Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fresh and happy experience with Ambipur vent clip.

It had been a while since I had visited my grandparents.
It had been a long drive from Bangalore to Hubli. I had driven my swift all the way to Hubli.
My parents had called me urgently from office and had sent me packing. They seemed to be hiding something, but they didn't indulge any information other than that my unwell grandpa had called for me immediately.It had been so sudden I had very little time to pack.
I inwardly thanked for the music stereo in my car, if it hadn’t been for it I would have lost by desire to driving. I was exhausted  and hungry and the droving the car in the heat felt suffocating. I was sweating profusely. Next to my seat lay empty packs of Frooti strewn all over. In short my car was in a mess and smelling badly.Clearly I din’t know what was wrong with me. I had always loved driving and driving in my new swift always made me joyous.
After 4 long tedious hours of driving I finally reached the street where my grandparents vintage home lay ahead.
I sighed in relief. I really needed to get out, take a bath, attend to my frizzy hair and then eat a hot south Indian meal.
My grandma was out in the balcony and smiled at seeing my car , I couldn’t clearly make out but there seemed to be a faint glint of mischievousness in her smile.
Once I had done hugging my Grandma and asking what had been the emergency and if Grandpa was alright . She has smiled sweetly “Your grandpa is healthy and now asleep and Can’t we just call over our favorite grand daughter when we want to meet her?”
“Err..but what was so urgent, I would have come over the weekend you know. I left work undone”
“Your work is not important than family, and you smell bad and you look pale lets get you something to eat”
I was clearly more suspicious now I followed her and then after a heavy meal , I combed my hair and took a bath.
I had come downstairs to see if Grandpa was up and thankful that my grandparents had called me over to their place as I was sick of working. Clearly my parents had noticed I was growing pale and had planned this surprise holiday for me. Oh I love my family I grinned reaching the last steps but my steps faltered seeing a a young handsome man seated on the couch .everything came back running and my suspicions sprouted back to life.
God no ! No ! no !
My grandma was up again with her Matchmaking tricks. My grandma chose the moment to enter the hallway and introduced both of us to each other . Not happening. He was so handsomely gorgeous , crisp and clean clearly from some well bred wealthy family. Not that I was a poor family I snorted inwardly. I din;t want to marry in the first place I reminded myself.He spoke with humor and was careful not to talk much and make himself a fool unlike me. I kept blabbering and when he politely asked if I could show him around the town in my car, I clearly gaped at him in shock. Hey we just met and don’t throw orders at me.
What was more ridiculous than the man staring at me amusingly was man my grandmother insisted I give him a ride over the hometown as he was new to this place. Excellent . Here I am forced to drive a ridiculously handsome stranger I am expected to get married to, my car smells like shit and I am here wearing not in the best. So SO unfair.
Inspite of my futile efforts I was seated on my driver’s seat after a embarrassing moment of making him wait while I stashed the frooti bottles out my car and mind raced what he would think about me.LOL why should I care what a stranger thinks about me. From the corner of my eyes I saw him amusingly looking at me cleaning my car(Mind you I was furious when he was trying his best to hide his smile)
I had managed to wipe of the left overs of sandwich and fish cutlet from the porch of the car. When I glanced at him he was doing his best to burst into laughter. My insides were on fire. I could burn him up , hell who cares he is gorgeous. Thankfully I had found New Ambi Pur Air Freshener Mini Vent Clip A/c Vent Perfume in flavor citrus fruit mom had bought from a store 2 weeks back but I had never the time to test it. I surely had never used fresheners for my car.My mom had picked the cute looking vent clips in lavender and citrus after having used the Ambi pur house sprays. The sprays were so astonishingly awesome my mom couldn’t resist buying another product from their brand. The vent clip was a small clip and I doubted weather it would make any difference to put the foul smell singing insides of my car.It seemed to me that the little liquid inside would finish off even before it eliminated one fourth of the odor in  my car.It was so easy to activate the clip .One could always give a try but I had my pride at stake. I pulled out the vent clip from is wrapper and flipped it back to start it. The faint perfume of citrus teased my nose and I wished my car smelled of it everywhere immediately. (Haha nice fantasy lady ! Now move about, there’s a man to be Impressed challenged)I prayed the vent clip could magically send the foul smell out of my car and I could laugh on the face of the man who was now probably staring at me laughing at me, dear lord what the hell was I praying!I placed the clip on the car vent and brushed of the tidbits of what looked like my talc powder. It had taken me a while to realise that a light fragrance of citrus was stirring in my car.I mentally planned to give my mom a kiss for the little help she had unknowingly done. No , I wouldn’t let this gorgeous stranger laugh at me and my beloved car. Atleast I would try my best After what seemed like 10 minutes I signaled him to get into the car,.
