form of loving photographs. i could now treasure this moment forever !I looked up at him dreamily.

Here were the five most beautiful things in black I had always wished for 1) The most important person of my world in a traditional black dapper tuxedo  ,2) Holding a gorgeous Tiffany ring 3) Proposal written over the beautiful black night sky 4) Looking lovingly at his woman in a beautiful black dress  5) Whilst memories were being recorded in the form of  black & white pictures by professional photographers which afterwards, when developed, would have a photographic memory to unforgettable remember that day with!

10 hours after the day began, I had walked through the entrance and said “Yes” to the man of my dreams…

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PS:This is a fictional post written to express my eternal love for the color back and 5 most beautiful things I wished for in the color.
PPS: I know the post is melodramatically romantic, be good and say nice things about the post in the comments okay?


  1. Cool, simply waited till reading "10 hours after the day began, I had walked through the entrance and said “Yes” to the man of my dreams…"

    1. Thank you for taking out time to read this :)

  2. Never for a moment did I think it was fiction til I came across the last line.. Beautiful one though, the flow of emotions, thoughts and the way they dance on the screen is very well woven.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving your comments Vinay :)

  3. Not much for romance, but I declare my eternal love for black too :D
    Beautifully written, btw :) Makes me wish I was not that much of a Vampire Bat :P

    1. And best of luck with the black :)

    2. Thank you Teny ! Hahaha but I like the vampire bat version of you, he is quite witty :P

  4. Fluid, All the best for the competition!

  5. Good story. Please correct the typos. Keep writing!

    1. Thank You for pointing that out Aditi, I'll do that immediately ! :)

  6. Romantic & happy ending too with so many cool treasures in black :)
    What else is needed? Best wishes :)

  7. Wonderful read. :) You have given a good ending.

  8. This is something too romantic to handle ;-) lovely read Najm.. all the best :)