Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Food shopping from Kitchen’s Of India !

I love eating out at ITC !
And when I discovered KOI , I was in for a surprise !
So many Masala Mixes ! I have to juggle between work, studies and house work !
Kitchen’s of India is a boon for a multitasker like me ! :D
They have a lot of categories in which ‘Ready to dine’ is my favorite and ‘Conserves and chutney’ my least favorite !
You have an option to choose from a variety of Indian spices and masala mixes to intoxicate your taste buds !

Their product list include:
1.Ready to eat Biryanis
2.Vegetarian and Non vegetarian Gravies
4.Masala Mix- pre made ready to cook gravies
5.Conservatives & Chutneys

Hence, I have already shopped thrice since the last month from them ! I am getting addicted to their delicious products ! :-)

Kitchens of India is a selection of delectable delights handpicked from the renowned ITC restaurants  Conjured for the discerning consumer, the refined touch of ITC Master Chefs lends flavor and palatability to each of these exquisite ready-to-dine products.

Here are a few pictures of what I shopped from their site .. Get ready to drool *wink*


They also have a wide range of desserts which include Halwa’s such Hazoori petha halwa and Moong daal halwa ! *Yummm*

Kitchens of india

Their gift sets are fab too! I loved Hyderabadi chicken Biryani masala mix and Paneer makhani among the mixes ! Mutton kolhapuri was a fav too!

The best part was they sent a Gourmet recipe CD along with the package ! Also a free cappuccino at CCD :D

Company Overview: (What the website states)
Kitchens of India captures the rich heritage of authentic Indian cuisines and translates their regality into a mouthwatering household experience. The range spans gastronomic delights of India in its entirety, from the far-flung regions of the north-west frontier to the coastal regions of the south. From exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, to authentic biryanis and delicious halwas, Kitchens of India guarantees a complete dining experience.
Read more here

Overall my shopping experience with Kitchen’s Of India was great!

I had a lovely experience shopping from their site!
Once you have ordered your product , it takes 3-4 days for them to deliver it to your doorstep!
They have free shipping on orders above INR 450!
Plus points for them for shipping their products to anywhere in India.
The products are reasonably priced ! The masala mixes have won my mom’s heart and mine too !
Rating : 4/5 !
( They lost me at conservatives and chutneys, don’t like sweet chutneys >< I ordered one just to experiment and nobody has touched the bottle !!!)
I do wish they had a lot more variety in their desserts and ready to dine section , other than that I have nothing to complain!

I am going to continue shopping from their site! Love it ! :)

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  1. I must try this out. Good review.

  2. I am new to Kitchens of India. Looks tempting, Thanks for sharing this information :)

  3. Lovely pics and lovely review! I love shopping at KOI too <3

  4. nice post...i too love their products!

  5. Great shopping you have done form Kitchen of India. Now, you got to do some dishes with these and post in your blog too. When you do, ping me :)

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