Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rantings, rantings and a few more rantings !

Lately I am having the worst mood swings !
Also this is NOT another contest entry of mine. I know I know… (what you must be thinking )
Reasons? Problems? Breakup? Pressurised ? Work load ? Drama?
I am not writing this post for sympathy or out of desperation to share with someone anyone,or  its just , well its just because ..forget it.
My 13 months old nephew broke two of my delicate frameless glasses consequently one after the other. He is so cute I can’t even shout or went my anger out at him. I once did and his beautiful face turned into a forced sorry face and I felt SO guilty.
20140709_005905 My eyes, my eyes! BTW this is the second pair.

Badass brutal ex got hold of my two favorite pair of heels , which were NEW ( New – I HADN’T WORN THEM EVEN ONCE!) Don’t ask me how. So yeah, I am never getting them back.
One of my favorite which I probably will never get to even see. I am sure he must have murdered them or sold them off at chor bazaar,, the given kah mi nah he is.
I love my work, My boss is the bestest boss ever! But currently work load is making me feel like World trade centre collapsed on my head.
One of my favorite books is lying unread in my wardrobe since 20 damn days. I didn't find the time to read it.Lazy ? No I just didn't find the time !
My new laptop which I bought with a lot of homes online is freaking me out. Thanks to the registry error my system goes blank , shuts down suddenly every 1 hour.BAD BAD LAPTOP . Even though I have a 1 year warranty, I am too busy to take my NEW laptop out for an outing.
20140603_162858 The bleddy bleddy Blue screen of death error ! YOU FREAKING FREAKING BLUE BLEDDY BA…

My mom has finally chosen this frustrating time of my life to tell me how bad I am at cooking. I love cooking, atleast I try my best at it when i am in the kitchen. But people can never be satisfied. Either there is too much salt, too little spices, very thick gravy, very bad tasting, so little color, not fried properly, meat still being raw even after the pressure cooker pressure released in the form of 10 damn seetis.
I buy a tablet cover from homeshop18 only to find they have sent me an Apple Ipad 2 & 3faux leather flip case instead of Apple ipad mini sleeve making me go through one freaking painstakingly hard process of reverse pickup which contained a letter as to why I was returning the product . Flipkart I love you.
20140704_153935 Look at the HUGE difference !They sent a 10 inches case instead of 7.8 inches !

I have gained weight, not just a kilo or two but 4 DAMN kilos. I have no idea how I am going to get rid of it. I don’t do workouts. Never had the necessity to, I was thin and awesome until the past 5 months. Wow. Just WOW . My brother actually had the audacity to tell me ‘ you have put on weight’! WOWWWW!

Only thing that is keeping me sane is Ramazan . And my mom’s food. & My siblings humour.& My father’s company.& the time spent with my nephews and his laughter ,

Its only I and only I who knows how BADLY I need a vacation !To Somewhere far         far         far       away ! Now this is close to impossible. A vacation in the middle of nowhere. Nada, no , not happening ever.
I recall reading a post by on how one would react while reaching the final stage of frustration. I could totally relate to it.

You can read it here. (By read it I mean read it, its one awesome post!)

I solemnly swear everything I ranted is 101 percent the truth and currently happening with me. I am yet to find a solution to deal with all of this. But for now I can hardly type anymore, I am having a hard time blogging without my glasses on! (I use glasses when I am on the computer, staring at the walls boards & presentations!

I wanted to take rage out my ranting on twitter but I had a hell lot to rant , and spamming is not my genre.Hence the blog.
Lastly I have always wanted to cook delicious food not because my mom keeps forcing me to telling me how I would cut my family’s nose if I was married of to some obnoxious man who wanted his wife to cook the worlds best food ever. But because this is the only thing my mom ever asked me of, and Hell I love food ! Why not bear some pain and step into the kitchen more often . So I have no no I am still thinking of taking up a 30 day cooking challenge. What is your opinion, will food blogging about my challenge help me learn the art of beautiful cooking?

I started this post and wanted to end it on a positive note but I don’t know what it actually resulted into.
Would love to hear what you think I could do to get rid of all the bad things happening with me *Please don’t roll your eyes* They are REAL bad, believe me.

Ps: those who hate rantings please don’t pass indecent comments , you could this ignore the post and move on to the next one.

I am not being my usual self
This is my first post which had a tad bit of negativity pouring .
Do enjoy. How cynical of me.


  1. Najm... no one has the right to judge you and say that your issues are less than theirs.. personally I believe we are given the challenges we can handle in life, I don't always feel that I can handle it but I always come through. I think we all need to 'rant' and not feel judged for it, there is no one out there that is perfect, I know you have gratitude for what you have... it's just feels good to get it out sometimes... I am hoping things do get better for you soon, I especially hope you are able to get a new pair of glasses... I so need mine...

    Have a great day :)

    1. Really it is another feeling to see someone assure you that we are not wrong in what we do, thanks a ton for all your beautiful words Launna.
      Keep rocking!

  2. I'm sorry for the situation you are going though... But, as previous commentators rightly said, everything will be alright! I remember some words when I'm in some difficulty that read, 'Worrying won't make it better, instead will make it worse' and 'Think what would be happen in worst condition... You will gain some confidence to face it better'

    Try telling these words to yourself and see the difference :) TC! Keep smiling :)
    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you for inspiring words Sindhu ! :)

  3. Oh! Oh!
    But then 13 month old nephew is too cute to be scolded I say. :)
    btw after the low tide comes the high tide and let you be showered with lots of luck. :)