Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LOL away. IE gets trolled.

Yesterday I was going through a few posts when I came over this picture of IE getting trolled and my my Did I have the laugh of my life!
I actually ROFLed at this picture.
I myself hate Internet explorer, hate it more when I accidently click on the IE button on the start up menu.
I can’t believe IE asking me if I would like to make IE my permanent browser.
I still use it sometimes when I have no option as many online application forms don’t support chrome and support IE ! Yeah really, such things still exist. Sigh.
The speed of IE is so irritating and time consuming, I wonder if anyone still consider using IE.
Here’s the picture , I am sure this is going to make you smile and brighten up your Tuesday morning. :’)
Also I remember reading a tweet trolling IE on 2013 New years eve. It went something like this
I'm using Internet Explorer, I hope this comment does not come too late.
Happy New Year 2012.”

Hope you enjoyed the picture.  :-)


  1. Still IE will be there as long as Windows is there.. :)
    But I still sometimes use IE and believe me IE 9 is pretty good.. :)

    1. Hmmm. Haven't used IE since ages , maybe that's the reason despise it so much :-)
      But I do love Ie, it saves me when I have to download online examination forms :-)