Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I love Blogging ! My Choice, My Voice!

I started to blog 3 years back, back then it was a mixup of random of random stuff, reviews and randomly clicked photographs by me . I dint have a clue if there was more to blogging other than just sharing opinions.
But I always had a passion for writing,and getting an opportunity for voicing opinions without being judged was just pure awesomeness and that’s how I started loving my blog.It became my voice!cdI have always loved the blogosphere and even more I love to write.  I wanted to start on a journey to push my boundaries as a writer.There was no stopping me from ranting ! If I wanted to talk food? I would do it! Simply write a blog about it.
If I wanted to share my shopping experience or showoff the gorgeous dress I bought,I would end up blogging.It was Perfect. ^_^
My blog is just that. It’s me. It’s everything I love. And these are a few reasons why I will always love bloggingCapture-I can connect with people all around the hemisphere without having to stop working or studying!
-It is the best platform to share my mindless poetry and stupid story’s ! Nobody would dare comment “Yeh kya bakwaas hai’ :B (Even if they did, I shamelessly delete it :’p)
-It helps me stay up to date on the latest deals and coupons.
-Rereading my old posts makes me smile. My blog is my diary.
-I can write whatever I want about topics that interest me. 
-I have complete control of what is posted on my blog.
-It gives me a chance to be my own boss. *Hell yeah*
-It helps me keep my writing skills up to date. *Win win situation*
I just Love Blogging because  #BloggingIsMyCalling!

This post is written for MissMalini’s mega haul contest . Click here to go to her Mega haul page.


  1. Nicely presented. Great points. :)

  2. NI\ice Write and I would say pretty bold second point.. :)
    Good Luck for the contest..:)

  3. Its really good that many people are taking to blogging. But one has to very careful and focused. It is coz most people think blogging as some easy way to make money which it is not.It requires lots of efforts and patience to reach at a reasonable level.
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    1. Effort, Yes ! I agree dear a lot of effort indeed. :-)