Monday, July 7, 2014

A carnival of South Indian food!

Gleaming, sparkling and live
Like a prism under the sun is alive
Frozen,put over a flame and microwaved
Gemming appliances of Borosil arranged...
Wished varieties cooked and brought on
Dished up with many a beautiful pattern
Various items sweetened and savoured
The South Indian way innovated
Served on sweetly first fruit pineapple kesari baat
It’s divine taste engulfing me in its wrath…

Delightful sweet sauce, sugar and salt on my melamine borosil plate
Delicious spicy curries dry and semi-solid ready to taste,
Incoming papadums on next, with crisp vegetable chips
Beautifully arranged with pickle in the middle in Borosil chip and dips
Following fudges and laddoos in Borosil smart lid dishes
Sweetening your taste buds, oh so delicious!
Spooned in the centre of my plate is hot rice
Mixed with fiery sambar so spice
Rowed up curries in-between morsels
Melting into mouth, tempting me to take home parcels

Next helping…rice and rasam too hot
Second helping…Borosil casseroles full of veggies to fill the heart
Sweet break...
Paysam, much more to take
On and on...' No' to brake
Ending with rice and thinned salted yoghurt
Mango-lime pickles dotted and tasted
A meal of regale admired
A menu of plethoric choices
A carnival of south Indian food flavoured fruitfully
along with Borosil serve ware that performed beautifully!

Oh what a feast it was,
Trendy Borosil and food with spices being the cause !!!

They say, the flavour and the aromas of the food , when eaten on beautiful serve ware, stimulates the tongue and propels the exquisite taste to new heights! And Indian cuisine served in Borosil plates are definitely a treat to the eyes !
This post is my entry for ‘My beautiful food’ by Borosil on indiblogger!