Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars, spells and dreamy proposals…

I shut my book with a loud thud, 6 more damn hours. What was wrong with me , it was just another sweet date except for the fact that he hadn't called and had sent flowers and a card asking me out.
I couldn't concentrate on what i was writing, dammmit! I was in the middle of writing my first ever romance novel and so many unnecessary distractions.

A very unusual black Lustlist.

I paint with black because it is powerful and timeless”
Black is the color that goes with everything. If you're wearing black, you're on sure ground.Black has always dominated the fashion and art world but have you ever wished for magical and powerful things in color black ? Black is the quintessence of simplicity and elegance . it is the liaison which connects beautiful dark humans and magical creatures and strong animals !
Black is back! Black is the ‘new’ brown, red or navy blue.  Black is always ‘in’, even when it’s ‘out’. Black is basic. Black is a symbol of power when it’s a black dragon, a diamond, a black unicorn or a dangerous man in black.
Here are the five most beautiful things and wild creatures I wish for !
Wolverine.The dark black handsome prince.

A sexy hunk who prefers dark suits and even darker lifestyle is a must in every woman’s wish list :P
A black beard , Wolverine is known for his awesome powers of regeneration and super-human strength and stamina. Also, he can cut any inconvenient clothes right off you with his claws. Ladies  there can be any doubt whose superpowers would be most desirable? Also, this dude looks like Hugh Jackman and manages to rock mutton-chop sideburns. THAT's how hot he is.I wish a man like wolverine be the love of my life. Fighting evil and keeping the bad boys at bay for me, how cute and hot is that ? ! (Ps: I had to move my laptop out of my laptop because as soon as I downloaded this picture it started acting odd, SO HAWT)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tangerine love – New age kurti for women

Ira Soleil Full sleeved round neck Kurti.
Ira Soleil Full sleeved round neck Kurti.
On my recent shopping spree on Flipkart I discovered flamboyant kurtis by a brand ‘Ira soliel’ , their soft golden roses roses patterns and viscose clothing catapulted me into buying almost 6 products from their collection, but unfortunately I had to return two of their kutis due to size problems and never got to see them because the kurtis in my size where out of stock. But I did end up with one beautiful kurti , a orange beauty !
Photos :
Ira soleil , kurta review

Friday, July 25, 2014

Every woman’s BFF is now her incredible smartphone…

Dear Ordinary Human,
On one hand you have the whole world at your fingertips, and on the other you have a bird that was never taught to fly properly and lives in a city where there are bricks falling from the sky. It's sad when you realise that you have the potential to do anything on your phone, and yet you use it to play some bad bird game , clicking selfie’s in bathroom or to look at cat pictures. Extra-ordinary things don’t happen by chance.They happen to people bold enough to believe and attempt them. We have the tech version of Swiss Army knives in our pockets, and yet instead of using all the amazing tools they are equipped with, we end up using a select few, that too in an inefficient manner.Always digging your nose into notifications.How many notifications do you get per hour? From Facebook, Sms, Instagram, Twitter? Your best friend’s latest move in Farmville? Why do you have so many of them? Do yourself a favour: kill the notifications.But overtime I have hope you will realize our superpower abilities .Information revolution ,propelled by mobile technology will likely reshape your world on the order of decades but ofcourse if only you realized!This is your time, seize your simple , beautiful & powerful smartphone and exercise your superpower! Bridge the gap between smart phone and superpowers.
ASUS Zenfone ..
Haven’t you always wished for superpowers that would put you in limelight, helping you do things what others could never do and helping you see things which nobody would’ve ever dreamed of seeing?! Superpowers like downloading food, The ability to fly,The ability to move things with your thoughts, the power to pause time ,which seemed impossible  ! and then your thoughts conclude to “If only my phone had superpowers, then my smartphone would be the only gadget I’ll ever need !’
20140725_224541 It’s a tiny bird! It’s a plane!A rectangle kite….. It’s . . . your smartphone!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coupon Site ,source of all things savings!

