Saturday, February 22, 2014

Black beauty ! Handbags in black!

Hi shopaholics !
A woman and her bag are two inseparable things!
She may dump her jewelry, her heels or even her BF but she just can’t dump her handbag even for a day! A day without a bag is the survival of the greatest ! Ha !
Its her vanity , her pride, her savior !
I buy bags as much as I shop for shoes ! I eel undresses without a bag !
Sling bags, vanity bags or even a clutch is a must before I leave home !
The other day I was picking u a checked outfit in black and white and I was unable to come to a conclusion as to which bag I would wear! Yes, so many bags I have in Black !
A woman must have a bag in black, it’s a fashion have must staple!
They are classic and can take a outfit to a whole new level!
Here are a few bags I own in Black ! They are a beauty !
When I carry them out I can almost hear people whisper ‘Here comes the beast with the black beauty’ lol !
This one is from Allen solly ! Perfect for dinner dates, or a outing at a classic place.
It is a glossy bag with shine particles which give a glamorous effect !
Allen Solly  Allen Solly
This ones from Add Ons ! This I prefer for glamorous night outings, girl night outs or to glam up a simple outfit to college ! I bought it a week back when it was on sale Winking smile
I bought it from Limeroad . Superlove it !
Add Ons Hand bag
This one’s from a local store in Ghandhinagar, Majestic !
Its greyish black in color, the shimmer gives it a pale black color.
I like the shape of this clutch. Though I don’t wear it much I love wearing this on ethnic skirts and ankle length dresses. It has a studded outline and is made up of a shimmery black cloth!
Black studded clutch    Black clutch
This one I bought it again from Allen Solly store at Garuda mall!
This one was a gift from dad ! It is my most treasured bag !
I think thrice before picking up this bag ! So conscious I am about this *grins*
Its not like everyday your dad buys you a handbag and gifts you out of nowhere. I treasure this So much!
It is a classic, love the pearl detailing ! Its not from India , bought abroad .
Very glossy and the box designing just makes it more enviable ! <3 <3
This one is another from Allen Solly ! I fell in love at first sight and I knew I HAD to buy this!
Its black with brown accentuates ! The best thing about this is the glossy finish !
So here I have already used it a million times and not a single thing to complain !
Allen Solly  Allen Solly
This black clutch is also a gift from my parents ! They know exactly what their daughter pines for Winking smile
I was dancing around happily on finding this, and no not a birthday gift (Birthday gift are meant to be much more expensive! Winking smile)
Very cute and elegant from Allen Solly !
Allen Solly Clutch     100_2502
Not to brag or anything I have a jute bag in black too ,  am ecofriendly too *bats eyelashes* :P
Super comfy , I take this out while grocery shopping or even to work sometimes ! (For now I am storing my favorite books in them :p)
It is a Clean Planet tote !
                  Clean Planet Tote   Clean planet tote in black
I will post a more posts on my bag collection in other colors soon :)
Till then keep shopping and stay stress free *wink*


  1. Black as a choice for bags seems so perfect to me. :)
    It goes with all colors of dresses and all styles of dressing.
    You have a good collection.

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