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10 Things a woman wants to hear ! #3WordsSheWantsToHear

Men always keep wondering what’s going on in a woman’s head. to prove that is the latest block buster movie ‘ Gone girl’ starting scene where Ben Affleck asks His wife’ what are you thinking? ‘. Have you always wondered what a woman is thinking? What did she want to hear ?  What could you tell her to make her feel good ?
Well well twitter for one reason knows exactly what she wants to hear ! You might have seen that #3wordsSheWantsToHear has been trending on twitter since yesterday and still going strong on the trending topics.
Most of the men out there would agree that when it comes to compliments and sweet nothings, we women can never have enough of it. The more we get them, the more we want! Haha , its women nature I guess. But although some of the men are pretty sure they know what they want to say (because you, bless you, are an incredibly thoughtful man) you always end up telling the wrong thing to her.
Lets look at a few commandments or let me put these phrases in just 3 words for you!  Most of the words I listed below are things I love to hear when I am with a man. And most of these phrases would probably please most ladies, but I could potentially be a little bias. *wink wink*
Thought I would share some of my favorite things that I love to hear in phrases with just 3 words ;)
1. You are perfect : Nobody is perfect so what? Hasn’t she done a whole lot of things and made sure you were happy and taken care of every single time? Be it your mom or your loving wife. Say it ! You are an angel, you are lovely, You are the best mom, you amaze me are a few other synonymic phrases for this ;)Don’t be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments. The more you give, the more you are likely to get in return.
2. You lost weight : Ahem ahem. A few years back I would have laughed if someone said me that this phrase would actually top second in my ‘things she wants to hear list’ but now that I have followed the footsteps of Vidya Balan :p this phrase sounds like music to my ears ! Not that I am fat or something but losing weight is what a woman works hard for. So if you think she has lost even a kilo gram ,you compliment her !
3. I love you: Even the savviest single woman melt at the thought of hearing her man utter those three little words. I believe only a few men realize or appreciate the power of saying “I love you.” You boy remember that by saying those three magic words (and by it say it only when you really mean it!), you are acknowledging an attachment to your woman and satisfying her most basic emotional need ie to know how her man feels about her and she loves to hear it! Again and again !
4. I was wrong: Yeah baby ! You were wrong, she was right. Say that. Again. Haha .
5. Its on sale ! : SALE ! MAN how much we love this word ! All shopping sites please note if you want our attention put the damn thing on SALE ! I go wreck less when it comes to shopping during sale season. End up emptying everything :D
6. You over football* : *replace Football with anything your man is obsessed with here*
You love cricket, we understand it. You love blah blah and blah. Shut it. We know it. They are your hobbies or your players or something you love. We women get it. But we are women. We need attention. We need all the love you can ever give. Choose us. Over them. That’s it. We are not telling you to stop loving all of those other things but once in a while say these 3 magical words, they make us women feel better !Okay?
7. I bought cake : Or Ice-cream ! Aaaah ! Ice cream or be it cake or be it cupcake or be it luxurious chocolates or be it flowers the word bought is something we women lurvvvv ! :D We are always open for free pizzas and free cake just like men are always open for free beer ;) Give a girl her favorite pastry or her favorite ice cream and she can even kill for you ;)
8. Take my credit-card : You giving us women free consent to shop to our hearts content? We love it . Period. But make sure you give it whole heartedly and trustingly ! Its another whole new thing that she knows how much to spend ! She will not bankrupt you but she loves the idea of her man wanting to spend on her!
9. Let me cook : Break the Indian stereotype of looking at women ! She is looked as a housewife and its great that she loves to cook ! But hey once in a while she needs a break too. If you come across a time where you see her tired or if she has more on her hands than she can take it offer to cook for her and the whole family too ! Not just your wife , be it your mother , your sister or even your best friend ! It shows you care and who knows you might end up with a bunch of compliments at the end of your cooking venture ;)
10.Be my bride : Call me old fashioned but there is this special thing about getting married , and it just gets better when your man bends on a knee and proposes you with a diamond ring! I think I am bitten by the Geet syndrome (remember the chirpy OTTP Kareena Kapoor in Jab we met?). You love each other, that’s great but that doesn’t mean you take her for granted and go ahead with a marriage. Ask her out , make her feel special and then pop the question even though you know you both are getting married, it will make her happy ! Women love it !
So women do you relate to any of these? And men how many of you agree? ! Raise your hands.
Until next time
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Honesty empowers. The truth sets you free..

