Monday, June 16, 2014

An affair with handmade chocolates from Chocoalacarte !

I tasted a bite of the universal language of love and friendship , thanks to Chocoalacarte!
I happened to receive an absolutely lovely box filled with scrumptious handmade chocolates from Chocoalacarte and guess what since then all i could think of was ‘ How badly I wanted them to reappear in the empty box automatically ‘after I had finished the whole box. Okay I feel guilty binging on so many calories, but Hell you cannot help yourselves ! They were so DAMN DELICIOUS!The moment it enters the mouth it feels like heaven.
Chocoalacarte hand made chocolates
Deliciously, Chocolisiously, Exotically mouth watering!
Chocoalacarte is an exquisite combination of luscious chocolate and yummy dry fruits! I wouldn’t mind having an affair with such delicious chocolates !A chocolate affair with pleasure *wink*
Chocolate heaven ! Chocoalacarte
About Chocoalacarte:
They are an Indian Company founded in 1999, hailing from Mumbai, selling premium handmade Chocolates, made from the finest Imported Chocolates, fresh & natural ingredients & fillings. We understand that everyone has their own individual tastes. That's why we offer different chocolate assortments for enjoyment! ; From All Dark Chocolate to All Caramel to Assortments, and a whole range of Premium Chocolates for great taste. The especially designed Hand Crafted Chocolates depict with company logo or insignia makes your gift the most enchanting & memorable one.
Variety is spice of life !
I cannot deny the fact that Chocoalacarte pampered me to indulge myself once again in the passion called chocolates!
Okay the best thing were these cute little bats along with tennis balls, cricket frenzy plus chocolate lover , here is a treat for you!
IPL chocolate treat!
I would definitely consider buying these for a special treat for someone special. They would make great gifts for birthday’s , Rakhi day ( LIl bro I hope you are reading this),father’s day,mother’s day and Valentine’s day ofcourse! Or you could buy it to treat yourself maybe because your favourite Football/IPL team won!
Where To Buy them : Head right to their website to order yourself some delicious tasty happiness !
Did I LURV them ? Yes yes YES !
Forget love ... I'd rather fall into a box of chocolates from Chocoalacarte !
Click here to go to their website.
Connect with them on facebook here.
Follow them on twitter here.


  1. Yummy! Even I have the same thoughts when I finish off the choco-box- May it get filled once again :)
    Very tempting Post!

    1. Thank you Anita , do try some of the chocolates from Chocoalacarte You'll love them :D

  2. Very yummy review...Its like I could feel the chocolate in my mouth....hehe... Keep posting... You have a new follower..

    1. I am happy you liked it :) Thank you for dropping by...

  3. Beautiful packaging and looks irresistible !!.. I've a real crave for chocolates.. :-D

    1. Women and chocolates just go hand in hand ;)

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