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Biography of my hair :TRESemme split remedy Shampoo (Product review)

Hello World !
Obsessed with long hair? Read on to know the secret weapon to get scissor free solution to split ends…Also a short biography on my hair and how I overcame the scissor phobia !
Long hair is considered a symbol of beauty in India and don’t we all admire long beautiful dark tresses, but that one hitch which most of us face while trying to grow our hair long is split ends. It causes breakage, makes hair ends look ugly and unhealthy, and to get rid of split ends, we end up making rounds to the salon, getting our hair cut, compromising on the length and cry at the results. (The sad ending )

orLong hair need extra care, are difficult to manage as they tangle way too easily, you have to keep applying henna and make sure you feed them time to time to keep their shine, smoothness and length intact But hey fret not to solve this problem,my favourite hair care brand TRESemme recently launched split end remedy hair products.They have turned my long tresses smooth,shiny and healthy all the way till the ends!
So this is how it began, the history of my long beautiful hair being terrorized by the monstrous sharp teethed scissors!

The Cutting of My Long Hair: A Biography of my Hair

Introduction: I remember when I was fifteen , I had long healthy black thick hair,my mom used to braid my hair , and guess what I used to bath only twice a week *hangs head in shame* :P There were no trips to the salon, no split ends, no hairfall!
My hair was free then – and so was I. I was my hair, and my hair was me – we were in perfect sync, and we had no worries.
Curl Pattern: Curls at the ends
Texture: Fine
Density: Medium
Hair memories: The earliest memory of hair is of short, curling locks, completely haywire on my little head when I was about 7 years. The sole reason for this is my mother.She complained she couldn’t put up with braiding 3 wild girls hair every time she packed us off to school (we are a family of 3 sisters & a wild younger brother) I remember, clearly, that my hair was never an issue I concerned myself with in my early childhood.It was just there. It was just another part of my body.
Early years: When I was a kid I was too busy playing and having fun , roaming endlessly after school – my hair was the last thing on my mind. Indeed, I never learned to comb my hair until age ten.
Okay don’t be so shocked !It was later when I was in seventh grade when I started worrying about hair problems. Mainly because long hair felt like a fairytale (blame Bollywood) , long beautiful hair meant beautiful hairstyles from granny on Sundays and color days at school (color days were my favourite by god:P) and boys (Most of them love long hair!!!)
When my hair was short: These were the worst times ! I was back with an escapade with the monstrous scissors all low and sad . I hated salons. I hated getting a haircut, I hated losing my sanity , my hair!

Let me list a few advantages & disadvantages of shorthair..

Advantages: None,Oh wait I don’t have to comb my hair anymore ….yohoooooohuhuhusobsosbsob (My hair is my life and when you have to cut short your life I meant your hair you feel like you are dying from the inside, no really!)     

Disadvantages -No fancy hairstyles, No braids and buns by grandma, Cannot wear backless choli and dresses, It makes me look short , I hate it. It makes me look drastic. I HATE IT. Okay. Calm down. REALX.
Whenever the hurricane of split ends hit my hair, they suffered, they conditions worsened, they feared they had to visit the salon again…..
Well I might think I looked like a high class model after a hair cut at a salon , alas it only worsened , I looked ghastly like a ghoul on loose from harry potter! That is when I started hating and despising scissors. I had a hate and hate relationship with them.
(PS: I HATE Scissors, seriously Y DON’T THEY JUST DIE)

When my hair was long: Disadvantages : Occasional trips to the salon to get my hair cut , waste of money , waste of precious time. You end up hating salons for no reason !
Advantages :
   Long braids, super cute hairstyles, Hairstyles specially for me courtesy-Granny!
  Backless blouses, face uplift, Can frequently flip hair back and forth to give that Don’t-dare-mess-up-with-me look :P!
  Leave long tresses open and feel like a Bollywood celeb when wind blows by.
  Compliments.Compliments , & some more  compliments by obnoxious aunties.
  Also for more advantages Read my post on it here . Lol I am not JK . Go read       
Favourite styling techniques: I have fine frizzy semi-straight hair. I colour it,curl it and damage it in all the possible ways.Except I crib and die when I drop by the salon for that Must have it hair cut during split end seasons.
Conclusion : My hair was happy when it was long! It’s time when I stopped writing sad biographies and went on a hunt to put a full stop to all these problems! I wanted a scissor free solution for my hair !So here’s where Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner entered the scenario !
hair                                                              Are you?  Well i am and happy to have found it !

I am using TRESemme split remedy shampoo & conditioner from past 2 weeks (6 washes approximately), so let’s see how this product worked for my hair.

Solutions, potions and Resolutions !

TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner Review !

