Monday, June 30, 2014

James BOND’ing with : A Hypothetical shopping experience.

The Ultimate James Bond Shopping Experience at
fwerw4t3 About me:
The whole world knows me. I am Bond,James Bond. Designated British Secret Service Agent 007 (articulated as “double-oh-seven”) working for the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, and I am possibly the world's best known spy.I am trained in intelligence and special forces,you could call me a superspy who always uses the latest gadgets, thwarting Soviet agents, and who brings international gangsters to justice, and inevitably who beds a beautiful woman.
Girls, villains and gadgets are a quintessential part of my universe.
I have an image to live by.I am Man with a licence to kill. The world respects me and thinks me of as a hero.I often get to here “ Who doesn’t love Bond?” ! And I can my shoulders bunching up proudly.Other than being a peerless spy, notorious womanizer, and an icon I have secrets, secrets to my success.
You might think it was easy for me to climb up the stairs of fame without hurdles, but it is only I who knows the hardships I have passed on to be where I am today.
I have done things you wouldn’t imagine your Bond would have ever done. One them was suicide. *sexy sigh*
But that was a long time ago, when I was lonely , with no one to bond with, no plan B’s , no one to look after me.I was just a smug, self-satisfied, arrogant bastard who turned suicidal.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fasting to Feasting…Beautiful food along with Breathtaking Borosil glassware!

With Ramazan approaching in a few days, I can already feel the tranquillity,can hear the loud prayers,  can smell the heavenly aromas of the delicious food being cooked in the kitchens… Ramazan makes me nostalgic; the tastes and aromas of piping hot pakoras, tangy chaats, haleem, aash( a popular drink in the Middle East called doodh) and sticky sweet jalebis fill my senses. When I was a child, I would patiently wait for iftar (sunset meal) time, in my mind elevating it to a moment of pure magic.There was also the excitement of the end of the month celebration of Eid , which was a thrill with new clothes, bangles and lots of parties promised.

Ramazan is the month of glory, the month of benefits, the month of holiness, the month of prayers,the month of delicious mouth watering food, the month of rewards…..So everyone desperately wait for the pious month to begin.A whole month of Ramadan would always leave me calmer and help me turn into a more understanding person.The best part was the prayer, the bond between you and your creator increases tenfold, and one thing you can never get enough is the gorgeous food served during the Iftar invites !
Our Ramadan mornings started early at Sehri (before daybreak), waking up to the nutty aroma of ghee with square shaped paratha’s on the tawa, spicy omelettes being whipped up and a bottomless pot of masala wali chai being prepared.

And there were these iftar parties you could never avoid. Fun, food, and frolic rolled into one..where Iftari was  not only the culmination of a day dedicated to discipline and self control, it is also symbolic of unity among people who break their fast at the exact same moment.

Me and my siblings would wait for days and days for an Iftar invitation to drop by, all my cousins and uncles along with their snobbish wife’s would gather up at a place and break the fast a, there would be laughter,banter, chattering among the women and not to forget we simply loved the partie for the extra ordinary FOOD!

But as time passed by, I understood the real meaning of Ramazan and started boycotting Iftar parties,I would somehow make an excuse and decline an invitation politely.

Last year my parents went on a religious pilgrimage (umrah) during ramazan and I had a hell lot of time coping up without my mother.Waking up early, making sure the house was not in a mess, praying the maid would never get sick, running a trillion errands all by myself etc etc. And it was then when one of favourite aunt paid me a visit and invited me to an Iftar party , I was tired of the same old bland and boring recipes I cooked ,i decided it was time to branch out and bring on the flavor!Heat up my Iftar dinner experience with the help of those mouth watering spicy and savory dinner recipes that would be served at the Iftar party.
The day I had to got his party I came back from a tiring day at work, with mom not around to help it was a hell lot of work. The maid was on an unannounced leave which left me inwardly muttering words that would have broken my fast :P. My aunt called in the evening and asked me to pick up another of my cousin residing in my neighbourhood.

I took a last look in the mirror, I had not taken effort to dress for a party as I knew, everybody would have their eyes on the food laid on the table rather than eyeing who wore what…Within minutes I was entering a beautiful house with a small garden neatly kempt. All  present at the Iftar greeted each other, some were seated on silken janamazas praying, some were on the diwan reciting Qur’an .

