Sunday, October 6, 2013

The key to happiness is..

Happiness is
There are times when I am so happy , I can’t believe if there could be anything that would make me sad in the universe.
But I was entirely wrong. We are humans and being upset and ending up in a foul mood is part of our nature.
I believe that the key to happiness is not that you never get angry,sad, upset, frustrated, or depressed. It is how fast you decide to get out of it.
So whenever I am sad and feel lost, I jot down things that I love and make me happy ! And Viola all the frustrations slowly vanishes and I am all smiles again!I never let depressing things get on me!
According to me Happiness is not a situation, it's a choice.
Few things what I think of happiness as …
  • Having a huge bar of chocolate all by myself without any second thoughts about calories! *Yes yes yes Oh yes!*
  • A day spent with your close friends just eating :P
  • A follow back from your twitter crush. (^_^)
  • A sudden jhappi from your love in the middle of a heated argument *Shy smile*
  • Laughing: with friends, with family, with kids, with people I've just met. Just the pure joy of laughing.
  • Finishing an amazing book and being lost in that world long after I have finished reading.
  • Gilli mitti ki khushboo..Aaaaah *Dazed*
  • Sleeping, eating, shopping, loving, hugging – the basics. (Shopping!!!!!!)
  • Fighting for that last piece of cake. *Yehawww* *Evil grin*
    The key to happiness is unlock the smartphone Winking smileTwitter ! Facebook ! Blog! Gmail <3
  • Hugs Hugs and some more Hugs. (Haaaye ^.^)
  • Catching your phone before it drops on the floor. *Gosh!*
  • Passing in an exam with flying colors when you thought you'd fail! *Lungi dance* Yayyy :P
  • Happiness is sailing paper boats in rain water. :)

So these few things plus the ones in the picture above make me so damn happy! \o/
Stay happy no matter what because happiness is the best make up you can ever wear. Open-mouthed smile


  1. For me to be Happy is a state of Mind..The Moment you want to be Happy no one can make you Unhappy including yourself.. :)
    Keep Smiling because it is best give we can give to ourselves and others.. :)

    1. True Harsh ! Once you're happy there is no undoing it. :)

  2. Cool post!
    Happiness is indeed the best make up one can wear, genuine happiness though, one can't fake it.

    1. Absolutely right Indrani. Thank you for reading it :)

  3. Nice Post, A G+ for ur post and have a Nice Day. . . :)

  4. Happiness is found withing and not outside

    1. But you cannot deny the fact that it is the happy atmosphere and happier surroundings around us that leads to inner happiness :-)

  5. It may vary from person to person , but I guess when one is content or let say satisfied from within then he/she is happy!
    Few things that you described in points covers it all.
    Very well written post Najm.:)
    Loved reading every bit of it.:D

  6. Happiness is having ice cream and a box of rochers along with earphones plugged in :D

    The best thing about being happy is always smiling and as rightly said by someone "smile is a curve that sets everything straight".

    #good post