Monday, July 7, 2014

A remarkable send-off Full of love, warmth and ghar ka khana..

“Sir please, this is very important , the class test can happen tomorrow or any other, pluhessssssssssssssssseee” we moaned
The test was postponed , boys heartily took off to the canteen grinning and hi fiving each other on getting a line of free periods along with attendance.
The girls were back at work. They gathered in huge numbers from those in 10th and 11th. There were lots of talking, murmuring, discussing going on.
We were planning The most unique send-off for our seniors!
After a lot of tu tu mein mein we jotted down the events that would take place on the send off and those who took responsibilities for that.
1. Entertainment dance show with bollywood hit numbers, Tenth grade boys along with 11th grade girls
2.Play by tenth grade girls
3. Gifts for the teachers (Namitha,Sharon,Ayesha aijaz, Joshna,Mamtha,Jayashree,Sariya,Anees,Omesh,Merina,Kulsum)
4.Gifts for the send off seniors ( 11th grade)
5.Food glassware and serve ware ( Me)
6. Props and cake ( Sohail,Anil,Uzma and Ibn Anwardeen)
7. Food( Homemade food to be cooked by 1th grade girls)
8.Props for games and homemade cake ( Pavithra, Sohni, Friedy) number by 11th boys (Song unknown, volunteers unknown) –Doubt
10.Permission to host party at xyz’s house (11th grade and 10th grade girls)

Few of the girls among us were expert chefs and we weren’t worried about the cooking part and I was handed over the responsibility of bringing plates, cutlery serve ware .

We had opted for home cooked food because nothing else could bring more joy on our peers faces than the joy of eating a home cooked meal. After a through discussion on what we would cook for our seniors on the send off we settled upon a sumptuous mughal meal.
When I asked mom if I could borrow her favourite Borosil glassware for the send off party as I wanted the best of everything to be put up on the unique party we were organising, she agreed but reluctantly, because you take extra care of things you love the most ! I happily packed cute, blossom melamine dinner plates, smart lid dishes , casseroles and a celebration platter on which I thought we could place our homemade cake. My mom always made sure the kitchen sparkled with dainty and beautiful serve ware in which the food when served created a total new different ambience for the one who relished !

Finally the big day arrived, the girls who were handed the responsibility of cooking got to work, it was very kind of our headmistress to grant permission to host our party at one of our classmate’s home. The teachers, our seniors and guests were to arrive in the afternoon on the venue.

We reached her home by 9 in the morning, it was important to make sure everything was in the right order. Xyz’s parents were out of station and we had the whole house to ourselves.
Everything was perfectly in order except we didn't know if the homemade food idea would click, this was the first time schools students had opted for a home ambience themed send off party.

Mughal meals are quite heavy and need a lot of spices ,the clinking and thumping , the aroma of spices filled the kitchen. It was not until late afternoon that the whole meal was cooked to be served. The girl chefs smiled proudly at their handicrafts and . I sneaked into the kitchen and I couldn’t believe my eyes, my stomach grew eyes of its own and growled in defence ! I wanted to gobble up everything immediately!All arrangements were made. the food was placed in the exquisite Borosil appliances I had bought along with me.The fact that Borosil appliances are microwavable ,or that it could be placed directly on the flame, hot plate or in the microwave made the serving so much easier. We could easily cook all the dishes beforehand and finish off with all the events and arrange the table with hot food and cool desserts without difficulty ! Borosil always made it easier and thus making both the one cooking and the one eating happy !

and as the events of the day progressed, we had tear jerking speeches, games , earth shattering dances , a beautiful homemade chocolate cake which clearly shouted  ‘I KNOW YOU ARE TEMPTED” beautifully placed on a Borosil celebration platter, after the cake was cut it was devoured along with lays chips, samosas served in a beautiful round shaped chip and dip from Borosil.

When all events for the day came to an end, it was time for the scrumptious lunch, we had the table set, and it was a sight to behold.And the feasting finally began not just with the eyes this time, but with our hands too !
There was Beef Biriyani served in Borosil dinnerware. Tender cuts of beef, in a bed of basmati rice spiced with garam masala took each and everybody’s attention. A complete meal by itself.

Bowls of Gourmet cook and serve ware from Borosil carried Mutton Bhuna gosht in them, Mutton cubes marinated in raw papaya paste then cooked with milk floated in the spicy thick syrup of yogurt and warm spices,leaving one salivating for more.

There was fish too ! Large cuts of surmi fish swimming in a broth of red chilli and chunks of cauliflower garnished with fresh coriander glistened in awe striking casseroles from Borosil, each morsel bursting with flavours of the clean cuts of fish, that would leave you looking for more. That is when you dive in to the chicken curry which is cooked with local variants of potato and packed with spices, giving a jarring kick to my tongue as one eats the curry with fluffy steamed white rice served in bowls from borosil dinnerware. There were Kebabs and kofta curry,diced and minced meat that has been marinated in yoghurt, chilli and garam masala and cooked on skewers invitingly placed in borosil dishes.The meal finally ending with sweet curd seasoned with zeera and cardamoms.

The girls were very smart, they had made the dessert icecream, a handmade one too ! For dessert it was Kulfi, where Milk was boiled until it became dense and creamy and delicious, then spiced with sugar, cinnamon and nuts and frozen in vision glasses from Borosil.A combination of taste and aroma, even thinking about it makes me hungry even now.A warming kick of spices added by cardamom , and the wonderful combination of nuts, spice and vanilla really makes this icecream something different from your usual. The dessert was a vision for the eyes !A typical end to a Mughal meal.

The food looked even more enticing and inviting thanks to Borosil both dependable and desirable serveware ! Our seniors thanked all of us again and again for such a wonderful home waali feeling send off ! We weren’t the only ones beaming back at them, even the dance props, borosil appliances, and the food beamed back ! Everyone had performed beautifully !

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  1. Fantastic.. I only wish I had juniors like you ;) :D