As I waited in anticipation, I tried not to let my expectations get out of control with all of the heavenly aroma tickling my taste bud senses.The sugary aroma of fresh deep fried pakodas  and sugary sweetness of roohabzah & trifles tickled my nose. As i further progressed into the house,I caught a glimpse of the pristine and lovely kitchen buzzing with activity. My aunt’s were happily chit chatting and doing their bit to put off those finishing touches to the voluptuous meal that would be served in a few minutes of time..A hurricane of savoury spicy aromas rocked my nose and created delectable images of food in my mind.. OH GAWD WHY ! So much for acting sane on the outside while all I wanted was to barge into the kitchen and inhale the scents of all those mouth watering dishes.Better taste and lick every bit of from the vessels.
It was getting harder to control what all those aromas were doing, sending delicious sensations doing funny things to my stomach, I prayed that the time would buy itself some wings and fly ! My stomach growled and I felt embarrassed. Two of my cousins pulled me across the dining table, and i was informed the men would break their fast, My eyes hungrily wavered over the dining table, and I forgot why i was here..The 12 hour fast had left me damn hungry and the food looks tenfold delicious when you are hungry!

Monday, June 16, 2014

An affair with handmade chocolates from Chocoalacarte !

I tasted a bite of the universal language of love and friendship , thanks to Chocoalacarte!
I happened to receive an absolutely lovely box filled with scrumptious handmade chocolates from Chocoalacarte and guess what since then all i could think of was ‘ How badly I wanted them to reappear in the empty box automatically ‘after I had finished the whole box. Okay I feel guilty binging on so many calories, but Hell you cannot help yourselves ! They were so DAMN DELICIOUS!The moment it enters the mouth it feels like heaven.
Chocoalacarte hand made chocolates
Deliciously, Chocolisiously, Exotically mouth watering!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Caught up with the heel fever !

Hello everybody,
You all know I am The HEELariious ! No ? Nevermind check out @Heelariious on twitter. ( And follow.Maybe. Also mention.maybe. ) :P
I have this heel phobia. Every time I buy new dress, achieve something in life, earn that extra bonus, want to buy a gift my wanders off to HEELS ! I LOVE THEM.So much.
When men watch women strutting around in four-inch stilettos, wedges, platforms and any other form of heels they can’t help but wonder why women prefer heels over comfort = flats !
Image source:Googled.
Yes ofcourse high heels are uncomfortable and make walking more difficult. Prolonged use of heels can injure the feet, knees and back. So why do women keep wearing them?
So here’s what I feel why we women stick to sky high heels.
They give you the advantage of height, hence with all those delicate features  look remarkable when you accentuate them with heels.
I did read often that "Men like an exaggerated female figure" *Rolling eyes*
It does add to give that extra striking posture !
They Make You Feel (and Look!) Sexy (How many of you preeeetty women agree?)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Biography of my hair :TRESemme split remedy Shampoo (Product review)

Hello World !
Obsessed with long hair? Read on to know the secret weapon to get scissor free solution to split ends…Also a short biography on my hair and how I overcame the scissor phobia !
Long hair is considered a symbol of beauty in India and don’t we all admire long beautiful dark tresses, but that one hitch which most of us face while trying to grow our hair long is split ends. It causes breakage, makes hair ends look ugly and unhealthy, and to get rid of split ends, we end up making rounds to the salon, getting our hair cut, compromising on the length and cry at the results. (The sad ending )

orLong hair need extra care, are difficult to manage as they tangle way too easily, you have to keep applying henna and make sure you feed them time to time to keep their shine, smoothness and length intact But hey fret not to solve this problem,my favourite hair care brand TRESemme recently launched split end remedy hair products.They have turned my long tresses smooth,shiny and healthy all the way till the ends!
So this is how it began, the history of my long beautiful hair being terrorized by the monstrous sharp teethed scissors!

Monday, June 2, 2014

For laughs ! Fun post.

Sometimes you come across pictures and images where you just drop yoour jaw and stare at it ! And you go like ZOMG THAT IS SO ME ! That !
I am sharing a few images I came across on twitter where I was like Shiiiiiit-this-is-getting-creepy-it-is-exactly-how-I-think !
Few funny, some ridiculous, some thoughtful, some just What the hell images . Enjoy..
Smart girlfriends
Smart girlfriends be like…
New year
This is so funny I fell of my chair ! No really !
Me today. (or any other day)
Me today or any other day for that case..
I keep telling this to myself.
And this is what I keep telling myself. And will keep telling it even in future.
Selfie tip for men
Men and selfies, no , please NO ! *Protip*
World before social networking sites
And I think this was the era when there were no social networking sites.
things women should know about men
24 things women SHOULD know about men !
Kejriwal gets trolled !
Got any favorite?