Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oriflame Pure color lipstick reviews..

Hi everybody,
I recently did a Oriflame products haul and picked up two lipsticks in pure color range from them…
They turned out to be good except the staying power is not much.
I found them to be the cutest of all the things I bought from Oriflame, I bought them in two shades 1.Soft coral and 2.sheer rose.
oriflame lipstick
It glides on the lips, and the color looks pretty on most of the Indian skin tones (Guessing). It gives a waxy finish. As it lacks in the pigmentation department, it takes more than a couple of swipes to get some color.
I don’t think I will finish the whole lipstick ever!
Sheer rose :
Soft coral:DSC00162
Con’s and Pro’s
The staying power is sad
Good packaging and travel friendly
Soft fragrance, I like!
Can be used as a tinted lip balm too!
It doesn’t settle into fine lines!
Perfect for a college goer or even a subtle shade to wear at work!
It costs INR 199 for 4g. Pretty decent price.
You can buy it here.
Have you used any of Oriflame pure color lipsticks? any favorites .Shoot a comment!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My experience with

I recently happened to shop at Fabfurnish, and it was a very happy and satisfactory shopping experience !
It’s a lovely website ,selling home décor,kitchen,bed n bath, lighting,bags,furniture and other things among furnishings. but buying furniture online is something I am very apprehensive about.Too risky.
I bought a butterfly bag in beige. It was love at first sight.
Butterfly bag
The packaging was sturdy and the bag was in a perfect state. I can’t wait to flaunt this bag!
Loads of new arrivals include colorful jute handbags from earthen me! I can hardly wait to order again from their site.
shopping experience
I am so loving the packaging!
website review
Given my product was above 1k, it was free shipping. Orders below Rs 500 have to pay Rs100 for shipping.
Website reveiw
The only thing I disliked was the shipping took a period of 8-9 days to reach me. Had it been a little more earlier , it would have been great!
Overall experience:
With all the additional packaging , bubble wrap and extra layers of safety , it’s a thumbs up in delivering a quality product!
The delivery time is an issue though.Had to wait for so long.
Except for the fact that their discount messages pop up every hour on my phone (Please someone tell me how to unsubscribe x( ) I loved every thing!
The product I am loving, the experience was good.
So would I recommend you to buy from their site?
Definitely. You’ll are very likely to end up shopping more often from their site!   (Also if you are patient enough you will love it *wink*)
I look forward for placing more orders from their website.
I also love window shopping at !
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oriflame Delicacy hand cream review

Winters and chapped hands go hand in hand !
As winter has almost begun, I bought this hand cream by Oriflame Sweden. It leaves my hands soft and fresh.
Its not very expensive not cheap either. But it’s a good alternative to Body Shop hand creams which are far more expensive!
What the Oriflame states : Treat yourself to the lusciously rich Delicacy Hand Cream. Exquisitely refined with the enticing scent of Delicacy, this luxurious cream softens and moisturises your skin
It’s best to use them after washing hands. I don’t think I’ll buy it again as I am looking forward on trying hand creams from other brands. Its priced at INR 298 !
Overall not a bad product. The smell is also nice, a sweet floral fragrance. I totally recommend it to those who like splurging on hand and body creams.
rating: 3/5
Buy this here.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Superpower ? My multitasking recharged hair!

Don’t you love it when you are back from a stressful day at work , and while you are trying to relax with a cup of coffee ,and you hear the sound of rain  ?

You look outside your window and squeal in delight ! Watching those silky droplets fall over the ground, inhaling the magical smell of earth when it hits the ground…aaah…and then you can’t help yourself but have this uncontrollable urge to get out and get soaked in the showers.

Get out and dance in the sweet rains..


Get out and let the rains wash away all the stress..

Or just grab your partners arm and make your way out , to enjoy a romantic dance in the rains?


Rains! So much love ! Getting wet , singing and dancing in it. Love.

I have experienced wet frizzy hair, getting damaged after I have danced to my fill in the rains, I started worrying about my hair getting damaged and the uncertainty lead to “No getting wet ever” *sad face*

Hence if ever given a chance to recharge my hair, the coolest  coldest reason would be because “I JUST LOVE TO GET WET IN RAINS” :D

I don’t want to worry about carrying an umbrella when going out in rainy seasons, I want to experience the pure joy of getting soaked in a very surprising visit of my favorite friend ‘rain’. Want to sing, dance and go crazy when it there is a downpour !


---I have always loved swimming and its one of my favorite hobbies!  Long working weekdays makes me restless !!!