The drive was enchanting… (Thank You my love my savior my soother my lovely little Ambipur vent clip ! You should know this I love you so so much !!! )
Ambipur vent clip A/c air freshner
Within minutes (where he had made small talk)My car was filled with such sweet fragrance of citrus it reminded me of fresh lemonade and lemon iced tea. Within minutes the  overly small and discrete sized A/c vent clip had released fragrance at a sustained rate over the life of the air-freshener, rather than spreading out a strong, overpowering burst of fragrance , it had the correct amount of fragrance Released in the air.The nervousness being in a car with a stranger  (he could be your future hubby my mind taunted which I clearly ignored) and the jitteriness starting to disappear. The atmosphere from being thick with awkwardness and clumsiness changed to much more sweeter ..He must have sensed the fragrance and the change in the atmosphere , as he asked me how I could make my car smell so good within minutes. It was my turn to smile and the triumph that I had managed to over power the well bred man made me happier than I intended to be.
The strong fragrance had made me light headed. I had managed to show him almost all places next to my grandparents home and when I suggested I show him a mela , he surprised me by telling he didn't want to leave the comfort and fragrance of my car , I agreed as it was hot outside . we stayed for a few minutes and while driving back I was almost comfortable talking to him. The fact that he had praised my choice in fragrances made my I inner demon happy.When atlast he couldn’t help himself he had skedHe too was amazed at advanced odor elimination technology to truly freshen your car. I was clearly besotted with something when I had reached the gates of my grandparents house.
“Have we reached already? You drive so beautifully I almost forgot I was in a car” he joked
“It’s the car, the fragrance and comfort it carries I have no choice but to drive it like its my home” I said chuckling
I found both my grandparents outside . They must have heard my laughter as they looked at the both of us with questioning glances.
After an hour when the handsome man had left for his home. My grandma raised an eyebrow.
You should know we didn't find it necessary to call over his parents to see you. We wanted you both to get comfortable with each other and you seem to be more than that.I thought you would knock him dead with that c ar of yours, but of course you surprise me.I am glad you surprise me. Tell me what bought the change ? you clearly look besotted to him”
I nearly choked at the word besotted. “yes I am besotted”
My grandma made a comical expression and I laughed so hard.
“Dadi Please. By besotted I mean I am besotted to my a vent clip not the man, okay I like the man but besotted is too far a word” I said choosing my word carefully , but I did mean them.
“So he didn't taunt and all that? “ she said hiding her glee
“No way ! Thanks to my Ambipur vent clip ! Or else I would wringed his neck if not for it” I said with a smile on my lips
The conversation ended after an hour. I had agreed to meet his parents. I was calm and happy and fresh all of a sudden. And yes I think I knew the cause of it. It was my lovely little new discovery . THE VENT CLIP ! No doubt I would buy it in all flavors !
This is whom I was besotted to…
Ambipur vent clip A/c air freshner
The best feature it is that its so easy to control and activate this!! *Smitten*
vent clipo ambi pur
And yes yes it lasted for almost 30 days ! It didn't even leak . OMG I LOVE THIS !!!!!
It had saved me from a disastrous event! And later on when I used the vent clip air freshener in lavender. I was love struck ! I just didn't want my journey’s and drive’s to end. The Ambi Pur vent clip had made me lovesick for driving!
And whenever I felt clammy and stressed at office I would run to the garage and straight into my car..into the freshness of citrus or dragon fruit or lavender. And my nerves would calm down and soothe me.
The drive back home from office, which used to be exhausted and bored was now not so boring. The fresh perfume soothed my nerves. I was also surprised to find so many flavors in the vent clip range.But my favorites were the citrus and lavender. My saviors!! Whenever I went shopping at a mall my first stop would be to buy these air fresheners in small packages <3

Overall after the incident where I had discovered the cute clips and used the wonderful things for the first time I was sure The vent clip had left me with a happy and fresh experience…

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