“The truth will set you free…’'
It is true that once you have lied its difficult to trust, even more difficult to trust oneself to tell the truth the next few times. Not telling truth puts you in 3 stages of Accountability, Guilt, and Forgiveness.
from childhood we are taught moral values and the importance of telling the truth but when time hits the truth often shakes or maybe the truth seems mediocre.
So when Kinley came up with the thing where we had to narrate the time where we felt being honest was the right thing to do the first instance where lies affected me hugely popped up, first year of college!
It was a time of new experiences , new friends, new place . Everything around was new. There were expectations. There was innocence. And there was fear. Fear that the person might judge us on the basis of our percentage scored in the boards. Fear that our frenemies would laugh at us when they heard we did not get admission in a far better college than we were selected in and so on.
That is how everything begun…The journey of lies and some more lies.  From a different angle it had to be the society which was to be blamed.
All those annoying relatives who never called even if met with an accident calling accidently to know are grades after the boards and brooding and lecturing on what we should select for better careers. I had enough of it, and that is how the lies began, to shut their mouths. The worst of all , it was my so called friends whom I had to lie the most. Lies about how it was difficult to get a seat in science field, lies about the college campus, lies about how this and that and some more lies.
And one day just like that after getting inspired ( not to forget it was some movie I don’t even remember of and a book by the name ‘You Can Win'’ ) I woke up with guilt that would just not budge. What was I doing? Why was I suffering? Everything was backfiring. In the web of lies I had weaved I felt like I was choking. As if there was no escape.
And then I realised , but slowly that I did no have to bend, I did not have to  water it down. Everything did not have to go according to the plan. My soul was suffering. Just like the girl in the add was not getting any sleep. And I decided I did not have to edit my own soul according to the way the cruel world wanted it to. Rather, follow my heart.
I broke up from self pithy and started comparing my life to the less worthy ones, and life seemed so much better. Every time the subject of career and college approached I put on my best smile and told truth, proudly. The endless stupid remarks and comments did not stop, but those comments did not stop me from rising above everything either ! I felt at peace, like I was ready to conquer the whole world. That much power the truth had.
And after so many years I am happy I understood that telling the truth was the right thing to do when I was in the worst stage of my life. And it gets better in knowing that all that who teased and threw insults on my way up where far far behind me…
And now I hardly remember a time where I did not tell the truth *all smiles*

I loved the the new TVC of Kinley where you learn a lesson how the truth will set you apart, will set you at ease...

This post is a part of Kinsley’s ‘Kitna Chain hota hai na sach mein’ activity on Indiblogger.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Magic of Vacations- Children !

A good vacation is a vacation with kids…
kids travelling
The roars of laughter , the mischief, the storming, the banter , the voice , the smiles of our children is what counts when we are going on a vacation. A vacation with family is the best vacation.
Our parents often took vacations only when we had summer holidays , just not that back in our childhood, our elders made sure all the big weddings took place during the kids vacations so everybody could enjoy their holidays with children. Children just add the magical touch ! A vacation without them would be empty!
And hence as we grew up we got accustomed to the belief that there’s no vacation without the kids. But in order to make sure that the trip planned is fun , safe and enjoyable its important to ensure a few things.
A few things to keep in mind while travelling with kids to ensure they enjoy themselves would be their safety, how they must be entertained in order to not get them snapping and out of control (trust me this is where they have second thoughts on the vacation thing with kids ;) , the travel and the food . etc.
Safety first: Safety is definitely the first measure when it comes to travelling with kids. You can’t enjoy a vacation when you know your kids aren’t safe. Pack all you need, the medications, the snacks and talk to your kids about safety if your travelling by air. And most importantly never let your kids out of sight, saves you a lot of trouble and worry.
Travel Trip tricks : Make sure you get your children to catch their quality sleep when travelling ! it really helps. The food will help them to take it off to the sleep spot. Hence its important you schedule your trip accordingly.
Entertainment, entertainment and some more entertainment : You have no idea how fast kids get bored, ha forget the kids I get bored even faster than them , wait I am a grown up kid too. :P That is why I get bored ! *realisation* Jokes apart they really tend to get bored very fast and its important to take the important measures. Animated movie Dvd’s , scrabble or chess boards and story books are a great way!
Feed the fairies: Food my dear is what seals the deal for us children ;) Good food and half of the travelling has already been awesome :P :D The problem is that kids are picky. “I don’t like sweets “(So annoying! –.- ) “I don’t eat ice cream “(I would kill such kids! , I mean what on earth ! You don’t like icecream?! what the hell honey?!) “I dislike veggies” ( Yeah baby that’s more like it ! Hifi!) So you see. That’s the problem. Make sure you have restaurants nearby to suit the food tastes of your kids
Stay at a sweet ( suite;) place : Also its important to keep in mind about the place you’ll be staying at. Kids can create a big fuss, so its better not to choose a posh , upscale hotel will probably not be as kid-friendly  , so its better to use our correct judgment while choosing one. Choose among the best of best that has all the amenities to keep your kids entertained.
And now I just can’t wait for the vacations. ^_^
This post is a part of Indi Happy hours in relation to Club Mahindra’s Teddy travelogue’s !