Swimming causes my hair to dry out , and within a few days they start getting frizzy and unmanageable x(

I want to be able to indulge in my hobby ..

Want to be able to let my hair loose and feel like a mermaid..


I want my hair recharged , I want to go swimming without worrying about the after effects , want to feel alive and not be afraid or fear of going bald after a good swim :P

--Ever had the urge to sound like you don’t care without sounding you don’t care?

There are moments in my life where I wish I could choke slam or slap or strangle people and tell them I JUST DON”T CARE’ on their face !

Okay so here it is, I want to recharge my hair so I can slap such people on their face with my hair without even trying ! My recharged hair would be my savior, my weapon, my shining knight ! :P

( Pro tip: Recharged healthy hair will make the slap a harsher one *wink*)

75b44131d8f22df983d6bd092ffeb698 (1)

Getting to actually hit your enemy by flipping your hair harshly on his face while turning swiftly ? All thanks to recharged hair I get to take sweet revenge harshly ! Aha! Cool enough ?

Also I can play with my hair if I am bored, and recharged hair can come in handy when your phone battery dies in the middle of nowhere!


---Its just WOW when somebody gives you the tag ‘fashionable multi-tasker woman!’

Juggling between household chores , work ,parties, weddings and shopping! Phew !

Its damn tough to keep up to the tag though ! Can’t help but look messy at the end of the day !

Want recharged hair so I could tie up a high pony and walk confidently at my workplace and come back home and get dolled up for a friend’s b’day party or a neighbor’s wedding !Want to be able to wear cute and lovely accessories on my hair, want to jewel my crowning glory without worrying about them falling off due to the stress I am giving them within a period of 20 hours!


Recharge my hair for it will help me work fearlessly under the hot scorching sun without worrying about the damage !Go to a wedding with a messy hair bun and want get complimented and feel good !


Want recharged hair, so I can flip them and walk confidently ! Its just not the heels but my hair tucked in a high ponytail all day at work boost my confidence and make me work harder ! Recharged hair thus affect my success in nearing my set target !


--Want recharged hair so I can stop making excuses while I am invited to a tea party or a girl’s shopping day out or for a beach chilled out party!Want to leave my hair open and not worry about damaged frizzled hair when I return back after a having fun with friends and family!


Recharged hair = Happy hair = Happy me !

Happiness is being able to pull off any hairstyle without damaging my hair !

Happiness is getting to look like diva even after a day’s shit load of work!

Happiness is not having to say a ‘yes’ to go on a date after returning from a swim!

Happiness is not having to wear a hat or never having a bad hair day!

Thanks to Sunsilk's New Natural Recharge Shampoo , my recharged hair makes me so confident , I can feel the tiara on my head always!

sunsilk-hair-flip-o (1)

This post is a part of Sunsilk’s ‘recharge your hair, recharge your life’ contest on Indiblogger!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shopping experience at

Recently I happened to shop from .
It has few of the best home range products ! My mom went all drool buy this buy that ! I am happy to have discovered this website :D
I was looking forward to buy a polka dotted bed sheet to compliment my curtains. Bought this lovely bed sheet from Zansaar. The quality was fab and my bed looks fabulous. I think I got the best price in the country! Totally happy with it.  *happy face*  The packaging was impeccable.
The bubble wrap was one thing I DID NOT like x( Hate the big ones! ( I so want those small pop able bubble wraps ) Zansaar are you listening?
A sneak peak into the !
This is what the company states about them:
{About offers an exclusive range of highly functional and stylish home products ranging from Furniture to Décor to Kitchen and Dining essentials
With a sharp focus on products that appeal to both sense and sensibilities, the Zansaar product range is carefully curated by our in-house team that is focused on creating an exceptional range of home products that are highly functional, well designed and available at great price points.}
I am very satisfied with the entire experience. Strongly recommended to those looking for renovating and bringing a personal exquisite feel to their homes ! They also offer loads of discounts on their products :D
Zansaar shopping
Shipping is very fast, Pretty impressed with packaging and delivery time!
They specialize in home décor ! Don’t miss all those fantastic products!
Zansaar has a wide and classy range of products. Exclusive range of products for kitchen, furniture , and home décor will steal your breath away !Though they can be termed as a tad bit expensive, I had nothing else to complain off! Yet to shop for combo deals and Imported collections from their site. All those drool worthy products are tempting me ! Uff !
All in all its a good experience to shop at Zansaar and I look forward to buying again from their website.
Rating 3.5/5
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Happy shopping \o/