Monday, December 9, 2013

Ambi Pur: My refreshing home experience …

Bit of a more ‘unusual’ post now – something completely un-skin related! A home room spray – yes you heard me right!
I have always loved home sprays. They eliminate odor and trigger olfactive memories….ones that were created and ones that are yet to be created. Nothing can trigger my emotional buttons as intensely as fragrance.
Hence when Ambipur sent me a sample of of Ambi Pur air effects room refresher spray via Indiblogger, I could hardly wait to put a review about my experience with it.
The spray in Lavender Vanilla & comfort touched a raw visceral nerve within my psyche. It was simultaneously soothing and meditative, calming and exciting, gorgeously complex and extraordinarily simple . The AmbiPur spray in Vanilla variant is mystical !
The best thing is the packaging. So clean and neat. Just a single press and the beautiful fragrance whips out.
I fell in love with it at the first whiff ! It was a home spray I turned to time and time again just to whiff straight out of the bottle and it was as if I was smelling it for the very first time.
I played around with home spray when it arrived. I used it as a fragrance on my favorite clothes :P I’m so pleased with the looks, quality and fragrance of the spray. Whenever I spray this the fragrant scents of mist and snow run through my senses and when the ceiling fan is on, it wafts through the room.  Love it! 
Ambi Pur has taken great care in creating their fragrant, soft home range sprays and their attention to detail and quality are extraordinary. As soon as you walk into the room, the wonderful elegant smell hits you... It's light and refreshing.
Many of the other variants also seem to have good reviews when I checked on google in flexibility and variety.
I am sure  Not only would they ALL be fabulous spreading the happiness and fragrance at my home, but I think they would make beautiful gifts, as well. :)
I keep this on my bedside table and find on a warm day  a couple of spritzes of this is a lovely light fragrance that lasts all day. I also tried spraying it in my towel cupboard to keep it smelling fresh and have a good old spray around the whole house when inviting guests round.I even found it useful to eliminate odor from kitchen. I few whiffs on the walls of my kitchen and it smells just like comfort & lavender :) I even find this very relaxing to spray just before going to sleep – not sure if its meant to have that affect but it does for me.I use it even as a fragrance (Call me crazy). Yes I have come love them so much!
You can buy this over here and here. The price is around Rs 220/- . Its totally worth it for the price I say! The spray can almost last upto 3 months for me !
Recommended. As a home spray. Or fragrance. You choose.
The views and opinions expressed are wholly my own and based on my personal experience with the product.


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