Thursday, November 21, 2013

Healthy child. Healthy nation.

         “ It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
Our children , our future, our vision.
Children are the most precious treasure of a Nation.Not only our nation, but children are the future of every nation across the world. There are the generation who can go ahead in future make this world a better place to live.Hence it is very important we,the neighborhood ,parents and schools must lay a strong and immune foundation for these kids.
They can learn,they can make others learn. Innocent and fragile they are the ones filled with enthusiasm of doing something for the country. If brought up in a healthy environment , and strong immune system they can do absolute wonders !
All parents want the best for their children and hope to help them develop good social and life skills. However, kids don't come with a set of directions. Effective parenting skills are learned, not inherited. Never has there been a greater need for parent education.
Health issues:
Among children today, obesity is causing a broad range of health problems that previously weren’t seen until adulthood. If current trends continue, today’s kids could be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. Parents are the most important essential decision makers when it comes to the nutrition, physical activity and health needs of their children. As a parent, you want the very best for your child. Every parent does.
1.Fast food made friendly:
We all love fast food , don’t we? But they come with a lot of risks ! We cannot risk our children getting obese and unhealthy so why not try friendlier form of fast foods. Grilled food and whole wheat burgers. Or vegetable topping sandwiches with Dabur chyanwanprash bread spread and healthy jams!
2.Physical activity is fun!
Make cleaning, washing and vacuuming fun, let the kids join you !esfsefsef
3. Be the change !
If you wish for your kids to grow healthy and strong then lay a good example to them by living up for it . You should take the first step. They are surely to follow your footsteps. :)
4. Limit Screen-Time !
Excessive watching of TV lead to a sedentary lifestyle and excessive snacking, which increase risks for obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
5. Let them look into a positive mirror.
Build your child’s self value. It would not be hard to praise when he/she does something good. A child appreciated is the child who feels loved and feels valuable.
6. Rewarding your child boosts his immunity !
For kids rewards serve as effective motivators that encourages them to behave a certain way or perform to a specific level. Kid’s don’t like to hear what they can’t do, tell them what they can do instead. Keep it fun and positive.
7.Child’s Self confidence plays a vital role in his health progress.
Support your child’s efforts towards achieving healthy habits..You could praise her for every positive step forward. When you praise your kid for trying a new vegetable they may be more likely to give your next new healthy food a fair chance.
Everyone likes to be praised for a job well done. Celebrate successes and help children  develop a good self-image.7
8.Make way for Healthier cooking.
You can trade fattening ingredients for more healthier substitutes. Reduce the use of oil and butter in baked goods, and use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Olive oil has a lower content of unhealthy fats, is more natural, and even provides some health benefits.
Indians tend to use more ghee while cooking food, it only leads to health problems.Spicier food for kids must also be avoided. I feel Green vegetables instead of fattening snacks like bajji and pakodas must be considered by Indian moms.
9. Do not smoke ever!
                      “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate”
Say no* to smoking !
10.Healthy snacking :
Healthy snacks = Healthier kids.
Instead of soda or juice, put a habit of water or fat-free milk for your child.
Avoid buying chips or heavy calorie chocolates and desserts  for your kids as snacks.
Instead of cookies or cake,,encourage your kids to eat a sugar free ice pop or unsweetened, fat-free yogurt for a light snack.
Happiest kids are the healthiest kids!
Kids are happy when they have good parenting bond, when they are given attention, when they are praised , when they left to play outdoors, and lastly when they have healthy body and sane mind.
It is our duty to foster inner confidence, success and happiness among kids.It is only then when our kids will grow strong and immune and fight any physical or mental disability.
Image source
Hence it is essential that a child is given the right immunity building foods.
Hailing from a village my mom has a million traditional methods of making a body stronger.
Indian mom’s or mothers for the fact are the ones who lay a strong foundation for building a strong and healthy upbringing and body of a child.
Mothers are no doubt the greatest hope for our children!
I thank my mother for what I am today. A few ways she brought the bigger change was by the fact we all can connect too.
“Hello mom.. I was about to call…”
“Had your food beta? , when will you be back, I cooked your favorite dish with minimum oil the way you like, and don’t even think of eating outside!”
yeah that’s how my mom starts a conversation ALWAYS. Did you have lunch, dinner wha wha wha ! <I LOVE HER DAMN I LOVE HER> Don’t we all love are moms?
So yes it sums up that one of the most important factors other than the ten secrets I penned down above is a mom, who worries for her child’s health and does her best in the given situation to bring up her child in a happy,safe , healthy environment *GRAND SALUTE* to all the mom’s out there!
One of the missions by my mom included forcing raw organic milk down our throats until we were begging we would behave and she would stop with the torture.<Ahh mom’s > *squishy hug*
Can you believe she still makes salads which are drool worthy . For example this . Tell me who would say no to Such a salad !
college fest 073
Things my mom did to contribute in making her children healthy and happy which once followed by our children would lead to an  immune India.
  • My mom used to lecture us about the beneficial bacteria the raw milk contained until it registered in our brains that raw milk would our  immune system and reduced allergies.
  • I grew up drinking tulsi and green tea, which I think should be the only tea our kids to be allowed to drink!They build immunity to a great level.
  • I have been using Dabur Chyawanprash for like 7 years now.My mom always made a note to see a bottle of Chyawanprash was empty within a week. We were four siblings altogether so yeah she was always successful at that . ^_^
It is a very effective immunity builder.I haven’t stopped it even though I am not a child anymore.Coming from a reputed brand it is a great health supplement.It helps in building immunity.  It is hard to find immunity building products that taste good but Dabur beats all. My mom used to feed this to us with bread every sunday and with milk every night before we dozed of to sleep. I have personal experience and could recommend to everybody. It has been very effective on my behalf. I recall ingredients like Amla, Pippali and Kesar being a part of dabur’s products.
  • I think I remember her telling coconut oil and coconut would give us  energy to beat evil and villains  Hahaha. What she had meant to say was it would strengthen our immunity system.She used to make delicious smoothies and barfis with coconut oil *yummy* > THAT! Yummy and delicious food that would build immunity is what our kids need.
  • My mommy dearest would buy us those huge colored water bottles to take to school. She instilled the habit of drinking huge amounts of water (MOMS ! They know every lil bit thing, take care of every single thing) LOVE ! )She used to say water is our friend *sweet mom is sweet*
  • Being a south Indian are breakfast consisted of idlis and dosas , fermented food also help in building immunity of a child’s body. But my mom is a genius <all moms> she used to feed us idlis when we were just 1 year old . *SMH*
Immunity building begins at home, so our parents made sure no one was allowed to smoke or consume tobacco at my home <My granny is an exception:P)  , we avoided trips to polluted cities and preferred trip to our village on summer vacations.
Processed food and foods with artificial colours and flavors was avoided at my home.  My mom would never starve us, so silly no mom would ever starve her children. Nor would she control over eating from our part <skip the festivals ;) > . My dad always kept negatives at bay ensuring we were happy and content in whatever we did. He made sure his and mom’s infinite love kept us happy, content and healthy to the maximum .
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