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving risk a new dimension : Rise Above Fear !

The world we live in is a delicate one. Every step we take is filled with uncertainty and fear. It is easy to see why we end being inclined to play it safe all the time. But how long before the bubble bursts ? How much longer can you stay away from facing your fears? Someday your fears which you kept ignoring will turn up on you on your face and make sure you are ready for that .
Always playing it safe has risk as well. If you never dare to fail you can almost feel that your goals in life are on a very low. Most of us underestimate our merit and our ability to recover from failure, leading to pass up valuable opportunities. High time we realized that the best way to eliminate fear is to take up all those risks we were avoiding with so much vigor !
We are always surrounded by fears but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a try ? Does it? I however am happy to share with you that I have always believed in taking risks be it the fear of those deadly exams, or the fear of what others would think or the fear of never winning or even the fear of not making it BIG. But hey now when I look back it just feels so silly. In other words I want to laugh at having even thought twice on taking those daring risks because all the while I knew the real in me is the brave heart and dauntless, wanting to take chances and stepping on uncertainties. Its who I am , and its who you should be too.
When you are a girl, people automatically end up expecting thousand times things more than a girl would have the potential off ! I mean if you are a girl you are bound to be good at household work, cleaning, Cooking*, etc. And here is where the fear begins, what if I don’t excel in all of these, what if I end up being a bad cleaner or even worse a bad cook? That is exactly what happened with me. For a long time I was bat-shit scared about how people would react to my bad cooking but then Allah had other plans for me.
Every time my mom complained how I would stay away from the kitchens I would make a face and get away by joking about how I would marry a cook, but the fear was always there. Not because I would get a stupid husband but if I really wasn’t capable of a simple stupid thing , cooking! I am huge foodie and the thing that I couldn’t cook for myself was a big No for me, so guess what after a lot of tweeting and blogging I repeat yes I took to social media to rant how bad I was at cooking , I kicked the fear away !
I started participating food blogging contests, Read every article on how to make cooking food a joyful and happy incident. I searched more ways to get motivated, I burnt all those boats of uncertainty.
And then I finally stepped into the Kitchens. And no my mom did not actually faint when I cooked y very first awesome ! Haha !Slowly step by step I conquered my fears. If people would criticise I would listen, take notes in my mind and make every effort to not repeat the again and believe e cooking is the easiest of them all for me now!
That’s not all after a few attempts , my parents and my family started complimenting and then I knew it ! I just knew it ! I could excel in anything if I wanted too ! I knew I had to take all those risks I was ignoring! And now my wish list hold a convection oven ! Yes , I am now looking forward to baking ! Baking all those delicious cupcakes and cakes I would drool when I visited a store. Not anymore I am so much better after I faced my fears. After which I gave it a try and faced many more fears, so yes cooking has been a life turning experience of mine just as working on their vertigo’s the South super hotties got over their fear of height's!
Oh well I am talking about the new Dew commercials! Mountain dew add are so much Love!  Everytime they release an add and you can’t help but fall in love with them ! Same goes for their new add that went live two days back!

