Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mud makes me happy: Recapturing Childhood

I have always fancied mud. As a child I used to love spending weekends running to the parks and running back home carrying huge loads of mud during the rainy season . And then me and my friends used to spend hours painting  it, digging in it, making kitchen utensils .
Mud used to be my favorite medium of art, one that I could mold, dry, and decorate. Unlike many other medium, mud permits us to make mistakes. We can experiment repeatedly, knowing there is a limitless free supply. 
So when last week when I spotted one of my neighboring kid carrying a pot full of mud , I asked her what she was doing with the mud and I later on ended up talking her into bringing some of the mud over to my home . I so badly wanted to do something childish :D It had been years since I had indulged in the joy of playing with mud.
Who said playing with mud was just for kids?! Mud is one thing that connects us directly with the natural world.
Playing in the mud has its own benefits! 
Kyunki daag acche hote hai :’)
And on Saturday when she came over to my house I jumped with joy like a little girl who is all set to go on an adventure ! 
Pouring water, and then mixing the mud , making sure the water is not in abundance and the mud doesn't loose its thickness.WOW. 
I squealed with delight when we had finished with are art work. It was not at all fancy but the memory of playing with mud will always be cherished.
Throwing mud, sliding around in it, building things with it and cooking things in the utensils we make out of mud is so much fun .
The making…
100_3677    100_3674
Today will forever be a happy memory treasured . It makes me realize I am still a child at heart,that is, the way I want to be my whole life.
The final touches……100_3678
The touch ups ..
The fine outcome…
Think back to your own childhood.  Do you have happy memories of playing in the mud and the dirt?  After all, making mud pies is one of the iconic images of childhood. :-)
It is important we take some time out to enjoy a few heartfelt things which make us happy :-)
                 “Life is made up of marble and mud ~Nathaniel Hawthorne


  1. Kyunki Daag aache hote hai aur Surf Excel to hai na...:)
    Loved going through the post..Even I played with mud's and liked to go to the muddy rice fields with my cousins and grandfather

    1. Thank you harsh ! Glad you could connect with the post :-)

  2. I haven't done this enjoyable thing for a long time now!
    Felt so delighted just reading it. :)

    1. I am glad you could connect with the post Indrani :-)

  3. awww brings back so many memories of clay models

    1. Woh toh hai ! Remember how we used to show off are clay models as if they were MF Hussain's piece of art :D

  4. I so love Mud. This post brings back such wonderful memories Api.... Lovely :)

    1. Thanks B ^_^ How much fun we had when we were young . Sigh .

  5. Muddy memories...the stains should never ever be washed off :)

  6. Mud makes we happy too