Monday, December 23, 2013

Mischief , Marvels , Mutual bonding & Me !

They say that your enemy's enemy is your friend, but in my case my enemy's enemy turned out to be my BFF :D !
Friends since our both besties ditched us in our 5th grade ,the lonely and hurt love company right?
Together we nursed high school homework nightmares (Love you Namitha!) and heartbreaks and when life kept us apart, we promised to keep in touch. Further as life progressed, our lives filled up with favorite classes and bullying examinations, with so-so boyfriends and new friends, and we would go weeks without talking.But when we talk after months, our sweet memories flood up like warm spring flowers ...


It was a sunny day out , I had a lot of work on my hands, We were getting our house renovated.
Stacks of books and loads of stuff lay on the sofa.
I was all set to dust and pack the important stuff , to avoid getting them soaked in paint.
Wearing a cotton kurta and jeans , I started of with the cleaning.
It would take 3-4 hours to clear up the mess and pack everything in newspapers.
I was halfway through cleaning a few old books when I found myself smiling.
I had got my hands on my slam book I bought in 9th grade.Along with it was a diary I used to write when I was in school.A hobby I had left behind far away.
Pink in color , a little tattered at the ends, I clutched as if it were a very precious thing of mine, well it was!
After dusting it I started turning the pages. I observed my handwriting was straight and tiny ..
The content written was far more amusing..and then I couldn’t help myself. I started to laugh
As I turned pages memories of the past began to flicker in my mind in the form of images..
Aaaah what fun we had, being grounded , caught for our mischief, some I remembered I never wrote in this diary for the fear of being read by one of my siblings…
Few mischievous things which would be embarrassing once found out by someone other than my bestie…

It was during the years of our schooling when we were the most mischievous, not caring what the world would think or not caring if they would judge us for being silly and daring at the same time..
The diary abruptly ended on 2010 , which I remembered was the year of the BIG BOARD EXAMS !
I must have been very busy studying with farewell parties and writing and filling slam books I smiled inwardly.
Things we had done if found out , we would want nothing but the earth to crack open and swallow us !
Those secret crushes we both shared shyly ^_^
Playing flames at Last page of my every-note book ,:P
Our worried faces during incomplete notes,copying each other's wrong mathematical sums
                                                  image source
Secretly dumping of our south Indian Chitrana and Dosa and eating at the canteen :D (damn ! I miss those days)
She putting the most hot famous boys name with me while we play FLAMES
e237bbe34d5ccb80af57830ebbf78695 (1)
                                                              Image source
She yawning and drawing funny doodles so that we don't end up sleeping in math class
                                                              Image source
By the time I realized my back was aching sitting in the same position from what might be 50 minutes,
I had not done any cleaning after I had laid my hands on the many mischievous memories had flooded .
I made a mental note to call my bestie at lunch hours, she would keep her phone in silent mode on other hours as she was working. I couldn’t wait to talk to her!
                                                    image source
Later when we met on a sunday to gossip, chat and shopping and spend a complete girl's day out,
and when we hopped back to my home with shopping bags dangling from our hands , we ate pizza for lunch and spoke of everything and nothing!
Finally when we trying out a few dresses and footwear we had just shopped for I told her about the Dove guessing game and we both went on to try this fun game ..
Though she was totally lazy to make time for face washing :P,
I tied the pink satin ribbon on her eyes and used dove soap on the right hand side and a mild face wash on the other !No points for guessing the results were visible from the very first wash!
Not a surprise that She guessed the part of face without dove instantly ! She is awesome like that !
All in all we laughed and spoke about cosmetics and beauty bar soaps after the game…
It was a fun filled day !
This also reminded us of having used hair removal cream for the very first time on our legs when we were in 6th grade !
Young and full with enthusiasm we had decided to try the cream together at our homes and met the next day to speak about our experiences. :P
Ofcourse it was a secret between both us , which we (I just wrote this on my blog) intend to keep till death did us apart :p
We all long to have someone to meet for coffee or help us expend some of our many daily words on the phone. 
I am thankful that I have a woman who would both listen and share.Always.
Would be there for me. Forever. :)

This is an entry for the #DoveFaceContest by Dove held on Indiblogger.


  1. Aw! Amazing post! So heartfelt!
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  2. Such a lovely post with images, flames and gossips!
    All the best and wish you a Happy New Year !

    1. Thank you Uma ! Wish you a happy new year too :)

  3. Really nice & touching, Nisa, with heart-warming memories. I love the accompanying pics & quotes in your Post too.
    Best wishes for the contest :)

    1. Thank you for reading appreciating my post Anita :)

  4. That excerpt from the diary stole it away...that, indeed reminded me of the good old times...well yes, we have our secrets sealed in those pages, don't we. Well written post Ms Angel Najm ;)

    1. Hahahaha..thank you for reading it Mr Lackluster ! :)

  5. So many pranks at school Najm! Hheheh...loved the fun post! :)

  6. Very enjoyable post. All the best for the contest!