Sunday, July 27, 2014

A very unusual black Lustlist.

I paint with black because it is powerful and timeless”
Black is the color that goes with everything. If you're wearing black, you're on sure ground.Black has always dominated the fashion and art world but have you ever wished for magical and powerful things in color black ? Black is the quintessence of simplicity and elegance . it is the liaison which connects beautiful dark humans and magical creatures and strong animals !
Black is back! Black is the ‘new’ brown, red or navy blue.  Black is always ‘in’, even when it’s ‘out’. Black is basic. Black is a symbol of power when it’s a black dragon, a diamond, a black unicorn or a dangerous man in black.
Here are the five most beautiful things and wild creatures I wish for !
Wolverine.The dark black handsome prince.

A sexy hunk who prefers dark suits and even darker lifestyle is a must in every woman’s wish list :P
A black beard , Wolverine is known for his awesome powers of regeneration and super-human strength and stamina. Also, he can cut any inconvenient clothes right off you with his claws. Ladies  there can be any doubt whose superpowers would be most desirable? Also, this dude looks like Hugh Jackman and manages to rock mutton-chop sideburns. THAT's how hot he is.I wish a man like wolverine be the love of my life. Fighting evil and keeping the bad boys at bay for me, how cute and hot is that ? ! (Ps: I had to move my laptop out of my laptop because as soon as I downloaded this picture it started acting odd, SO HAWT)

A cute yet dangerous dragon like Toothless , the one from ‘How to train your dragon’
A dragon infused with with truly believable and lifelike qualities who is sweet and at the same time be angry . He can be fearless , mean ,bad and also love you at the same time. Also toothless has good experience with a person riding him , he sure might find me an amusing ride *.*
Plus if I were stuck in traffic or want a ride like Harry potter enjoyed on Buckbeak , my dragon would always be on my command. Also I think animals happen to be far more better friends and buddies than human beings.

A pet unicorn
If cute could kill, a black unicorn in all its splendour and beauty would have killed me long back ! these magical horses are not a ordinary secies but mythical creatures. I have always wanted a pet unicorn like any other girl who has grown up watching disney and Barbie movies. Plus a pet that teleports not only himself but also its rider sounds 10X alluring ! It is also said that if a Unicorn is grazing a rainbow might appear in the background magnifying the silhouette of the black beauty with a dangerous horn poking out of its head! In case my buddy toothless falls ill or wants a vacation , I can always trust my pet unicorn to safeguard me against the cruelty of man !

Black widow
I desire to have exceptionally fantastic spying skills like the fictional super heroine Black widow. Always seen wearing black figure hugging sexy clothes, she is not only witty but a woman with brains and body power to knock of any kind of villains threatening to destroy Mother Earth!I wouldn’t mind being a widow if I got her super hot looks and even superb spying abilities plus I would get to see and talk to my hot co workers, the avengers ;) Also it would not hurt to have a wardrobe full of those sexy black outfits ! Would it ? ;)
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Black money from Swiss banks back into the banks of India!
This one I wish for my country. The land which has given almost everything, a beautiful place to live , food for millions of farmers , how I wish all the Indian property illegally smuggled into Swiss banks were brought back to India, they could pass a law which would enact all such property kept illegally in foreign banks as personal and private property to become national property and this leading to making India a more powerful and developed country..I wish they implied a rule were national property to be banned from being kept in foreign banks and only personal property is allowed. No more maintaining of secrecy when it comes to looting a country.As soon as such illegal personal properties are declared as national properties, the foreign banks would have no other way except to return it to the Government of India.And once this huge amount of black illegal money and property comes back to India, entire foreign debt can be repaid immediately in 24 hours only!!! THERE ! After paying entire foreign debt, we will have surplus amount almost 12 times larger than the foreign debts. So yes , I wish all the black illegal money be returned to my country, LIKE NOW !
black money
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  1. Dragon Toothless.. my favorite choice from your list. :)
    But after what the black is revealed.. wonder how a toothless is gonna brush.. hehe :P