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CarTalk at CarConnect and Coffee…


Its a different feeling when you are seated in your comfy bean bag sipping some hot coffee and doing the most favorite thing you love to do, browsing the internet, but it somehow seemed impossible to talk about cars and share experiences with people around the globe by being seated in one single place. Wasn’t it like those who love cars, either talk about it to uncles, brothers and men at the workplace?( Sharing experiences with your girlfriends would freak the girls out, like why you keep telling me stories of your car experiences?!!WHY OH WHY DRAMA DRAMA WHY WHY )No honestly it was such an impossible task!

But that was only until I logged into ! No more compromising on the coffee !No more compromising on having to update your facebook status with a lengthy drive experience and count on the number of likes to see who had actually read and liked your experience! No more compromising on leaving your home or forcing your talk on those who aren’t interested! Chat and share experiences with other car crazy guys simply by logging into their website!

2 months back , it was summer holidays,the time to let yourself enjoy and not worry atleast for a short period of time. I remember always waiting for the summer vacation to begin as our family along with family friends or relatives would go vacationing together every summer ! We would choose a destination and drive off in our cars and travel like there was no tomorrow !We would have the time of our lives, playing games in the car, tweeting recklessly and not to forget the crazy pictures we clicked !
After we were back we would had trillions of images laughing , joking and crawling on our cars, I always wished I could share the joy and happiness I experienced while travelling with my friends, but years passed by and there was no way to let my friends know how much fun we had other than facebook and blogs ! Neither could I know how much fun my friends had while they vacationed in some other place . But recently I was connected to by Indiblogger and guess what my happiness knew no bounds ! There was altogether a separate platform where I could share my car experience no matter they were short or long drive experiences !

I love my four wheels parked outside my home and I couldn’t wait to show off my pride to the car frenzy people lurking on the website ! The best part was the website did not not end is awesomeness on the share experiences but had some more fab tabs like compare cars, Car News and new launches from the car heaven all over the world!

It was like “Hey, all car lovers UNITE” ! I Remember penning down my most memorable long drive experience “Around India in 18 days” on my blog and felt distressed when it didn't receive the much aplomb fame I hoped it would get. It reminded me of hindi saying “panda kya jaane anar ka swaad” beauty and fashion lovers wouldn’t be interested in a long drive experience. I was disappointed . But now that I have found a platform where I could  talk about my experiences and people would really read them with interest and enjoy!I absolutely love sharing stories about my long drives, short drives and those smart routes I took !
There were times when I wanted to talk about cars and to my sisters & they would yawn on my face *height of cruelty*,  and then the very next second they would talking about the new sitcom on Tv. I was always left hanging in the air, the only person I could talk about my love for cars was my lil bro !But his knowledge and insight on the latest cars, gadgets would leave me flabbergasted!If I would talk about Figo , he would talk about some alien car named Porsche Boxter ! Hence , this way too I was left in mid air. is a blessing for those who are obsessed with cars !i recall times when my brother was the only one who had a vast knowledge about cars . Anyone among my relative who were up for buying a  car would first go to him for advice. Last week I was scrolling on carconnect and I found this the latest launch BMW X5 , It was an amazing car , I fell in love with it instantly , When I happened to show my brother the new car launch,he told , “what big deal , I knew it even before you showed me this” . Ofcourse I was not fooled.

The next day I logged into my carconnect account I had one mutual friend, my not so witty brother was on carconnect ! Boys and their toys I rolled my eyes !
It was later that evening when I got him to confide that he had created an account so he could stay updated with latest car news and he even went on to tell me , he had got a comparison of his two favorite cars mailed.

 My experience with


I was introduced to Carconnect by Indiblogger, at first I was not sure if any of them would even read my car and long drive experiences on some other platform rather than facebook.
Given the car obsessed woman I was , within the next few days I found myself on the website, I was asked to create an account and sign up first , much to my surprise I could login trough twitter and they asked me a few fun questions like “which was my dream car?- Rolls Royce! (Such big dreams, I know.) “Your dream route?- Uk to Los angels..haaaye( Dreams , dreams and dreams!) ! and other few questions included which car I owned and when I bought it.
There were a total nine no of tabs which included the following!