H2O Natural Spring hand & nail cream review.

I wanted to post a review of H2O for a very long time and finally I have found time to click a few pictures and tada* the reviews is right here :)
Every time I wash my hands they tend to become dry and itchy.
Girls always want hands and nails manicured and perfect.
Which is why I opted for a hand and nail cream From H2O bath aquatics range..
Its almost a year and I can be quite sure the contents of the bottle are not even half empty. *grins*
Pricing and Quantity.
Priced for $18 it contains 244ml of the product and I like the name “Natural spring”
Hand and nail cream
Pros and Con’s:
  • It has a really nice scent, but the best thing is that it works and your hands don't feel greasy at all.Other creams tend to go all greasy. I get super dry skin in the winter, and this stuff works like wonder and absorbs fast. I would recommend this cream to anybody. I hardly use it as a nail cream but if you are searching for something that would make your hands smooth and soft without feeling slimy and gooey - this cream is what you are looking for!
  • They are against animal testing!
  • It’s a light weight, non-greasy, spa treatment for hard working hands.
  • Skin protein and Vitamin E help nourish nails and cuticles.Leaves hands soft, smooth and conditioned.
  • Availability is an issue .
H2O Hand and nail creamIngredients:
Well, water is the top ingredient and other compounds include the algae extract,sea fennel, wakame, sea lettuce, nasturtium officinale (watercress), cetraria islandica (Iceland moss), certyl alcohol,Desodium EDTA, sodium laureth sulfate etc.
Overall it’s a pretty good product.
Visit their website here
Buy this at their website here.
I would not buy it again as I would like to try other hand creams too.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The key to the perfect growth of a child: Ayurveda and Traditional remedies..

