Saturday, February 22, 2014

Black beauty ! Handbags in black!

Hi shopaholics !
A woman and her bag are two inseparable things!
She may dump her jewelry, her heels or even her BF but she just can’t dump her handbag even for a day! A day without a bag is the survival of the greatest ! Ha !
Its her vanity , her pride, her savior !
I buy bags as much as I shop for shoes ! I eel undresses without a bag !
Sling bags, vanity bags or even a clutch is a must before I leave home !
The other day I was picking u a checked outfit in black and white and I was unable to come to a conclusion as to which bag I would wear! Yes, so many bags I have in Black !
A woman must have a bag in black, it’s a fashion have must staple!
They are classic and can take a outfit to a whole new level!
Here are a few bags I own in Black ! They are a beauty !
When I carry them out I can almost hear people whisper ‘Here comes the beast with the black beauty’ lol !
This one is from Allen solly ! Perfect for dinner dates, or a outing at a classic place.
It is a glossy bag with shine particles which give a glamorous effect !
Allen Solly  Allen Solly
This ones from Add Ons ! This I prefer for glamorous night outings, girl night outs or to glam up a simple outfit to college ! I bought it a week back when it was on sale Winking smile
I bought it from Limeroad . Superlove it !
Add Ons Hand bag
This one’s from a local store in Ghandhinagar, Majestic !
Its greyish black in color, the shimmer gives it a pale black color.
I like the shape of this clutch. Though I don’t wear it much I love wearing this on ethnic skirts and ankle length dresses. It has a studded outline and is made up of a shimmery black cloth!
Black studded clutch    Black clutch
This one I bought it again from Allen Solly store at Garuda mall!
This one was a gift from dad ! It is my most treasured bag !
I think thrice before picking up this bag ! So conscious I am about this *grins*
Its not like everyday your dad buys you a handbag and gifts you out of nowhere. I treasure this So much!
It is a classic, love the pearl detailing ! Its not from India , bought abroad .
Very glossy and the box designing just makes it more enviable ! <3 <3
This one is another from Allen Solly ! I fell in love at first sight and I knew I HAD to buy this!
Its black with brown accentuates ! The best thing about this is the glossy finish !
So here I have already used it a million times and not a single thing to complain !
Allen Solly  Allen Solly
This black clutch is also a gift from my parents ! They know exactly what their daughter pines for Winking smile
I was dancing around happily on finding this, and no not a birthday gift (Birthday gift are meant to be much more expensive! Winking smile)
Very cute and elegant from Allen Solly !
Allen Solly Clutch     100_2502
Not to brag or anything I have a jute bag in black too ,  am ecofriendly too *bats eyelashes* :P
Super comfy , I take this out while grocery shopping or even to work sometimes ! (For now I am storing my favorite books in them :p)
It is a Clean Planet tote !
                  Clean Planet Tote   Clean planet tote in black
I will post a more posts on my bag collection in other colors soon :)
Till then keep shopping and stay stress free *wink*

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wit ka bhandaar–Only on twitter!(Part-III)

Hello twitteratis !
I have been very busy for the past few weeks, hence only 3 posts on the ‘The most witty and humoristic tweets’ (Promises self to blog more about twitter) After twitter is my true love !
Below are a set of 10 tweets I loved !
  1. 3rd
  2. tweets
  3. Best of twitter
  4. best of Indian tweeters
  5. Twitter
  6. Twitter
  7. Best Indian tweeters
  8. Twitter
  9. Best tweets
  10. Best tweets
Any favorites among these? Shoot a comment !