Hello everybody!
Given the impulsive shopper I am always on an outlook for discounts and deals ! Any mention of a sale, coupons and discount coupons sounds like music to my ears :D, Hence I will be sharing a fantastic website review “ “, which makes it even more fun to shop online !
Everyone loves coupons, and I'm no exception!
In an economy like we have today, every cent you save does add up.
For many years I watched my mom collect coupons, mostly which were cut outs from newspapers. Open our kitchen drawer and you'd find a stack of clipped coupons, ranging from discounts on groceries to apparel to electronics.I was no less, I took up to this habit .But most of the time, though, I would either end up forgetting to carry these coupons to the  store or they ended up being expired. Not the most perfect system, I know, and that's probably why I love the new concept of savings with coupons online !
Thankfully, the days of clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper are long gone. Online coupon sites have started giving us access to hundreds of coupons whenever we want—no scissors required. *mini happy dance*  All it takes is logging into zoutons , and then simply copying and pasting a special code onto the checkout page of any retail Web site of your choice, or simply clicking on a link and the discount is automatically applied. ! the loot is on!As the prices of food, apparel, travel and electronics seem to rise every month, it's no wonder that online coupon sites are seeing such numbers.
To help you in your quest for coupon codes during the end of sale season I am reviewing coupon site, “Tagline:the Loot is on!”! With them, you'll find coupon codes for free shipping, product discounts, and more. Happy coupon clicking!
A dig into…

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baba Elaichi- Truly The Freshness Of Life !

How are we all doing?
natural breath fresheners - 600p jpg
How many of you suffer from bad breath? Or how many of pine to have a tingling fresh breath after every meal ?Offensive Bad breath? Want fresh breath without resorting to artificial candy mints or ducking into the restroom to brush your teeth?When our ancestors found themselves with offensive breath, they couldn't pop candied deodorizers into their mouths. They would simply use natural fresheners which we have shunned today. We can still use mouth fresheners with a desi twist to it, Thanks to DS Group and company for introducing the Baba Elaichi, bringing back the freshness of life into our lives! 
Image source:

Well if you have always wanted a natural solution, Introducing Baba Elaichi ,BABA, one of the largely well-liked and foremost non tobacco mouth freshener brands in the nation owns the Baba Elaichi, the saffron blended, premium flavoured pure silver coated cardamom seeds.These cardamom silver droplets of ecstasy is definitely the Best natural mouth freshner. Lets get to know this small red box of awesomeness , shall we?

A little history about BABA:
Baba Elaichi, Goodness of saffron and silver cardamoms

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Connect the dots - Polka dot style

When it comes to fashion , what goes around comes around. This season retro polka dots are back and in a big way!Polka dots are a Fearless fashion trend!
If I am in the bus gazing out of the window or at work or out grocery shopping or in a mall, I caught hold of several polka dotted outfits, apparel, accessories, jackets adorned by fashion frenzy women. I am loving this trend too! I recently happened to purchase three polka dotted dresses which are now in my favorite list. I have fetish for this trend and many more things from this trend are going to occupy my wardrobe in the coming days.
The polka craze seems to have swept  across the continent, enthusiasts have started wearing hats to socks to swimwear in polka dots!
A casual-chic snug fit dress plus a dynamic polka dot print equals two summer style staples rolled into one.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rantings, rantings and a few more rantings !

Lately I am having the worst mood swings !
Also this is NOT another contest entry of mine. I know I know… (what you must be thinking )
Reasons? Problems? Breakup? Pressurised ? Work load ? Drama?
I am not writing this post for sympathy or out of desperation to share with someone anyone,or  its just , well its just because ..forget it.
My 13 months old nephew broke two of my delicate frameless glasses consequently one after the other. He is so cute I can’t even shout or went my anger out at him. I once did and his beautiful face turned into a forced sorry face and I felt SO guilty.
20140709_005905 My eyes, my eyes! BTW this is the second pair.

