Monday, September 16, 2013

Yardley Body spray. Perfectly complimenting the women of today !

Hey my cheeseburgers :’D
Yesterday I came from my shopping spree smelling so awful ! And when I was at the mall I picked up Yardley of London’s new Body spray range of Lace sprays !
The scent is so mesmerizing ! Just beautiful!
I have been using English Lavender and English Rose for more than 5 years ! They are my favorites and my new current favorite is the Moring dew ! Love !
Sometime back I tweeted how it wasn’t important if you looked great but one must smell great and many tweeters agreed with me.
Women are suckers for flowery and mild fragrances and Yardley has just the right thing for us!
Yardley of London is one brand I have heard when I was just 8 years old. All my aunts used to dab Yardley talc on their faces and I used to copy their tactics :P
And since then I have been using Yardley soaps , perfumes, toilette and body sprays !
These two be my favorites. They come along in a single packaged box. Priced Rs 150 for 150 ml.
Lavender is a very feminine and warm scent that dissipates after a span of 3-4 hours.
English rose is a a floral, classic and vintage scent. Perfect for spring or summers.
I absolutely love both of them and have used secret crush and morning dew.
Secret crush is not for my smell buds. I dislike it so so much !But morning dew is just the opposite of it. Perfect.
And then there is this Lace I bought the other day. I wouldn’t care if it smelled bad ,I would have bought it no matter what because I loved the color of the bottle :’P But the scent is even more appealing ! So refreshing ! Almost all women would love this one! It’s a value for money thing priced at Rs 170 for 150 ml.
Yardley has never disappointed me . Their exquisite perfumes and Deo’s have always won my heart!
I would give it a 4/5 .
And I am definitely going to keep buying them !
“Red lips and fragrances always top off an outfit for me.”
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  1. hmmmmmm good review

  2. Never tried this brand, but I am tempted to now.

  3. yummy and subtle .. i love...
    iam a yardly fan too..

  4. I have never tried this brand ever...But they seem to be so good! Lovely review dear... :)