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Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo+Conditioner Review.

I’ve been in desperate need of a new shampoo and conditioner for my long locks.And you know what?
Sunsilk chose the right time to send me their shampoo from their new range and Voila , I have a new shampoo , that too paraben free !So here I am, after 2 months of using this shampoo,I am filling you gaiz with an honest review. I-Swear-it-is-a-Harischandra-types-honest-review *smirking*

What is the first thing you do when choosing a new shampoo and conditioner?
For me I see how it smells. There is nothing better than having a wonderfully scented hair product. Both the shampoo and conditioner passed the test.

So yes after loyally sticking to this shampoo for 2 months in a row ,I conclude ,I love the shampoo! It’s fabulous. The conditioner is okayish,as it leaves a slight residue in my hair.

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Product Description:

Sunsilk natural recharge (Strong & abundant) Shampoo ":
Ginseng root contains multiple bioactive substance and is well know for its health benefits. Its thick, strong roots absorb minerals and vitamins and keep the plant strong & nourished day after day so it can grow more abundant. The same expert care is given to your hair by nourishing it from roots to tips for thicker, fuller and 5X stronger hair.


Sunsilk natural recharge (Strong & abundant) Conditioner :
This conditioner recharges the natural vitality of your hair, Nourishes and strengthens from roots to tips, Revitalizes and enhances volume to make hair full of life.

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About the Packaging:
Love the color ! OH YES !Pale green mint bottle with green inscribe. (Though the color shouldn’t matter :p) and the Flip flop packaging ensures just the right amount comes out every time. The shampoo comes in a mint green colored plastic bottle with a flip flop which if held across the light allows us to see the quantity of the product left inside. The conditioner comes in an inverted tube also light green in color and a flip cap and the cap shuts tight after each use .


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Shelf life: 24 months

My experience with Sunsilk natural recharge Shampoo and Conditioner (Strong & abundant):
(Hair type – curly, thin, Sometimes frizzy)

When I first saw this bottle, my first impression was v- what fancy sleek packaging it comes in! I totally loved the sleek mint green bottle the shampoo comes in. Not a fan of the conditioner usual packaging though:P)
The travel friendly packaging is one of the reasons I carried it all the way to Lucknow (Din’t find in stores in Lucknow)! Second good impression was on its fragrance, it smells amazing and I just love its smell.Third impression was the amount of shampoo for such an affordable price.

I have emptied 4 bottles of this shampoo.Since I have used this in winters, I was waiting for summers to gather my final thoughts on this. I like this shampoo a lot!The shampoo helped me achieve a clean scalp with just one wash. It produces good lather even with just a small quantity .The conditioner when used after shampooing softens hair and leaves similar fragrance as that of the shampoo which lingered on even a few hours after washing my hair.

I mainly have oily-hair-even-after-three-washes- type of hair, I’m glad I came across this pocket friendly paraben free shampoo! It effectively removes all dirt from my scalp and keeps it decent looking ,soft and I found my hair more manageable.

It has this mid runny consistency and lathers well.The conditioner helps in retaining moisture in hair, which makes my dry-frizzy-uncontrollable-tangled hair soft.

The result fared by this shampoo are so much better than those of my professional shampoos which were creating a big hole in my pocket,but this one is for keeps,pocket friendly !
I am so glad that I gave this a chance. It suits my hair a lot. I get shiny soft tangle free hair – which smells really really REALLY nice.. (I mean it).

The first time I used this shampoo, I didn't follow up with the conditioner just to check how my hair behaved. And it did not dry out my hair or make it frizzy, which a big plus! The next time, I used it with the conditioner, and my hair was certainly shinier and tangle free. Hence the shampoo works wonders when used along with the conditioner but works fairly when used alone.




Shampoo INR 64 for 80ml
Shampoo INR 132 for 180ml
Shampoo INR 219 for 340ml
Conditioner INR 64 for 80ml



Will I repurchase: Yes! Yes!Yes!

DamselInHeels Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5


Recommendation: Looking for a shampoo that is cheap and does its job extremely well rather than promising you the stars? This is the one! Especially for people with normal to oily hair. This is best if you have wavy hair or an oily scalp (as it works wonders for me) It is a pocket friendly shampoo and conditioner which delivers what it promises – clean, strong , tangle free soft hair.It is a superb moisturizing shampoo for oily hair and that too at an affordable price. If you love those soft tangle free tresses then go for it..!!

*Have you used this product? Do share your views on this*

Disclosure: I was sent  products by the company when I ordered for a free sample on Indiblogger to try out & review but I have used the ones I bought myself way more than the ones that were sent ;)

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