Badass brutal ex got hold of my two favorite pair of heels , which were NEW ( New – I HADN’T WORN THEM EVEN ONCE!) Don’t ask me how. So yeah, I am never getting them back.
One of my favorite which I probably will never get to even see. I am sure he must have murdered them or sold them off at chor bazaar,, the given kah mi nah he is.
I love my work, My boss is the bestest boss ever! But currently work load is making me feel like World trade centre collapsed on my head.
One of my favorite books is lying unread in my wardrobe since 20 damn days. I didn't find the time to read it.Lazy ? No I just didn't find the time !
My new laptop which I bought with a lot of homes online is freaking me out. Thanks to the registry error my system goes blank , shuts down suddenly every 1 hour.BAD BAD LAPTOP . Even though I have a 1 year warranty, I am too busy to take my NEW laptop out for an outing.
20140603_162858 The bleddy bleddy Blue screen of death error ! YOU FREAKING FREAKING BLUE BLEDDY BA…

My mom has finally chosen this frustrating time of my life to tell me how bad I am at cooking. I love cooking, atleast I try my best at it when i am in the kitchen. But people can never be satisfied. Either there is too much salt, too little spices, very thick gravy, very bad tasting, so little color, not fried properly, meat still being raw even after the pressure cooker pressure released in the form of 10 damn seetis.
I buy a tablet cover from homeshop18 only to find they have sent me an Apple Ipad 2 & 3faux leather flip case instead of Apple ipad mini sleeve making me go through one freaking painstakingly hard process of reverse pickup which contained a letter as to why I was returning the product . Flipkart I love you.
20140704_153935 Look at the HUGE difference !They sent a 10 inches case instead of 7.8 inches !

I have gained weight, not just a kilo or two but 4 DAMN kilos. I have no idea how I am going to get rid of it. I don’t do workouts. Never had the necessity to, I was thin and awesome until the past 5 months. Wow. Just WOW . My brother actually had the audacity to tell me ‘ you have put on weight’! WOWWWW!

Only thing that is keeping me sane is Ramazan . And my mom’s food. & My siblings humour.& My father’s company.& the time spent with my nephews and his laughter ,

Its only I and only I who knows how BADLY I need a vacation !To Somewhere far         far         far       away ! Now this is close to impossible. A vacation in the middle of nowhere. Nada, no , not happening ever.
I recall reading a post by on how one would react while reaching the final stage of frustration. I could totally relate to it.

You can read it here. (By read it I mean read it, its one awesome post!)

I solemnly swear everything I ranted is 101 percent the truth and currently happening with me. I am yet to find a solution to deal with all of this. But for now I can hardly type anymore, I am having a hard time blogging without my glasses on! (I use glasses when I am on the computer, staring at the walls boards & presentations!

I wanted to take rage out my ranting on twitter but I had a hell lot to rant , and spamming is not my genre.Hence the blog.
Lastly I have always wanted to cook delicious food not because my mom keeps forcing me to telling me how I would cut my family’s nose if I was married of to some obnoxious man who wanted his wife to cook the worlds best food ever. But because this is the only thing my mom ever asked me of, and Hell I love food ! Why not bear some pain and step into the kitchen more often . So I have no no I am still thinking of taking up a 30 day cooking challenge. What is your opinion, will food blogging about my challenge help me learn the art of beautiful cooking?

I started this post and wanted to end it on a positive note but I don’t know what it actually resulted into.
Would love to hear what you think I could do to get rid of all the bad things happening with me *Please don’t roll your eyes* They are REAL bad, believe me.

Ps: those who hate rantings please don’t pass indecent comments , you could this ignore the post and move on to the next one.

I am not being my usual self
This is my first post which had a tad bit of negativity pouring .
Do enjoy. How cynical of me.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A carnival of South Indian food!

Gleaming, sparkling and live
Like a prism under the sun is alive
Frozen,put over a flame and microwaved
Gemming appliances of Borosil arranged...
Wished varieties cooked and brought on
Dished up with many a beautiful pattern
Various items sweetened and savoured
The South Indian way innovated
Served on sweetly first fruit pineapple kesari baat
It’s divine taste engulfing me in its wrath…

Delightful sweet sauce, sugar and salt on my melamine borosil plate
Delicious spicy curries dry and semi-solid ready to taste,
Incoming papadums on next, with crisp vegetable chips
Beautifully arranged with pickle in the middle in Borosil chip and dips
Following fudges and laddoos in Borosil smart lid dishes
Sweetening your taste buds, oh so delicious!
Spooned in the centre of my plate is hot rice
Mixed with fiery sambar so spice
Rowed up curries in-between morsels
Melting into mouth, tempting me to take home parcels