It’s a free period woohoooooooo ! we shouted .
Studying in a new school had its own advantages .
New teachers were being recruited. We were in 5th grade.
45 minutes for the bell to go which would ring to mark the short break.
Eating in a free period before short break and the best part was getting to eat what the others got for lunch.
And it was during this time we chattered and laughed and spoke with all our heart…
We were 5 of them in a section as we had chosen ICSC Syllabus , the other 20 of them were in the next classroom as they were in state syllabus.
Three among the five of us had joined the school past two years . I and my my bestie were the only two girls .As time flew we became the best of friends. We had fun, laughed , shared notes, played games and spoke about our problems ..
“Hey how’s your brother? He fainted yesterday right? “ Zabeer asked
“Oh, he he is fine now.just fell off from his wheel chair” Ryan answered back
“Wait…you have a brother?!!! ..we both exclaimed in unison !!
I and Namitha had known this guy for the past two years and we were shocked we had no idea he had a brother let alone know he was younger to him.
“Girls, relax. Everybody has siblings alright” he said looking at our shocked faces.
“But you know about our siblings ,  or for that matter even our cousins” I snapped
“He has a brother and he is handicapped…now drop this topic right away” Zabeer interrupted
“Oh” Gasped Namitha
“We.. er are sorry” I replied with difficulty..
Ryan was the emotional kind…from the corner of my eye I could see him reddening with embarrassment or was it rage at himself for having hidden the fact he had a was hard to tell
“No really, we just got how old is he?” asked Namitha clearly intrigued
“He is 5 years old and is suffering from cerebral problem and mum and dad“ Imran siad in a strained voice
“Cerebral what kind of probl..” Namitha interrupted
“That’s enough, he is ill and he is being sent to the Un for surgery“ said  zabeer in a steady voice narrowing eyes at us as though we were the culprits for our friend Ryan’s brother’s state
“But we were just..” Poked in Namitha
“Lets leave it “ I said . Ryan was caught in a web of silence all this while.
I had no idea how hard it was to cope up with having a baby brother who couldn’t walk or talk even at the age of 5.
Later we heard they tried all sorts of surgeries and other medicinal procedures but in vain..After a few years he was bed ridden..
Why have people put their faith in Medicines made up of chemicals , and forgotten that nature has almost a cure for everything…
Perhaps people are vain or ignorant..
As years passed by I grew up to learn a lot about Ayurvedic and natural home made medicines.. 
Our ancestors have great faith in the cure by nature. They gave attention to ailment through ayurveda that deals with the body as a whole and its relationship with the natural environment and the cosmos.
My father is a firm believer in natural healing.He believed that Yoga, ayurveda and Prophet SAWS natural remedies were the best gifts for a growing child.
Ours is a Joint family, tones of children race around the grounds of our open verandah home at my native.All strong healthy and fit.
Our home there is always stocked up with Haldi (Olive oil,turmeric powder, Pure honey,figs, dates,Kasni herbs, black caraway known as kalaunji in my native, vinegar) which prevent the disease from the very start.
Everytime we hurt ourselves while playing or complained of a upset stomach , 4 spoons of honey with water were forced down our throats and we never complained again…
And when we were in school my lil cousins were force to eat amla chavanprash, the food was cooked in olive oil…Very few visited the hospital ever..
And it were the adds that we saw on Doordarshan that introduced us to Babool toothpaste, Hajmola and pudin hara..
Such is the power of nature’s
My parents are from a village and hence dislike visiting the hospital even when they are with viral fever.
So when one of my cousin started to faint and develop a disorder unknown to the doctors in whole of Lucknow , my father consulted an ayurvedic hakim who prescribed ayurvedic and natural medicines..
It was tough to find all the jadi bootiya
And it is from them I learnt that those who have faith in God and his nature never suffer …
I am thankful to Companies like Dabur who have taken natural remedies and made it easier for the kids of this growing nation to make their youth healthier from the in future they lead the fearless and stray away..

