Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Food shopping from Kitchen’s Of India !

I love eating out at ITC !
And when I discovered KOI , I was in for a surprise !
So many Masala Mixes ! I have to juggle between work, studies and house work !
Kitchen’s of India is a boon for a multitasker like me ! :D
They have a lot of categories in which ‘Ready to dine’ is my favorite and ‘Conserves and chutney’ my least favorite !
You have an option to choose from a variety of Indian spices and masala mixes to intoxicate your taste buds !

Their product list include:
1.Ready to eat Biryanis
2.Vegetarian and Non vegetarian Gravies
4.Masala Mix- pre made ready to cook gravies
5.Conservatives & Chutneys

Hence, I have already shopped thrice since the last month from them ! I am getting addicted to their delicious products ! :-)

Kitchens of India is a selection of delectable delights handpicked from the renowned ITC restaurants  Conjured for the discerning consumer, the refined touch of ITC Master Chefs lends flavor and palatability to each of these exquisite ready-to-dine products.

Here are a few pictures of what I shopped from their site .. Get ready to drool *wink*


They also have a wide range of desserts which include Halwa’s such Hazoori petha halwa and Moong daal halwa ! *Yummm*

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mischief , Marvels , Mutual bonding & Me !

They say that your enemy's enemy is your friend, but in my case my enemy's enemy turned out to be my BFF :D !
Friends since our both besties ditched us in our 5th grade ,the lonely and hurt love company right?
Together we nursed high school homework nightmares (Love you Namitha!) and heartbreaks and when life kept us apart, we promised to keep in touch. Further as life progressed, our lives filled up with favorite classes and bullying examinations, with so-so boyfriends and new friends, and we would go weeks without talking.But when we talk after months, our sweet memories flood up like warm spring flowers ...


It was a sunny day out , I had a lot of work on my hands, We were getting our house renovated.
Stacks of books and loads of stuff lay on the sofa.
I was all set to dust and pack the important stuff , to avoid getting them soaked in paint.
Wearing a cotton kurta and jeans , I started of with the cleaning.
It would take 3-4 hours to clear up the mess and pack everything in newspapers.
I was halfway through cleaning a few old books when I found myself smiling.
I had got my hands on my slam book I bought in 9th grade.Along with it was a diary I used to write when I was in school.A hobby I had left behind far away.
Pink in color , a little tattered at the ends, I clutched as if it were a very precious thing of mine, well it was!
After dusting it I started turning the pages. I observed my handwriting was straight and tiny ..
The content written was far more amusing..and then I couldn’t help myself. I started to laugh
As I turned pages memories of the past began to flicker in my mind in the form of images..
Aaaah what fun we had, being grounded , caught for our mischief, some I remembered I never wrote in this diary for the fear of being read by one of my siblings…
Few mischievous things which would be embarrassing once found out by someone other than my bestie…

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Food for Fashion ~ Trench coat Rage !

Ever watched a gorgeous woman pass by wearing a Trench Coat and all people surrounding you just gape at her with awe. THAT !
A trench coat makes head turns!

Trench Coat are not only fashionable but expensive as well. They’re frequently known as symbols of luxury ,these expensive coats are mostly purchased for luxury, style, and confidence !It’s the style trademark today.
I absolutely love Trench coats ,I would definitely love to own this! It's timeless and classic!
Trench coat
The classic beauty of trench coats would no doubt steal the spotlight when paired up with a pair of jeggings,team it up with boots !its so versatile and perfect for winters, trust me trench coats make you SHINE even in winters (in a fab way, of course)! :)...making the one wearing it stand apart from the crowd!
I am sure every single woman would look dreamy and cheerful and happy and gorgeous and insouciant in a fantabulous trench coat!The trench coat is a perfect wonderful winter staple too.I would love to wear them during the rains but too afraid of ending up with a messy trench coat :P
They are now becoming favorite fall coats !
The trench coats are versatile you can wear them over a casual outfit for everyday or over a party dress or a mini skirt or even a Saree !!!
AND Burberry Prorsum trench coats that will make you wish it rained every day. YES YES YES ! :D
Trench coat
Trench coats offer a sharp, chic look to your outfit and bring with them a rich and interesting history.
Trench coat
Trench coat
Spiked shoulder and animal printed coats!
The classic Burberry !

Trench coat
Heavy ones to choose from!

Trench coat
The style staple !Camel colored Trench coats!
What a sweet color ! Wear them over a salwar kameez !

Trench coat
Boots top go with ! Kate Hudson plays it right!
Trench coat
Remember Sridevi rocking a trench in English Vinglish! So gorgeous !