This video radiates so much energy !
When confronted with fear Arya and Akhil chose to. #RiseAboveFear. Watch impeccable courageousness shown by actors!
Connect with Mountain Dew on Facebook here.
So how many you have actually given a try to overcome your fear with so much brevity?!
Do tell me in the comments, they’ll make my day !
Until next time.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time to raise our voices. NOW. (Swachh Bharath)

There are many instances where we come across such things where we know they’re absolutely wrong and you cannot help but raise your voice against it ! If I start listing down those social issues where people like me and you should stand up and speak up against, it’ll probably take forever.  It can be a random guy urinating in public , or a woman spitting out beetle remnants or  someone littering the roads shamelessly.
brandcover (1)
So when do we put a stop to all of this? Akhir Kab bolega yeh Desh? Strepsils has come up with an innovative way to spread awareness among the nation. And I am glad to be a part of it.  We know that raising our voices against all that is bad in our country is a power that we all have. Let’s put that in use and the power of our voice & work towards a Swachh Bharat.
Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega !
Afterall who wouldn’t agree that we all know when we need to speak up for a cause ! It might also happen that we could end being the first person to stand up for something which you must. Also its true that a single person cannot make the whole of the nation clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness. And its true to its word.
No matter what happens we must thrive to speak up when it comes to swachhta of our motherland! I would inevitably raise my voice against the following 5 social causes :

Speak up when someone is cutting down trees !

I love nature and all the beauty it has gifted us with. And when someone tries to destroy them I can’t help but feel my blood boiling. I almost got into a fight with a house owner in my neighborhood when he got a tree cut down, I did not want to give damn that they had permission for it. It was strong and beautiful tree from ages and on the roadside! Not like it was in the middle of your site or something. I wish more people could speak up when trees where cut down because last time I raised my voice for it , I remember it was all by myself. yes , nobody I repeat nobody stood up with me and the dumb owner got away with the brutal act of murdering a beautiful life. If there are no trees how do you think we will have a clean India? Time to think.

Raise your voice when you see someone littering :

The whole nation is buzzing with the Swachh Bharth campaign started by PM Narendra Modi. One must raise their voice but most importantly we ourselves have to stop littering (that includes me) So the next time you see someone throwing away chocolate wrappers or waste polythene bags or any other waste, go to that person and speak up. Let us all be a part of this noble cause and make our country a better place to live in!

Raise your voice when you see people smoking in non smoking areas:

So Govt is doing everything from banning sale of lose cigarettes to fining , but the waery masses fail to understand this. They continue to smoke thinking it might look cool (Not including those who call death upon themselves by telling its their addiction) I have seen guys in my campus smoking and how I wish I had the strength to speak up ! But I am always warned to keep away ( Rowdy hai mat ulajh blah blah)  Smoking is as injurious to someone who is not smoking, but is standing beside someone who smokes. We must make use of the law which states smoking in public is banned, and speak up when you see someone smoking in public or at places where smoking is banned. It pathetic to see people smoking in hospitals and child play areas ! High time we put a stop it!

Raise your voice when you see someone pelt stones at the street dogs:

Not just pelting but I have seen spoilt teens burst crackers near street dogs and make fun of them !  This should stop. Seriously abusing animals is not fun. Beating them or hurting them because you think it is funny is not a joke. Throwing stones at animals cannot be accepted. STOP it, and speak up.

Raise your voice against dowry:

I had no idea how badly India was affected with dowry cases until I watched Dawat e ishq two months back. The cases of exploitation of women because of dowry demands keep coming every day. Again, this is an illegal thing but it is very much persistent. Stand up, and speak up against it.
High time we realised the importance of speaking up.Time to STOP being a silent spectator NOW. Let’s speak up. Speak up for a clean and happy India.
This post is written as a part of an initiative by Strepsils on Indiblogger.
You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter also.

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Blog to feed a child. Elimination of classroom hunger.

akshaya patra
Children are a nation’s most important resource and promoting their health through schools can both reduce common health problems and make the education system more efficient, leading to economic development.
India with the most leading population makes poverty a norm. And poverty results in child labor . How many children have you seen who ditch school in order to work and feed themselves . Food always thumbs knowledge. When a mind is hungry it can not think of anything. Who can argue on that? And hence this is where Akshaya Patra drops by, the mid day meal scheme started by them has helped so many young minds get back to schooling.

