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Baba Elaichi- Truly The Freshness Of Life !

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How many of you suffer from bad breath? Or how many of pine to have a tingling fresh breath after every meal ?Offensive Bad breath? Want fresh breath without resorting to artificial candy mints or ducking into the restroom to brush your teeth?When our ancestors found themselves with offensive breath, they couldn't pop candied deodorizers into their mouths. They would simply use natural fresheners which we have shunned today. We can still use mouth fresheners with a desi twist to it, Thanks to DS Group and company for introducing the Baba Elaichi, bringing back the freshness of life into our lives! 
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Well if you have always wanted a natural solution, Introducing Baba Elaichi ,BABA, one of the largely well-liked and foremost non tobacco mouth freshener brands in the nation owns the Baba Elaichi, the saffron blended, premium flavoured pure silver coated cardamom seeds.These cardamom silver droplets of ecstasy is definitely the Best natural mouth freshner. Lets get to know this small red box of awesomeness , shall we?

A little history about BABA:
Baba Elaichi, Goodness of saffron and silver cardamoms

The History of BABA Originated with Shri DharamPal Ji, the Founding Father of Group. He was the one who really turned around the brand and made it visible in the Global Arena.
Since 1929 BABA has stood for quality, and today the alluring aroma & tantalizing taste of its products are recognized all over the world. Using a traditional closely guarded recipe,the products are made using only the finest ingredients subjected to stringent quality checks.
BABA ELAICHI was launched in 1960, and is preferred by discerning users across the globe.
Composition & Ingredients :
The silver used for coating the cardamom seeds are produced in-house from 999 grade silver, using German machines & technology, without any animal skin contact, and is pure & Satvik. Finest seeds from the Green Cardamom pods are separated and processed in to BABA Elaichi which is blended with selected Kashmiri Saffron.
Silver is well known for its bacterial properties, and its use in Ayurvedic products are mandatory. Ayurveda mentions the use of this versatile spice "Ela" as Elaichi (Green Cardamom-Elettaria), as a cure for many diseases.
Elaichi, the cardamom seed improves appetite and is also a powerful carminative and digestive-making it a perfect mouth freshener that eliminates bad breath.
Packaging: Fresh and Hygienic, these cute red Baba Elaichi boxes are travel friendly ! One can easily drop them in a min clutch or even a sling bag so you can carry them anywhere and savour them anytime!Also and no weighty issues! The little boxes come in the Click-Clack format. Easier to open but a little hard to master the art of closing this. Well i think Its just me *Wobbly hands of a witch from Hogwarts and all that* :P
Freshening capacity: Upto 4-5 hours after consumption.
Overview by Kith and Kin :
Siblings: Once my sister tasted it she regretted not applying for a sample of this delicacy . And hey Did i tell you the red box now lays empty in my closet. Siblings make sure you are bankrupt in everything. No really, the product is so good , my very much creative younger used it in one her Bagara rice recipe!
The brother was hooked onto UltraMintz but when I showed him this no doubt half of the box emptied, he tip toed my booty of green cardamom pearls into another box !*Angry*! Boys ! uff !
My cute little 6 year old cousin: “Didi, yeh chocolate toh bahut minty aur accha hai lekin sweet nahi hai, mein ab pani piyunki toh woh freezer wali feel ayegi kya?” *Baba Elaichi can taken by all age groups!*
My Mom: My mom  is head over heels in love with this ! Oh yes she is ! She loves all thing natural and no doubt she had already used Baba products long before. I was astonished to find four boxes of Baba Elaichi , one each for her children the very next time she went grocery shopping ! Yes, She loved them so much ! She now keeps one little red box in her handbag everywhere she goes!
Availability: I searched for them on online websites in India, but Alas! I couldn’t find them anywhere except for ! In this new age era where everybody shops online , i wish they made this little magic box of green cardamoms available online ! It would be so much easier for its loyal fans to purchase it and give a chance for the new customers to buy and indulge in this mouth freshening fantasy!
But you do get them in select retail stores and at stalls in malls. My mom mom bought it from a grocery store in Bangalore.
Price: for INR 65 ,It is definitely priced reasonably! They have now introduced new pocket packs pricing only INR10 ! Inexpensive I say!
Quality : The product is too good quality wise afterall Baba is known worldwide for its quality. They claim to add veg. silver coat on the elaichi seeds and which is true to my knowledge. This quality product is a luxury! It is exotic in every way and a good choice for all day freshness.
Taste : To be honest I have never eaten or chewed a cardamom pod in my life, though I use it very often in the kitchen, I pick these out from my food and NEVER chewed them. I am okay with cardamom powder but I was a little ecstatic while trying out these green pearl pods. So this was the first time I tasting them with chewing and my my did I want to buy another box immediately? They were lovely. New to my tongue savouring my taste buds. Though alien to my taste buds the sweet-smelling pods with resinous heady scent made me drool for them from the first very attempt of trying them out! I must say they turned out to be exotic, aromatic and very very refreshing ! I usually take 2 to 3 pods for refreshing. They taste something between ‘Oh my this is so strong I think I turned into a cardamom myself’ and ‘ I can smell the aroma of home cooked biryani garnished with cardamoms’. Very strong whiff of Elaichi mixed with soft silver flakes turn you into a Elaichi addict, they just don’t taste heavenly but they looked like jewelry drops of silver which leave you craving for more!
baba elaichi, baba Uses Of Cardamom: Cardamom contains chemicals that appear to treat stomach and intestinal spasms and gas, and increase the movement of food through the intestine. They also have the freshness aroma which beats bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling fresh within a few matters of second after you have consumed it. You don't want to swallow these, but chewing on a single pod for a few minutes can help get rid of bad breath.
Pros of Baba Elaichi mouth freshener:
  • Contains the Finest quality of Elaichi.
  • The green cardamom seeds are handpicked from the finest orchards across India.
  • Blended with special flavours and spices.
  • Refined taste .
  • Pleasing aroma .
  • Innovative packaging.
  • Lasting flavours, lasts upto 5 hours after consuming.
  • Unique pure silver coating.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Affordable.
  • Contains No harmful contents.
  • Applicable for all age groups.
  • Travel friendly .
  • Healthy and no side effects.
  Cons of Baba Elaichi :
  • The online availability seems to be the only con! 
Natural Mouth freshner, Baba
DamselInHeel Rating : :* :* :* : /5
Recommendation :Baba Elaichi has won many hearts with their refreshment capacity, pleasing aroma,refined taste, saffron and silver flakes.The brand has set global trademarks for its quality supplemented with a choice of finest natural ingredients. Highly recommended for everyone who likes to have a Mouth Freshener after stuff like eating on a date , waking up with your xyz, kissing a stranger, and those who suffer from Bad Breath, (or even before getting into a heated argument with Bf/hubby/gf) Jokes aside overall its an excellent refreshing mouth freshner!
Have you tried it yet? If not I recommend you do it immediately !

PS: I was sent a sample of Baba Ealichi. My opinions are truly utterly honest. Hand on heart.
PPS: This post is written for ‘Baba Elaichi, Spread the Freshness Campaign.’
PPPs: Have you found this review useful? Do let me know . Xoxo


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    I guess I am more of a tic tac fellow when it comes to this, fenugree is something I might have to think about a bit :)

  2. I have used Baba Elaichi too and oh boy its too good ! Totally agree with you on this product, nice review api :)

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