Next helping…rice and rasam too hot
Second helping…Borosil casseroles full of veggies to fill the heart
Sweet break...
Paysam, much more to take
On and on...' No' to brake
Ending with rice and thinned salted yoghurt
Mango-lime pickles dotted and tasted
A meal of regale admired
A menu of plethoric choices
A carnival of south Indian food flavoured fruitfully
along with Borosil serve ware that performed beautifully!

Oh what a feast it was,
Trendy Borosil and food with spices being the cause !!!

They say, the flavour and the aromas of the food , when eaten on beautiful serve ware, stimulates the tongue and propels the exquisite taste to new heights! And Indian cuisine served in Borosil plates are definitely a treat to the eyes !
This post is my entry for ‘My beautiful food’ by Borosil on indiblogger!

A remarkable send-off Full of love, warmth and ghar ka khana..

“Sir please, this is very important , the class test can happen tomorrow or any other, pluhessssssssssssssssseee” we moaned
The test was postponed , boys heartily took off to the canteen grinning and hi fiving each other on getting a line of free periods along with attendance.
The girls were back at work. They gathered in huge numbers from those in 10th and 11th. There were lots of talking, murmuring, discussing going on.
We were planning The most unique send-off for our seniors!
After a lot of tu tu mein mein we jotted down the events that would take place on the send off and those who took responsibilities for that.
1. Entertainment dance show with bollywood hit numbers, Tenth grade boys along with 11th grade girls
2.Play by tenth grade girls
3. Gifts for the teachers (Namitha,Sharon,Ayesha aijaz, Joshna,Mamtha,Jayashree,Sariya,Anees,Omesh,Merina,Kulsum)
4.Gifts for the send off seniors ( 11th grade)
5.Food glassware and serve ware ( Me)
6. Props and cake ( Sohail,Anil,Uzma and Ibn Anwardeen)
7. Food( Homemade food to be cooked by 1th grade girls)
8.Props for games and homemade cake ( Pavithra, Sohni, Friedy) number by 11th boys (Song unknown, volunteers unknown) –Doubt
10.Permission to host party at xyz’s house (11th grade and 10th grade girls)

Few of the girls among us were expert chefs and we weren’t worried about the cooking part and I was handed over the responsibility of bringing plates, cutlery serve ware .

We had opted for home cooked food because nothing else could bring more joy on our peers faces than the joy of eating a home cooked meal. After a through discussion on what we would cook for our seniors on the send off we settled upon a sumptuous mughal meal.
When I asked mom if I could borrow her favourite Borosil glassware for the send off party as I wanted the best of everything to be put up on the unique party we were organising, she agreed but reluctantly, because you take extra care of things you love the most ! I happily packed cute, blossom melamine dinner plates, smart lid dishes , casseroles and a celebration platter on which I thought we could place our homemade cake. My mom always made sure the kitchen sparkled with dainty and beautiful serve ware in which the food when served created a total new different ambience for the one who relished !

Finally the big day arrived, the girls who were handed the responsibility of cooking got to work, it was very kind of our headmistress to grant permission to host our party at one of our classmate’s home. The teachers, our seniors and guests were to arrive in the afternoon on the venue.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Athiti tum kab aawogey?

When we were kids we used love when guests would arrive at our homes, who am I kidding I still love it when guests drop by my home , simply because guests coming home= Delicious food cooked by my mommy served in lovely serveware ! Hehehe ^.^

My mom tends to cook the best when we have guests arriving at home but her most favorite dish she makes sure is served to the guests is Shamia kebabs rolled into rotis ! They are her and my favorite too ! The guests after eating them can’t stop praising my mom ke haath ka jadoo, I have heard hundreads of people asking her what she put in the kebabs that they tasted like spice heaven !
The best thing about kebabs were is that the kababs freeze very well and hence my mom could make them several days or weeks ahead of time for family get togethers. The kebabs become soggy and fall apart when completely defrosted,My mom could fry them in medium heat within 10-15 minutes after taking out of the freezer. Thanks to Borosil she din’t have to empty the contents from the freezing bowl into another so they could be fried ! Borosil serveware have always been my mom’s friend. It made things very easy for her!If any of the guests walked into my home unannounced, chances were that would have have some of these kababs right from the freezer , into the pan and back hot and piping on their glistening borosil plates! The only thing that got worse when guests cam to my home was when my mom asked me to cook those kebabs