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Shopper’s Paradise ! Breathtaking Bangkok !

Ever wanted to be fascinated, intoxicated and mesmerized while out travelling with the family?
           Lets go somewhere and by somewhere I mean Bangkok!
Well there are a lot of places to choose from Switzerland, Kuala lampur, and OFCOURSE Bangkok !!!
Bangkok is a mix of modern with the grandeur and glory of its past illustrious prevailing even today. Be it the stunning temples, overwhelming palaces, a world-famous floating market or colourful Chinatown, each of these beautiful places intrigue you and tell a whole new different story every time you visit them.
Golden temples, addictive street food, amazing hotels and Asia's craziest nightlife. Thailand's megacity has far more to offer than you can ever imagine!!!
I am die hard foodie I could kill to eat all that incredible street food in Bangkok ! Those packed markets with mindboggling stuff to venture around! And the biggest shopping destination! I am a CRAZY Shopaholic ! *CRAZY AS HELL* And Bangkok is THE SHOPPER’S PARADISE BABY! Don’t forget those world class luxurious hotels and crazy nightlife at Bangkok!
Oh yes not to forget those temples so sparkly your eyes start to water ! These are very few reasons why I prefer the royal shopping and glamorous destination > Bangkok!
How to get there?
Gone are the times you fretted and fussed over going to the destination you desired ! With Air asia’s “World’s best online travel fair” providing the best packages to fly and experience a whole new world of touring we can finally fly to the land brimming with Thrills, smells,super awesome sights ,gracious people and SHOPPING ofcourse!
Now you are just one click away from hopping to the destination you have always dreamed of !
But before that you must have knowledge as to what are the best places to visit and enjoy the most at your destination and here is something I want to share about my dream destination : BANGKOK!
Paradise planner!
-Bookings confirmed ✔
-Bags packed ✔
-Camera ! ✔
Off you go ! So here I am to show you why Once you travel to Bangkok you would regret for not having visited earlier !
Knowing the right places to visit always adds flavor to the journey !
                            Paradise is just a dream away…
Best Of Bangkok !!!
On my quest to find the best of Bangkok I faltered with the Incredible! Read on to know more..