Home: You can login into carconnect via facebook and connect with your Fb friends and also you can invite them to join in carconnect! Isn’t that cool?You can also login via email. The homepage along with the most popular car experience post and most popular long drive experience post. The homepage is simple, neat and hassle free unlike other websites which bombard you with News, adds and other information .
My Friends: Here you can invite your friends and search for your friends if they are already on carconnect.The best part is you can read car experiences and long drive experiences shared by your friends, vice versa!
Share Experiences :This by far the most favorite feature of mine from their website!Sharing and discussing those moments of joy and taking a dive into the memory lane and free all those memories with those who really care ! The best part is one can upload pictures of the car they used while travelling, or pictures clicked during the car or long drive experience!
Leaderboard : Another favorite of mine , here top contributors to carconnect are awarded with  Bronze,silver,gold and platinum badges! A newbie has to start with the bronze badge!
Currently my leaderboard status : You are two experiences away from unlocking the silver badge *makes a face* Not proud!
Goal: Climb on the highest post on the leader board, be a proud owner of a platinum badge. *challenging eye stare* :P
The more badges you get, the more you stand a chance to win goodies from Magma Fincorp (Cool tees, keychains,wallets,getting invited to meets,Mugs etc)!
dwwdwe Looks who’s leading ! Ha ! Whattay photoshop
(My imaginary leader board where I am two steps ahead against other competitors. Always.)
Compare Cars: Here one can compare two cars in one go and PDF comparison will be sent to respected email with the results in less than 48 hours!You are free to compare between any two variant of cars. Before if we planned to buy a car we recklessly read tech section of magazines and newspapers but they fail to fill us with the correct detailed review about a car, this is where this cool app comes in handy, I always wanted compare a Ford figo with Volkswagen vento and within no time the comparisonn lay in my mail box ! Cartastic I say !
caaaaaaaaaaar compare

Car News : No more googling or Yahooing for NEWS on everything about cars! i remember spending hours googling only to land up on the correct page and yet sometimes not find what i was looking for.This displays interesting news happening in the Automobile World. And if you have some interesting NEWS to share then you can contribute too! But it has to be related to cars hokay!
New launches : Here you can read about the latest car launches from all over the globe ! Its hard finding detailed and precise information

Stay connected all the time ! On phone , on the laptop, on your tablet ! Anywhere where there is wifi! is about those carssionate people who can share/write about cars they own, tell their personal drive stories, and find and interact with fellow car enthusiasts around India.

I think that a common love of cars can bring strangers together using portal that probably many other websites cannot do.
•Progressive designing of the website
•Latest car launches and worldwide car NEWS.
•Innovative !
•Irresistibly addicting.
•Leading the Leader board pleasure!

All in all is CARSOME ! Cars are AWESOME and unites CAR LOVERS !

  Final thoughts:

Its THE BEST  experience sharer you can Ever Get.....

From penning about your Passion To getting fame can make car lovers go Wow!!!!
its a powerhouse of excitement! You never know when you’re transported into the world of dreams. Dreams of sharing joy.
This website is sure to set a new trend !Magma has definitely recognised the passion hidden in Indians who own cars !
Besides Carconnect  also  has features like New Car updates, chat etc.  It is easy to search for information (a search bar is at the top right hand side of the site) and one can easily click common and most used tags by names of cities, car specification,long/short road trip etc.
The site is fast and lets you share your experiences easily using your Facebook account, it is fast, responsive and easy to navigate. As I can search from experiences of my friends one can get more authentic reviews from known people.
So if you are somebody who wants to be always one up about cars you can visit CarConnect site and create your profile and share your experiences and learn from your friends stories.
fine combination of fashion, technique and color !
I couldn’t stop visiting the website to check who all had liked my experiences and kept logging in from my mobile
Then I was asked to share my experiences , which I happily did, afterall this is my most favorite thing on their website.
A platform to share experiences and interact with people who have same interests is a sonnet for some, a lyrical ballad for some... and an epic for the rest!
It would be nice to see a vehicle tab with all car names along with the latest news attached with them. It would help us to search for the latest car alphabetical wise or Ranking wise. It could have a Buyers guide tab which give shopping advice to those who wish to buy a new car. Addition of other login getaways. A check in the looks department along with an android app would do wonders to the site!Maybe they could add a maintenance guide tab  where they gave advice on car care and car repair.

Without :

I would try my best to share knowledgeable car info with my bro, but ofcourse he is mean.
I would end up asking others, or googling or painfully search them in a new magazine.
Secondly I would secretly cry when I din’t get likes on my fb status where I updated how much fun my car is, or when I posted a long update of my newly bought car along with a smashing photograph ! The more likes, it meant more friends have read and enjoyed my experience, the lesser the likes, the more suicidal I would turn :p
My obsession for cars grew to such an extent it was about to explode cause it wasn’t getting any release in the form of sharing experiences or competing with other car frenzy fellow mates!

 With :

Love , love , love the whole experience at Carconnect! A little bit of color could transform the whole website to a new level!
So now my mornings and work hours begin with logging into and penning down all those experiences I wished to share ….
If you are up for some car talk or you are simply car obsessed , take a ride at with some hot coffee alongside..

The best way to connect with other auto lovers is to create an account at !Its an online car & travel enthusiast community ! No advertisement gimmicks , a website which is add free is purely bliss!

connect DamselInheels Rating :  fvfvdfvsdfvsfvsfsf
 This post was written in response to the Carconnect Contest at Indiblogger.

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