Trench coat
Animal prints !
Trench coat
Out of the box! You like?
Trench coat
Accessorize your trench coat with a funky belt!
Trench coat
Yeh trench coat mujhe dede Jennifer !!!
The classic black !
Trench coat
This reminds me of spring. Sweeeet.
Want to own one of these so badly !!! DAMN !
I could drool over this for 10 minutes ! *LOVE*
MY favorite ! Puffy sleeves at the shoulder ! Classic and elegance coupled into one!
History of the coming of ‘Trench coats’ :
The origin of this long, stylish, and warm coat dates back to the late 1800s when Thomas Burberry  developed the gabardine fabric which resisted water unlike any fabric before it.
The British Army were the first ones to wear these coats in the Boer War.
It was in the 1920’s , when the famous Burberry check, registered as a trademark, was first used to line trench coats - the lining of this coat is in cotton.

That’s Penelope cruz in an Alaia trench coat and Casadei pumps !!!! #IWANTIWANTIWANT
Penelope cruz

I own a Allen solly Trench Coat in Bold red ! *Dances happily*
Brought it on a huge discount *winks*
Iam so happy its winter !!!!!!!!!!! Time to flaunt it baby B)

The coldest season of the year is here! Trench coats are one absolute must have piece of cloth perfect for spring and rainy season!And not just the women but even men are falling for this trend !
This pic actually made my lappy sweat while saving it ! SO HAWT ! *wink*
Brad pitt
Not to forget the spoilt rich brats are dressing their dogs in Trench coats ! What ya ! LUCH DOG IS LUCKY !
Even the kids have caught up with the trend. DAMN! As if their cuteness wasn’t enough .Meh.
kids-pink-rainboots-blue-trench-coat-and-tutu-500x450  baby-trench-coat-girls-dust-coat-kids-windbreaker-jacket-children-spring-autumn-belt-overcoat-casual-fashion images (1)
I can’t wait for Flipkart and Jabong to discount their fab trench coats at 50% flat off ! :P
I so want to own atleast 15 pair of these !!!!
Let me know if you own one of these super fab trench coats! \:D /

Image source:Googled!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ambi Pur: My refreshing home experience …

Bit of a more ‘unusual’ post now – something completely un-skin related! A home room spray – yes you heard me right!
I have always loved home sprays. They eliminate odor and trigger olfactive memories….ones that were created and ones that are yet to be created. Nothing can trigger my emotional buttons as intensely as fragrance.
Hence when Ambipur sent me a sample of of Ambi Pur air effects room refresher spray via Indiblogger, I could hardly wait to put a review about my experience with it.
The spray in Lavender Vanilla & comfort touched a raw visceral nerve within my psyche. It was simultaneously soothing and meditative, calming and exciting, gorgeously complex and extraordinarily simple . The AmbiPur spray in Vanilla variant is mystical !
The best thing is the packaging. So clean and neat. Just a single press and the beautiful fragrance whips out.
I fell in love with it at the first whiff ! It was a home spray I turned to time and time again just to whiff straight out of the bottle and it was as if I was smelling it for the very first time.
I played around with home spray when it arrived. I used it as a fragrance on my favorite clothes :P I’m so pleased with the looks, quality and fragrance of the spray. Whenever I spray this the fragrant scents of mist and snow run through my senses and when the ceiling fan is on, it wafts through the room.  Love it! 
Ambi Pur has taken great care in creating their fragrant, soft home range sprays and their attention to detail and quality are extraordinary. As soon as you walk into the room, the wonderful elegant smell hits you... It's light and refreshing.
Many of the other variants also seem to have good reviews when I checked on google in flexibility and variety.
I am sure  Not only would they ALL be fabulous spreading the happiness and fragrance at my home, but I think they would make beautiful gifts, as well. :)
I keep this on my bedside table and find on a warm day  a couple of spritzes of this is a lovely light fragrance that lasts all day. I also tried spraying it in my towel cupboard to keep it smelling fresh and have a good old spray around the whole house when inviting guests round.I even found it useful to eliminate odor from kitchen. I few whiffs on the walls of my kitchen and it smells just like comfort & lavender :) I even find this very relaxing to spray just before going to sleep – not sure if its meant to have that affect but it does for me.I use it even as a fragrance (Call me crazy). Yes I have come love them so much!
You can buy this over here and here. The price is around Rs 220/- . Its totally worth it for the price I say! The spray can almost last upto 3 months for me !
Recommended. As a home spray. Or fragrance. You choose.
The views and opinions expressed are wholly my own and based on my personal experience with the product.

Saturday, December 7, 2013