Friday, July 4, 2014

CarTalk at CarConnect and Coffee…


Its a different feeling when you are seated in your comfy bean bag sipping some hot coffee and doing the most favorite thing you love to do, browsing the internet, but it somehow seemed impossible to talk about cars and share experiences with people around the globe by being seated in one single place. Wasn’t it like those who love cars, either talk about it to uncles, brothers and men at the workplace?( Sharing experiences with your girlfriends would freak the girls out, like why you keep telling me stories of your car experiences?!!WHY OH WHY DRAMA DRAMA WHY WHY )No honestly it was such an impossible task!

But that was only until I logged into ! No more compromising on the coffee !No more compromising on having to update your facebook status with a lengthy drive experience and count on the number of likes to see who had actually read and liked your experience! No more compromising on leaving your home or forcing your talk on those who aren’t interested! Chat and share experiences with other car crazy guys simply by logging into their website!

2 months back , it was summer holidays,the time to let yourself enjoy and not worry atleast for a short period of time. I remember always waiting for the summer vacation to begin as our family along with family friends or relatives would go vacationing together every summer ! We would choose a destination and drive off in our cars and travel like there was no tomorrow !We would have the time of our lives, playing games in the car, tweeting recklessly and not to forget the crazy pictures we clicked !
After we were back we would had trillions of images laughing , joking and crawling on our cars, I always wished I could share the joy and happiness I experienced while travelling with my friends, but years passed by and there was no way to let my friends know how much fun we had other than facebook and blogs ! Neither could I know how much fun my friends had while they vacationed in some other place . But recently I was connected to by Indiblogger and guess what my happiness knew no bounds ! There was altogether a separate platform where I could share my car experience no matter they were short or long drive experiences !

I love my four wheels parked outside my home and I couldn’t wait to show off my pride to the car frenzy people lurking on the website ! The best part was the website did not not end is awesomeness on the share experiences but had some more fab tabs like compare cars, Car News and new launches from the car heaven all over the world!

It was like “Hey, all car lovers UNITE” ! I Remember penning down my most memorable long drive experience “Around India in 18 days” on my blog and felt distressed when it didn't receive the much aplomb fame I hoped it would get. It reminded me of hindi saying “panda kya jaane anar ka swaad” beauty and fashion lovers wouldn’t be interested in a long drive experience. I was disappointed . But now that I have found a platform where I could  talk about my experiences and people would really read them with interest and enjoy!I absolutely love sharing stories about my long drives, short drives and those smart routes I took !
There were times when I wanted to talk about cars and to my sisters & they would yawn on my face *height of cruelty*,  and then the very next second they would talking about the new sitcom on Tv. I was always left hanging in the air, the only person I could talk about my love for cars was my lil bro !But his knowledge and insight on the latest cars, gadgets would leave me flabbergasted!If I would talk about Figo , he would talk about some alien car named Porsche Boxter ! Hence , this way too I was left in mid air. is a blessing for those who are obsessed with cars !i recall times when my brother was the only one who had a vast knowledge about cars . Anyone among my relative who were up for buying a  car would first go to him for advice. Last week I was scrolling on carconnect and I found this the latest launch BMW X5 , It was an amazing car , I fell in love with it instantly , When I happened to show my brother the new car launch,he told , “what big deal , I knew it even before you showed me this” . Ofcourse I was not fooled.

The next day I logged into my carconnect account I had one mutual friend, my not so witty brother was on carconnect ! Boys and their toys I rolled my eyes !
It was later that evening when I got him to confide that he had created an account so he could stay updated with latest car news and he even went on to tell me , he had got a comparison of his two favorite cars mailed.

 My experience with