It is proved that rather than attending school, many children tend to earn money to bring food to their family's table, foregoing long-term opportunities to focus on short-term necessities. resulting in poor health and educational outcomes that trap them in the cycle of poverty.
I remember visiting a government school after 7 years near by my place only to find out that , the school which seemed deserted for almost 3 years was surprisingly full with children then. It was later I learnt that the school was funded and it practiced the mid day meal programme. The children who came to this school were from very poor families who cannot afford a single nutritious meal to their children and often end up sending their children to work instead of sending them to school. I also recall a 11 year boy saying ‘ kaam nahi karega to kya khayega?’ . This was the sad plight of the children in India, but after mid day meals have been introduced , thousands of children were allured into schools just so they could get a taste of a hot nutritious meal atleast once everyday !
Even research has shown that the Mid day meal scheme has boosted school attendance of girls  and
I really wish the scheme was practiced more and more by schools everywhere, this way illiteracy could be eradicated and so could hunger. Elimination of classroom hunger is the key factor to success.
 Similarly, children in city schools can be a part of this initiative by contributing Rs 100 every month. This small individual amount can make a big difference in the lives of many children who have a hard road for a plate of food.
I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Really I salute BlogAdda for taking up such a initiative and joining hands with Akshaya Patra to end classroom hunger. For every blog post we write, BlogAdda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year, as a part of their Bloggers Social Responsibility. Isn’t that wonderful? here is a chance where we can contribute to build a nation free from hunger and malnutrition. :)

Even after 20 years, DDLJ trending strong on Twitter.

Who hasn’t heard about the SRK and Kajol starrer blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge ? Then my dear you are definitely not an Indian or there;s something wrong with the kind of movies you watch ! Indian Cinema’s iconic love story that redefined love for the generations to come will complete its 1000 weeks of timeless romance.

Anywhoo DDLJ completed 1000 weeks and making it even more extravagant  was Yash Raj Films is in full mood to make 1000 weeks of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ an extravaganza by releasing a new trailer of the movie.
To celebrate the success of the film, the king of bollywood ie SRK along with Kajol devgan will appear on the television show Comedy Nights With Kapil. Considering the fun the film shares and love it spreads across the whole of nation, Comedy Nights With Kapil is the perfect place to celebrate the happiness this film has delivered across billions of people for 1000 weeks.
Celebrating 1000 weeks of “Timeless Romance”, this new trailer was trending on Twitter with hashtag #DDLJNewTrailer.
Released on October 25 1995, the Shah Rukh- Kajol starrer movie will complete its 1000 weeks at box office on December 12 2014. (So in love with the new trailer)
And today Twitter was buzzing with DDLJ jokes (What DDLJ would look like if it were filmed by some other person) .And I must say I haven’t enjoyed a trend so much since long, its good to see twitter bringing back the humor touch in its trending topics. First Simran took trending which was later followed by DDLJ.
DDLJ and Simran trending on twitter today (28/11/2014)
Below are a few tweets which actually made ROFL. No kidding they are so damn funny :D

Which one of them made you laugh or smile ?  Do lemme know by commenting <3
Until next time.
najm love end

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fat Cat Gaming App review for Android!

Todays youngsters with every passing day are on the on look for more excitement and fun in whatever they do in life , hence when it came to gaming what better way than putting that extra interesting content by making it a lottery gaming app ? You heard it right ! The all new FATCAT gaming app will not only allow you to play games, share with your friends but you also stand a chance to win some fabulous prizes that will blow your mind !
Sometimes playing a game and also winning something can be a fun and exhilarating experience. The rush of seeing whether or not you’re a lucky winner is an exciting thought and unique concept can even be pretty fun. Online, social and mobile gaming is red hot, experiencing phenomenal growth which is forecast to continue. Now that most of our lives have gone mobile, lottery games have gone mobile too and you can take that exciting experience with you no matter where you are.
Wish play win
SHM Entertainment Ltd has designed an online gaming platform whose apps are marketed under the brand, “Fat Cat” ! Currently the platform allows players to play two unique games on their smartphones and tablets. It Compatible for Android and IOS users.
You can be a part of a real Game Changer! They are also crowd funding ! Fantastic returns from a unique lottery concept!
How many of you even indulge in traditional lottery at present? I am pretty sure the answer would be in very less digits but when lottery is introduced into play games on mobile they are more fun and entertaining than traditional lottery yet still allow players to compete for the chance to win life-changing prizes! Voila ! You play and win , and by win its not just some badge its Cash prizes and luxury holidays ! Way to Fat Cat Gaming app!
When we play a game we want it to be adventurous, exciting and entertaining. Every single time. You might also want it to be convenient and easy to play. Gaming is now hobby of so many youngsters out there but with Fat Cat everything changes, the games becomes fun along with challenging.
Fat Cat game is definitely simple to install and has no complicated rules. Best of all you get to to win a prize. Yes, a meaningful prize.
Its not just some points to buy another skateboard or some badge or some other achievement ! It gives you opportunity to win a PRZE ! :D
Here’s my profile on Fat Cat Gaming app ! I abso-LOVING-lutely loved the gaming app!
Save fatcat
Fat cat save link
You just have to sign in from your mail Id , you’ll receive an activation link from the registered mail Id you used to login. Once you click on the activation link you have to press a 5 digit passcode( which will be your password for future login purposes) ,after which you’ll play a fun game and tada just after that you get choose the 6 brands you want to associate with based on which you’ll win prizes!!! That’s it ! Your ticket will be confirmed and you just have to sit back to see if you win it or not ;)
Overall Fat Cat game app is a fun, engaging and social app, offering players the chance to win life-changing prizes!