Hit the road , zoom along the highways , taking in the fresh air, eating along the roadside, chatting up with the locals learning about cultures and visiting the most attractive temples and located in Bangkok is the perfect start to a trip!
Which places to go:
Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) , the stunning beauty built in the 19th century will encapsulate you in its beauty
Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw is a must visit for its beautiful architect and intricate detail !
The ‘Famous Floating Market ‘ I could hardly Imagine those dozens of wooden row boats floating by, each laden to the brim with farm-fresh fruits, vegetables or flowers. *mega sigh*
The colorful and exotic CHINATOWN! Almost everyone must have heard about this and its highest concentration of gold shops !
I have always been a water lover ! Chao Phraya River & Waterways One of the most scenic areas, the riverside reflects a constantly changing scene day and night: water-taxis and heavily laden rice barges chugging upstream, set against a backdrop of glittering temples and luxury hotels. *Dreamy face*
Watch a movie at La Scala Movie Theatre - The Nostalgic Vintage Experience Watching a movie sitting amongst architecture built in the 60’s ! Mind bowled eh?
For a look at Thailand’s modern art scene do visit the Museum of Contemporary Art
And the Jim Thompson House is a beautiful place and you will get lost in it ! Enough said !
  b cbcBangkok alttractions
What kind of girl wouldn’t like a crazy shopping outing in shopper’s paradise ?!Bangkok tops my destination because apart from mesmerizing beauty and delectable food they have this awesome shopping destinations! from street shopping to mall shopping you can’t just stop yourself when it comes to shopping here!
Who’s up for inexpensive designer quality clothing and accessories? Presenting you the the renowned Prathunam and Bobae Markets !!!
If you go on a trip to Bangkok and come back without shopping at Chatuchak "Weekend" Market, they say it’s a trip wasted ma’am !(Open on weekends only). Also don’t forget to board the skytrain here!
The malls in Bagkok are overwhelming ! Shop at the Emporium mall,Siam Square,Mah Boon Krong,Platinum Fashion Mall ,CentralWorld (PS: Bargaining is allowed..woohooo Winking smile ) For the best handbags, heels, accessories and home accessories!
After you have emptied your wallets and lightened bank accounts you will feel like a happy angel ! Which does not happen all the time, does it? 
                                    Shop well , Travel often..
Bangkok shopping
The music and dancing is calling and I must go…
Party animal? *cough cough* Bangkok is also famous because it is termed as Asia’s Craziest nightlife city! Don’t miss out the Octave Rooftop Bar,Sky Bar Rooftop at Lebua, a chic bar Vertigo at Banyan Tree,Cabaret Calypso Show, and the Soi Cowboy!*cheesy names lol*
 Bangkok night life
Spa and relaxing:
A rejuvenating spa treatment in a luxurious spas or a famous traditional Thai massage is the perfect antidote to ease away the blues after long day of shopping and sightseeing. Aromatherapy is my mantra  :P
From all that I have heard Bangkok not just a metropolis city  by also  a haven to relax, rejuvenate and regenerate.
Although local spa’s may give you the best service at great value you should not miss a relaxing at a chic spa named Spa AthenĂ©e also a Royal Mediterranean hotel!
                            Keep Calm and Relax…Bangkok
So I end my quest here. Now all I can dream of is boarding that Air Asia plane and flying away to the city of my dreams …*Angelic face* If only….    Travel               I dream the impossible. But I want to fly away..Perhaps some day…
Traveller’s lusting all of the above head to Air asia NOW ! They have great fares for those travelling to “The Paradise of the insane” Bangkok !
Image source:googled.

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Pictures that made me go Awww.

The top favorite ‘Aww-able’ post I came across last week was a cute picture of David Beckham and his 10 max cuter kid !
And this one reminds me of Hedwig ! How cute is this !
And cute is an understatement for this picture !!! How Cuteeeee ! ^(^.^)^
Also don’t miss the similarities one has tried to bring in both photographs, the girl’s hairstyle,The cute hat and the mesh under the girl’s feet ! Super cute I say !
Do you have a favorite?
Hope you enjoyed your weekend !

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dose of twitter world!

Twitter is the new cool !
It has taught me to make sense in just 140 characters !It has also taught me to keep my messages short and witty :p
It has rid my facebook addiction plus I has taught me the real meaning of "don't beat around the bush, come straight to the point" ;)
Twitter: It isn't a website. It's a lifestyle.
Twitter trending topics have lost their luster, stupid things keep trending for days ! GAH !
Never mind but twitter will always be my true love ! :D
And lately my super power is logging on to Twitter for ten minutes & staying for two hours!
I am so addicted to twitter ! Its my drug!
It reminds me of a tweet I read long back
“Twitter distracts me. I just wanted to check my TL for few minutes & I missed my friend's wedding. LOL! Just kidding, it was my wedding.”
So coming to the point the two most important things about a tweet
1.A favorite
2.A Retweet
All the quirky tweets which are OHSOAMAZINGFANTABULOUS we tweeters retweet and the ones which we think is something relating to us and sweet tweet close to our heart we favorite it ;)
So I am going to post 10 best tweets worth RTable  I find every week.
Hope you like them !

1.1 st psst
1 st possssstttt
1st post
1st pssst
1st possstst
1st poooostr
So these were the top 10 favorites of mine for this week !  Tell me which is your favorite ! :)