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James BOND’ing with : A Hypothetical shopping experience.

The Ultimate James Bond Shopping Experience at
fwerw4t3 About me:
The whole world knows me. I am Bond,James Bond. Designated British Secret Service Agent 007 (articulated as “double-oh-seven”) working for the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, and I am possibly the world's best known spy.I am trained in intelligence and special forces,you could call me a superspy who always uses the latest gadgets, thwarting Soviet agents, and who brings international gangsters to justice, and inevitably who beds a beautiful woman.
Girls, villains and gadgets are a quintessential part of my universe.
I have an image to live by.I am Man with a licence to kill. The world respects me and thinks me of as a hero.I often get to here “ Who doesn’t love Bond?” ! And I can my shoulders bunching up proudly.Other than being a peerless spy, notorious womanizer, and an icon I have secrets, secrets to my success.
You might think it was easy for me to climb up the stairs of fame without hurdles, but it is only I who knows the hardships I have passed on to be where I am today.
I have done things you wouldn’t imagine your Bond would have ever done. One them was suicide. *sexy sigh*
But that was a long time ago, when I was lonely , with no one to bond with, no plan B’s , no one to look after me.I was just a smug, self-satisfied, arrogant bastard who turned suicidal.

Current happenings:
Not long ago Q branch stopped funding my vacations, and stopped supplying me with the latest gadgets because I destroyed every vehicle I drove and broke every phone I used , I could only helpless look at the phones being shattered into bits of pieces every time a bad guy made one of his new move on me. Ofcourse there was no fault of mine.But world is a cruel place, they surely couldn’t understand that. Life was getting harder by every passing second.There was shortage of technology based gadgets which was affecting my work, My lovely girlfriend broke up with me because I didn't get her a birthday present on her birthday (She should have been happy I atleast remembered her Bday date),My ‘Most stylish , impeccable charming spy’ title was getting jeopardised.Everytime I stepped into a mall or a shop to shop for clothes and gadgets, I was mobbed by frenzy fans of mine or I was battling for my life jumping from one elevator to another , courtesy the villains. I was forced to repeat the tuxedo’s , shun off my branded expensive watches, shoes and cufflinks. It was turning into a nightmare. the bad guys were always rounding up on me whenever I left home.
In short, I was having a hard time.
BONDing with
All my savings ran out into Bills, and expensive gifts I got for my girlfriend to convince her I hadn’t forgotten her bday present. And one day when I was out to shop for a new brown leather shoes to match my evening tailored tuxedo , I found myself in the middle of spectacular action scene. The baddies had boarded the same train I boarded and now I was fighting of the bad guys over the rooftop of a moving train (stupid guys didn't know we could fight the same way even inside of the train) and it was in the midst of all wrestling and plummeting that I happened to meet my old frenemey, Vijay(a big, tough, Indian SPECTRE agent, who tailed me all over Europe )After we both punched, kicked, shot, set on fire, exploded,got thrown off high things, I succeeded in catching him after a pulse-pounding chase sequence.And it was he who enlightened me with a amazingly fabulous online website ‘’ . My BOND’ing was about to begin.
After a lot of story telling and talking I sorted out my differences with him and decided to let him go , and after a while we sat down to catch our breaths, when I noticed him wearing a gorgeous jacket along with charming sunglasses,a sleek phone from a top notch company and a breathtaking watch sparkling on his hand. He must have looted some bank or something cause he surely couldn’t afford so much money unlike me who had funding, oh wait now I didn’t
Bond: “ Quite happy life you have , you know, how would you get all the time to shop for all these sexy gadgets and jackets?”
Vijay: “Ah , well its a secret *laughs harshly*”
Bond: “Common Vi , you can tell me if you’ve hit the jackpot”
Vijay:*Sniggering* “You can be so pleasing when you want something Bond”
Bond: “ I aim to please”
Vijay: “That’s good. But this is the most divine secret of India, I can’t tell you macha”
Vijay: “WHOA MAN ! RELAX ! Ofcourse I am going to tell you about it, I shop and save at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *Looks disbelievingly at me*
Bond: “Tell me more about it”
At first I was surprised to hear i could find the best brands, the best of all products and deals at the best prices, that too online. Who the hell was this multitasking website , it was simply like me ! A multitalented sexy arrogant daring charmer who helped in one way or other.It had to be some kind of joke. There was only one man who had all these characters and that was James Bond, only and only I. But Vi kept boasting about this unbelievable site where I could buy products and share with our friends,browse through personalized catalogue of awesome products created by our friends and he did not stop at that, he went on to say Baggout could automatically track all of our purchases and accordingly add cashback to our accounts !
Bond:”Well stop the boasting and let me shop and be the judge of it”
Vijay:”I am afraid, shopping is for women, women enjoy shopping and men enjoy women, but Baggout is so much awesomeness, It can save your life , this baggout….. ”
Bond:”You sound like a commercial”
Vijay: “Uh - haha , well well I hear shopping at is exclusively for women, no men allowed.”
Bond: “Sexual discrimination, I will definitely have to pay it a visit.”
           (The nitwit thinks he can lure me to not visit something so interesting, badass!)