Go check out the app here ! You’ll love it <3

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lack of toilets : A question of a girl child's hygiene, safety and dignity !


How many of you knew that more than a whopping 50% of Indians lack access to toilets and 600 million people in India openly defecate ? This is the state of most of the rural areas in India.
With over 600 million people in India or 55 per cent of Indian households defecating in the open, absence of toilets is one of the important contributors to malnutrition , causing various deadly diseases subjected to both children and adults.
We need toilets, but most importantly we need toilet importance education !
How many more helpless women will give up schooling and fall sick ?


A few years back during the summer vacation I was on my way to my way to my native, and on the journey was were I witnessed hundreds of people defecating in the open from behind the window of my slow moving train. Now how many of you have experienced train mid stops in some unknown remote village areas , you have no idea which place you are but there are children of different age running half naked with their dirty jugs filled with water to defecate . And No I am not guessing here, I have seen it with my own eyes ! & years back when I was in my native for a marriage I had to visit this village which was far across the fields and on my way I saw many women with ghoongat carrying lotas ( steel tumblers) filled with water heading towards empty farway fields and lands. At first I felt angry on the village men to not have seen through the basic needs of a woman, but as I spent time I learnt that a large number of people defecate in the open because they could not afford to build a toilet from their own resources.
But is sympathy all we have to give to those who don’t even have toilets (The most , YES I repeat the most basic need of a woman, man and a child!) at their homes . I even happened to read that many girl children dropped out of public schools because they did not have toilet facilities and they did not feel safe to go out in the open. It was proved true when two of the girls I met in my native complained that  men used to peep on them when they went out during schooling and hence their parents cut them of from studying and attending school after such incidents!
India might be high on population but that doesn’t mean we can’t work a little harder to make sure every child out there is protected from diseases spread by urinating in the open or the problems faced by a girl child every time she feels the need to go to the bathroom and ends up shivering in a field with no one to watch over when she sits there,not feeling safe out in the open. It is a basic necessity which we can no longer afford to ignore if we want to have a safer healthier and productive childhood and life.

How it effects the Children

source: The Hindu
Poor sanitation and open defecation remains a major public health concern linked to several important health outcomes; emerging evidence indicates a link to childhood stunting. In India over half of the population defecates in the open; the prevalence of stunting remains very high.
A girl child faces the most number of problems when there is lack of toilet facilities. She has to take an elderly along with her if she wants to defecate and if not she has to drop out from school and the worst are the hygienic effects defecation strikes on young minds!
  • We all know its not possible to keep human faeces from crops in fields, bore wells, food and children’s hands both in urban and rural areas of India ! Defecation and urinating in the open leads to vector borne diseases like malaria and diarrhea.
  • Also study has proved that children exposed to defecation  grow as tall as other children with less exposure to the fecal germs borne by defecation.

How it effects the Women:

No toilets = No privacy= No safety = No hygiene
No safety : he costs are high. Public safety is one underappreciated problem, as young women have to leave their rural homes after dark. In May two teenage girls in Uttar Pradesh visiting a field used as a communal toilet were raped, murdered and strung up from a tree.
No privacy : Always having to move in pairs to not become a prey leaves you no privacy !
No sanity : A broader matter is public health. Open defecation is disastrous when practised by groups in close contact with each other.
November 19th is World Toilet Day , lets join hands and give two minutes of our lives to make sure the children and women out there are and healthy. 
You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.
Do contribute for this good cause. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

#Singlesday on Twitter!

