Sunday, July 6, 2014

Athiti tum kab aawogey?

When we were kids we used love when guests would arrive at our homes, who am I kidding I still love it when guests drop by my home , simply because guests coming home= Delicious food cooked by my mommy served in lovely serveware ! Hehehe ^.^

My mom tends to cook the best when we have guests arriving at home but her most favorite dish she makes sure is served to the guests is Shamia kebabs rolled into rotis ! They are her and my favorite too ! The guests after eating them can’t stop praising my mom ke haath ka jadoo, I have heard hundreads of people asking her what she put in the kebabs that they tasted like spice heaven !
The best thing about kebabs were is that the kababs freeze very well and hence my mom could make them several days or weeks ahead of time for family get togethers. The kebabs become soggy and fall apart when completely defrosted,My mom could fry them in medium heat within 10-15 minutes after taking out of the freezer. Thanks to Borosil she din’t have to empty the contents from the freezing bowl into another so they could be fried ! Borosil serveware have always been my mom’s friend. It made things very easy for her!If any of the guests walked into my home unannounced, chances were that would have have some of these kababs right from the freezer , into the pan and back hot and piping on their glistening borosil plates! The only thing that got worse when guests cam to my home was when my mom asked me to cook those kebabs

“Its high time you learnt to cook! Who will marry a girl who can’t even cook properly?”
“Mom, what have I done now? Why are you giving food hubby bhashan?”
“No really dear, the secret to a mans heart is through his stomach, one must learn to cook decently”
“Why can’t he cook for me and make my tummy and heart happy, why me?!!!”

And so the argument was simply won by mom put down when I knew I had no way of winning the argument. The nerves were in a jumble, My god I had to cook the kebabs that tasted atleast a 10% as good as my mom cooked them!
My mom ignored my frustrated looks I passed whenever she looked at me and kept draining the water while  cleansing the minced mutton, atleast she had decided to help me , a tiny flicker of hope flickered, if only I did cook kebabs like her..
I was back at work cutting onions , chopping green chillis, mixing the peppercorns with ginger garlic paste. Often when my mom was in the kitchen cooking I would look at her cooking with a lot interest .
I did not have any difficulty and making the batter of chickpea and fried onions , until it they smelled heavenly!

The sizzling sound in the frying pan and the aroma that surrounded was sensational while preparing shami kababs. 

Finally I put the cooked kebabs smoking after they were spun over coal by my mom into tissue papers ,these removed excess oil.

I waited with my breath held tight in my throat as mom took the first bite at my very first attempt at sinfully tempting spicy kebabs , my mom beamed at me happily.  And I knew I had done well!AND the taste…delightful!

Finally when our guests arrived ,I had the kebab dish served in Borosil casseroles served with splendor !The guests ate to their content and as usual praised the beautiful arrangement and food on the table with a special mention how good the kebabs tasted.

The look on my guests face after they had left the table would always be a cherished image saved in my mind, I was apart of their happy faces …

I had two people to thank , my mom and Borosil !

This post is a part of ‘Beautiful food’ conducted by Borosil on Indiblogger.


  1. So true... Its a great food festival at home when guests are here... :-)

    Happy Ramadhan :-))

  2. So very truly said !!
    It is all about food and fun with guests...sharing happiness and joy
    Happy Ramadhan
    Have a nice day :)
    Nice read !!

    1. Mehmaan bhagwaan hai and all that :)
      You too have a nice day !

  3. yeah!! guests and food perfect combo to go with
    It's kinda celebration in every home :) And happy ramadhan :)

    1. Thank you karanvir , wish you the same :)

  4. I love it when there are guests and of course good food. Also a distant memory from childhood was when we had guests at home and would wait for them to leave cos we would never be served till they were there :D :)