And this was how I found baggout, and this was also the last time I was worried …about anything.
bagjam As soon as I reached my secretly hidden lavish home which could be into ashes in a couple of minutes thanks to my enemies, I had a quick shower (Stoop cooing women) , fixed and ate a light dinner and finally turned on the wifi and logged onto baggout , and there…! , they sold everything that satisfied my style, they had contemporary watches and silken ties that had the appropriate weight to complement the silhouette of the tailored suits commissioned to me.From magnificent card holders, leather wallets,Slim silk tie, luxury double cuff shirt to hot shades, they had everything , I was left open mouthed, I had everything at my fingertips.I could still be in tune with my impeccable dressing , I could still go shopping to buy gifts for my women and not get mobbed or blown up,women would still find me hot and dangerous and the world would remember me as a sexy stubborn masculine icon.
dfvfce Experience with
No complications, no drama , I simply logged in with my Facebook account and was amazed at the number of brands they supported on their website.Here on ,collected as if under one giant electronic roof,I found large but logically organised ranges by the best brands from my most favorite online retailers and that too usually at better prices and certainly in a greater choice of sizes than can be found in crowded malls.
Rather than being guarded by surly or (worse) snooty staff, the products are helpfully described, photographed from a number of angles and accompanied by articles about trends and clothing maintenance and expert advice on styling. I could browse it not by thumbing through racks and rails, but by using search tools that helped me refine what I was looking for by size, colour, price, designer, style and availability.
Fortunately ,now I have the internet and access to, and if there is one benefit that has accrued from the digital revolution, it is that I could shop without entering a shop.Ever since I gained fame I never had an opportunity to go shopping for me or my loved one at a clothes shop with pleasure, for every time I did I was reminded there of this eternal damnation as surely as is the serpent, crawling upon its belly and eating the dust. Shopping at came with one significant exception,thanks to it ,it was now perfectly possible to buy everything I should ever wish to wear without looking up from my ViVO laptop .

If I ever had a cellphone breakout while jumping off the buildings, diving into the oceans, then i could simply buy another one at a cheap and best price at Baggout. If I forgot to buy a present for my date from , I could simply login into baggout and shop a gift for her and the best save on it , so i could buy another gift in the saved cashback for another sexy girlfriend of mine *wink* Viola !

And now I had everything , the god given right to don the famous tux and kill some Russians.I may have finally found something I love more than myself. My  bonding buddy ‘”. Every time If I ever have to sort out a bad situation and make it good again I now simpply apply common sense and shop for the solution at baggout.And they would deliver my sleek new technologies gadgets and gifts and elegant suits  directly from their website to my home.
Now my journey of online shopping for gadgets ,clothing and gifts starts with Baggout!I became so obsessed with Baggout that I even considered changing my name to James Baggout, but it sounded cross, so I let it be.

Have you not wondered why your favorite stylish superspy is fond of gadgets and cell phones, well they help me to login to instantly and fish out a solution to almost impossible problems. So hey I am back from being suicidal to being super awesome wearing those sumptuous suits which are fully accessorised,AND NOW I wouldn't give a damn if Q branch stopped giving me those gadgets they reluctantly gave me..
After even a decade ,I am known for my sophisticated dressing style, cool gadgets, and daring international exploits — with a bevy of unique villains and beautiful women. All thanks to baggout ! It saved my star status image!

The secrets to my success is simple and uncomplicating. I shop often and this helps me stay cool, calm, and collected. And remember to buy gifts for your loved ones from Baggout often and don’t just go splurging on yourself because all the fast cars, sleek gadgets and chic lifestyles cannot replace the love and friendship of those who trust you and are always there for you.

The happy ending: (Because with Baggout it has to be a happy ending!!!)
Few of my Before and After experiences at
James Bond got all the love and gadgets, and now has friends in high places and rides cars like a stock car hero.The best part is it is now possible to emulate his style and charisma in your own life? How? Simply login to Happy shopping. Happy BONDing.
Click here to go their website.
This is my entry for ‘Blog and Win contest’ conducted by Baggout.
Image source: Images of Craig are from Pinterest.


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