Saturday, March 29, 2014

W for Women, W for Window Shopping!!!

Do you know that a Poll conducted by GE Money concluded that women spend almost 8 years of their lifespan Window Shopping ! WHOA !
I don’t know about men (neither did I waste time googling if men enjoyed window shopping too because clearly they don’t!) No offence meant.Lol.
Window shopping is just not an inexpensive form of pastime for women , infact many of the women confess taking up window shopping as a hobby ! And I am NOT exaggerating ! I love window shopping more than shopping .Lulz JK. (But I *swear* it is SO MUCH simpler than shopping)
Well who wouldn’t enjoy strolling along shopping lanes and malls without running out of cash.
So yes I am going to list a few pro’s of window shopping !Let me make myself clear I cannot find any cons , hence I am going to list just the pros *wink wink*
I make sure I window shop more and more often and why not it has numerous benefits right?!
Here are a few random pictures I clicked when I was window shopping ! Enzoyyy hokayyy!
(All pictures are taken from Bangalore)
That’s at commercial street !

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I do know how far I could go to get closer to you ..

LOVE is the universal language of hearts! :)
Love Is the laughter that makes your heart soar.
Love is all those baseless arguments you have, just to make up.
It is surprising what a man can do for love… What a man can do to get closer the one he loves..
Love conquers all,
Love doesn't let you fall,
Love is the bond between heart,
Love is the quintessential art.
Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile! :)
Love Is a sudden smile when you're alone. Love is an emotion which leaves you breathless..
Love is easy to develop but hard to keep it on the same lines… There are tiffs ,ups and downs…but no matter what you could climb mountains or dump a mountain on your loved one. Crazy things we humans do for love *smiling*
"Love is not to be purchased, and affection has no price."
Love holds a sacred place in every woman’s life.
Not everyone is lucky to find the perfect soul mate.
There are compromises, failures, fights, tears, laughter, joy, compassion, trust, and passion involved when one speaks about the special one.
Its not just the men who take women for granted, women too , sometimes take men for granted.
When you’re in love, you know you have responsibilities, you have to understand him more and love him a little more with every passing day.
It is important you make effort to keep those smiles and laughter alive forever, like its in a fairytale
True love is eternal, infinite & always like itself. It is equal & pure, without violent demonstrations! :)
And when you know deep in your heart that you love him , you cannot bear the distance, you want to surpass all fears , break rules bones ,walls or whatever comes along the way !
It’s a an unusual feeling when you know he isn’t going to hold you in your arms for the next few days..when you know you should have never fought with him..when you know you both love each other..when you know the distance is unbearable..and you know its time to go to the farthest any human being would ever go to get back your love, to get closer to make sure everything is breathe in his chest , to hold his arms put a stop to those unbearable nights without him.
And finally you know its time to fly ,its to swim,its time to do the impossible ,its time to go further to get closer to the one you love…
Exactly like the story of Sharavan Kumar and his lovely wife <3… A video you will fall in love with..a video you can immediately connect with..
And I would do some of the most insanely awesome and crazily stupid things just to get closer to him…
Who doesn’t love the clear blue skies, colorful birds, the heights….Its pure LOVE.