My hair is washed every three days and allowed to air dry. I comb out my hair only with a wide toothed comb. I rarely use a hair brush, am rarely out in the sun, or in air-conditioning continuously. When I travel by auto rickshaw or public transport, I tie a scarf around my hair.  I rarely use a hair dryer on my hair and I have never tried ironing my hair . I am also had a hair cut the previous month.
They are visibly damaged and the split ends just decided to have a stroll over a few more inches in the upward direction!
For the past 2 weeks, I’ve tried out the Tresemme Split remedy shampoo and conditioner !
Shelf Life: 24 months.
Application :
         Tresemme Split End Remedy Shampoo:
             1. Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.
             2. For best results, follow with New Tresemme Split end remedy Conditioner.
        Tresemme Split End Remedy Conditioner:
             1. After shampooing, massage through the length of hair and rinse thoroughly after 1 to 3 minutes.
             2. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.
 Price : Its priced economically
             INR 68 for 80 ml.
             INR 80 for 90 ml.
             INR 170 for 250 ml.
             INR 349 for 600 ml.
Product Description: (I can describe it as the magic potion to get rid of the scissors *mischievous wink*)
The TRESemmé Split Remedy™ Shampoo & Conditioner system gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is healthy-looking and manageable, all while reducing split ends up to 80% after just three uses*. This unique system, with our innovative Reconstructing Complex™, binds split ends—and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style .
What It Claims :
The TRESemmé Split Remedy™ system gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is healthy-looking and manageable, while reducing split ends up to 80% after just three uses*. This unique system, with our innovative Reconstructing Complex™, binds split ends—and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style.
* With continued use of TRESemmé Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner or other products in the Split Remedy line
My Experience with TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo:
Like most of you all out there, I too adore love long hair and trying to grow them long from a really long time, but most of the times,deathly split ends infect my hair before reaching my desired length *wipes a tear*
I got a haircut one month back, so I have few split ends now, but as I have dry hair, my hair ends tend to get drier and result in split ends. As already mentioned hair brands come up with a lot of promises nowadays, so at first I was sceptical. But honestly after using this for three times I saw clear result.I tested it during the summers and my hair misbehaves the most during summers ! Tresemme  lathers well and is easy to wash off, even washes out oil effectively. For my dry hair, if this shampoo is used alone (without conditioner), my hair feels all soft, shiny but frizzy.  However, when I use the conditioner along, it is more manageable and soft.
About bringing split ends together claim, I do not have split ends to check its efficiency, but still these claims sound too tall to be true. It makes hair soft, manageable when used with conditioner and for normal hair even without conditioner, but nothing else towards changing the overall health of hair.

Now, Coming to the Conditioner:
My Experience with the TRESemme Split remedy conditioner:
Though I have an oily scalp, I can not skip the conditioner anytime. I prefer using the shampoo and conditioner of the same range/brand.
This particular conditioner like any other it made my frizzy hair smoother and visibly reduced split ends.
Just like the shampoo it does a good job. It made my hair soft so I I had no issues of tangled hair. Which is important since my hair gets tangled fast under the shower.
For a change, I felt my hair appeared a bit straighter and ends silkier than usual. I liked it .
It worked well for me.
About the packaging :
The product comes in a sturdy packaging . The shape is the signature Tresemme shampoo bottle. Flip-open cap, one of the things I’ll always love TRESemmé for! The cute bottles are travel-friendly. Also, the shampoo comes in a black bottle while the conditioner comes in a white one, so I can easily distinguish which one is which in the middle of my bath ! *wink wink*
    100_6646   100_6647
The creamy one is the conditioner and the little runny transparent is the shampoo.
Basically Tresemme states that you will get up to 92% fewer split ends in 3 uses. Talking about promises right?But does it really reduce split ends?
It does a great job sticking the split ends, I’m amazed. \:D/ This is great since I personally love my long hair and always try to delay my next visit to the salon (where I meet the my old frenemy –Scissors!)  Of course you have to eventually trim your hair but I think this is fabulous for those who want their hair to grow and flow ;) 
I tried it out over the last month and this is how I feel about it. And this is how I think it works
20140606_164623 ( Pls ignore the funny drawings ^.^, just concentrate on the concept I have portrayed)
Well if you believe in happy endings, the this is the product for you!
Pros & cons :
  • Reduces frizz and detangles hair  ✔
  • They make my hair super silky, soft and shiny ✔
  • Smoothens hair  ✔
  • Inexpensive ✔
  • Good cleanser  ✔
  • Lathers well ✔
  • Affordable  ✔
  • Great packaging   ✔
  • Smoother hair      ✔
  • Easier to style hair ✔
  • Lathers well ✔
  • Sleek hair    ✔
  • Reduces split ends ✔
  • Visibly no split ends if you have had a hair cut 3 weeks prior. ✔
  • Up to 40 hours of frizz control  ✔
  • Manageable hair   ✔
  • Even in the first two washes I found my hair had changed ✔
  • Pleasant fragrance ✔
  • Lesser split ends after fifth use. ✔
  • The hair felt lighter, bouncier and softer ! ✔
  • Split end vanish in 3 washes claim is too much to be true. It takes about 6 to 7 washes.
Will I repurchase: Well of course Yes!
DamselInHeels Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Recommendation: If you are a Tresemme fan, then here is a new promising Tresemme shampoo for you. Makes hair soft and shiny, works well for normal hair without conditioner also, but if you have too many split ends and expecting this shampoo to stick them back, you will see improvements but not all those Great-wall-of-China-types wala hair split ends will not vanish. I’ve used all shampoos from the Indian TRESemmé range and loved them all. Honestly, my experience with split remedy shampoo was not OH MY GAWD I LOVE IT from the beginning but the more I used it, the more I developed a liking for it. I am thanking the Tresemme team for coming up with this shampoo , at least I don’t have to take regular trims and I’m all smiles about this one. Thumbs up!
long hair
*Have you used this product? Do share your views on this*

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