Sunday, November 17, 2013

The key to the perfect growth of a child: Ayurveda and Traditional remedies..

It’s a free period woohoooooooo ! we shouted .
Studying in a new school had its own advantages .
New teachers were being recruited. We were in 5th grade.
45 minutes for the bell to go which would ring to mark the short break.
Eating in a free period before short break and the best part was getting to eat what the others got for lunch.
And it was during this time we chattered and laughed and spoke with all our heart…
We were 5 of them in a section as we had chosen ICSC Syllabus , the other 20 of them were in the next classroom as they were in state syllabus.
Three among the five of us had joined the school past two years . I and my my bestie were the only two girls .As time flew we became the best of friends. We had fun, laughed , shared notes, played games and spoke about our problems ..
“Hey how’s your brother? He fainted yesterday right? “ Zabeer asked
“Oh, he he is fine now.just fell off from his wheel chair” Ryan answered back
“Wait…you have a brother?!!! ..we both exclaimed in unison !!
I and Namitha had known this guy for the past two years and we were shocked we had no idea he had a brother let alone know he was younger to him.
“Girls, relax. Everybody has siblings alright” he said looking at our shocked faces.
“But you know about our siblings ,  or for that matter even our cousins” I snapped
“He has a brother and he is handicapped…now drop this topic right away” Zabeer interrupted
“Oh” Gasped Namitha
“We.. er are sorry” I replied with difficulty..
Ryan was the emotional kind…from the corner of my eye I could see him reddening with embarrassment or was it rage at himself for having hidden the fact he had a was hard to tell
“No really, we just got how old is he?” asked Namitha clearly intrigued
“He is 5 years old and is suffering from cerebral problem and mum and dad“ Imran siad in a strained voice
“Cerebral what kind of probl..” Namitha interrupted
“That’s enough, he is ill and he is being sent to the Un for surgery“ said  zabeer in a steady voice narrowing eyes at us as though we were the culprits for our friend Ryan’s brother’s state
“But we were just..” Poked in Namitha
“Lets leave it “ I said . Ryan was caught in a web of silence all this while.
I had no idea how hard it was to cope up with having a baby brother who couldn’t walk or talk even at the age of 5.
Later we heard they tried all sorts of surgeries and other medicinal procedures but in vain..After a few years he was bed ridden..
Why have people put their faith in Medicines made up of chemicals , and forgotten that nature has almost a cure for everything…
Perhaps people are vain or ignorant..
As years passed by I grew up to learn a lot about Ayurvedic and natural home made medicines.. 
Our ancestors have great faith in the cure by nature. They gave attention to ailment through ayurveda that deals with the body as a whole and its relationship with the natural environment and the cosmos.
My father is a firm believer in natural healing.He believed that Yoga, ayurveda and Prophet SAWS natural remedies were the best gifts for a growing child.
Ours is a Joint family, tones of children race around the grounds of our open verandah home at my native.All strong healthy and fit.
Our home there is always stocked up with Haldi (Olive oil,turmeric powder, Pure honey,figs, dates,Kasni herbs, black caraway known as kalaunji in my native, vinegar) which prevent the disease from the very start.
Everytime we hurt ourselves while playing or complained of a upset stomach , 4 spoons of honey with water were forced down our throats and we never complained again…
And when we were in school my lil cousins were force to eat amla chavanprash, the food was cooked in olive oil…Very few visited the hospital ever..
And it were the adds that we saw on Doordarshan that introduced us to Babool toothpaste, Hajmola and pudin hara..
Such is the power of nature’s
My parents are from a village and hence dislike visiting the hospital even when they are with viral fever.
So when one of my cousin started to faint and develop a disorder unknown to the doctors in whole of Lucknow , my father consulted an ayurvedic hakim who prescribed ayurvedic and natural medicines..
It was tough to find all the jadi bootiya
And it is from them I learnt that those who have faith in God and his nature never suffer …
I am thankful to Companies like Dabur who have taken natural remedies and made it easier for the kids of this growing nation to make their youth healthier from the in future they lead the fearless and stray away..

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  1. Loved the conversational notes! :) All the best Api :)

  2. Your father is a remarkable man! Thanks to his belief in Ayurveda you and your family grew up the natural way, 's something that is truly rare in our 'modern' world. All the best for the contest :)

    1. Its the elders that instil the right ideologies and I thank my father for that :) Thank you Khusboo :)

  3. Very well written. I too believe in Ayurveda for some ailments.

  4. The value of such a post is for those people who are still keeping away from ayurveda... so I'd rate this as a good one.

    Arvind Passey

  5. Very informative post :) Good luck for the contest.

  6. Good read and well done. It is family that sticks with you when all else fails! All the best!

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