November 10th was single’s day and making the most advantage of it was Alibaba turning the day from’ single’s day to ‘shoppers day’ Alibaba's Singles' Day , reaching the billion was its sales nearing $7bn!

When did an obscure holiday devoted to single people, a kind of anti-Valentine's Day, become China's biggest shopping day of the year ? Singles' Day in China was adopted by Alibaba in 2009 to boost sales and now we tweetaars trend absurd things on this day!

Four days back it was Single’s day ( Not that its important you should know there’s some stupid day like a single wala club day too!)
So yeah , almost interesting trends took to trending on twitter.
Two of which became very popular

1) #HowToEndARelationship :

Funny and few stupid things were tweeted ( even I ended up tweeting a few :not proud: )
Twitter trends have lost their touch since twitterattis were overtly populated by celeb fans and since than most of the trends you’ll see would be either movie name of a next release or Sallu champu fans SRK champi fans fighting who and who is the best actor among the two. (Not to forget long legged deepika’s increasing fans trending 7 years of deepika*vomits* )
But once in a while it is good to see good trends other than bollywood, cricket and politics ! Anyhoo few of the tweets that caught my eye (including one of the tweets I tweeted;) are below


2) Coming to second next popular trend on twitter on #Single’sday was


This is another trend which makes you think what kind of heelariious hilarious people are out there on twitter.
But the first thing that popped up in my lousy brain was logic. Broken hearts go to suicide sites right? So I had a lot of free time on my hand went looking for the best 6 places where these so called broken hearts could go to embrace their destiny
Suicide is always a terrible tragedy that hurts everyone it touches, in one way or another. Even so, some people view the end of their life as a grandiose final act (And this is something I’ll never understand!) , and insist on making a spectacle out of it! I am totally against this hideous act of taking ones own life, but we can only feel sad for those who commit them.

So yep, I now present you the five of the most dangerously interesting suicide landmarks where broken souls can be sabotaged completely.

1. Overtoun Bridge
Even Dogs love this place to end their lives ! No kidding… read on for more
Overtoun Bridge, located in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, is famous because it was found that not just humans buta large number of dogs have leaped from the bridge since the 1960s. An animal habitat expert investigated the area and found that the odors of mice and mink in the undergrowth on the side of the bridge stimulated the dogs, causing them to take the plunge.

2. Eiffel Tower
At first I couldn’t believe , but its sad a place we refer to love is used by many to end lives !It is difficult to connect this romantic dating attraction with suicide.The “Iron Lady” has seen its share of jumpers. So many, in fact, that it is said to be the third most popular means of suicide in the entire country (right behind poison and hanging).

3. Aah the Bridges !: Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It is a must-see attraction in San Francisco, featuring splendid ocean views. However, it is also known as a famous suicide spot.The total number of suicides exceeded 1300 in 2008.

4.Beachy Head
Located in Southern England, Beachy Head, a chalk headland. It is essentially a majestic, 531-foot (162-metre) drop into the sea below. As such, it is one of the foremost suicide spots in the world (around 20 documented cases annually).Known as one of the most "romantic" suicide spots in the world, it is estimated that over 20 people have ended their lives there every year

5.The Gap
The interesting thing about  this point is that the efforts of Don Ritchie, who has been awarded the title "The Angel of the Gap." Whenever he saw a person walking toward the cliff, he would talk with them and invite them to have a cup of tea. He has saved 160 lives so far..
Don was a WWII veteran who lived right next to the most popular jumping cliffs. He had a habit of wandering over to jumpers who were bidding goodbye to the world and engaging them in conversation, often starting with the phrase “Can I help you in some way?” . Well not anymore sadly he died in 2012 but he ended up saving more 150 lives!
Numerous people have chosen it as the terminal station of their lives since 1800.The Gap is the Australian (and therefore automatically more dangerous) version of the Beachy Head we mentioned earlier.

Sadly they look beautifully serene from the pictures I saw, hopefully people realise the value of a life and put an end to this suicidal act.

Also guess who were seen taking advantage of this trend , none other than our beloved @Flipkart , who hit the trend button after they hosted a #FlipkartSingle’sDay contest on the same day.
Till the next twitter post..