Monday, September 9, 2013

In loving memory of scented showers. Rainy affairs.

The magical smell of mitti mixed with waters tickled my nose. And before I dashed the curtains away and looked outside I knew !

"OHMYGOD its raining!!!!!" I almost shouted .
"So?" "Whats so special? is it that its raining on your birthday" he said teasingly.
"Haven't you danced in the rain ever?" I asked him a little bit harshly then I had intended.
"Never got the time"
"God ! You have got to be kidding me" "Why are you even alive" I exclaimed dramatically
He laughed his sexy laugh. I shook my head ...
"Well then you better find the time now" "bye" I snapped as I hung up on him.
 I convinced myself i could do it, it was my birthday after all.
I wasn't sure what had irked me. Wasn't it okay if your fiance had no liking for the beauty called rains.

Two weeks have passed by since we got engaged. A love at first sight to the guy who my parents chose for me.
Long phone calls and numerous amounts of sleepless hours since then. We spoke about everything and nothing. 
I was so damn sure, he was my prince charming.Not scared anymore with the idea of leaving everything* away to begin a new life.
Everything* =home

Smell of love..

I am so so so crazy about rains. Each fragrance , every smell the rains pour are imprinted in my heart.
As I sat there thinking why , the one I love not loving rains made me sad., I thought of all the instances where rain was the most imp in creating the happiest memories.And sometimes playing a vital role in soothing me when i was full & overflowing with pain.

Memories flooded at the scent of mother earth savoring and drinking in the rainy waters pours. 
Every time it started drizzling followed by heavy winds, we would run outdoors with our kites.
Kite fights and or sometimes even better polythene covers used as an alternative for kites. I laughed at the memory.Those were the days. Aaaaah.

The rich scent of coffee filled in my room and I left for the kitchen more happily then I was a few minutes ago.
On reaching the kitchen I saw mom grinding dosa batter and a pot of of coffee lay next to the stove.
"Mummy,  biscuits hai kya?'
"Beta woh fridge pe rakhhe hai uthalo"

I helped myself for a cup of coffee and reached for the biscuits ,disappointed to find good day instead of parle G biscuits. It was during the rains where I used to empty the Parle G packet into my cup of coffee and eat the layered biscuits with bliss.

I was about to step out of kitchen when the smell of raw mangoes whipped my nose and I turned around in time to see my mom hide the pickle bottle. Gotcha!
The delicious smell of mom made pickle .Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I would help her cut teh mangoes and stay on the terrace while they dried to avoid them get eaten up by birds.
Every time my mom hid the pickle bottle i would  make zameen asmaan eak to find it out and eat it , never caring for the pimples they caused. The reason my mom always hid it from me.I grinned in excitement. Lol.what was wrong with me firstly getting sad and then grinning at the pickle bottle.

And ofcourse how could I forget the times where I broke the pickle bottle in a hurry of putting it back before mom found out I was secretly eating it. It was those few worse times. Broken glass and fear of being bashed . I shook my head smilingly and walked to the balcony with the coffee in hand.

The smell of wet clothes welcomed me,clothes which would never dry as rains would occur after every 6 hours.Wet clothes hung on the strings getting soaked and not complaining unlike few other beings.

The rain always amuses us in many ways. Its the one force of nature that's beautiful; to watch,listen and to feel. The rain has always brought back memories both sweet and salty,memories that I cannot forget.

I stood there for a long long time .While I was a kid I always liked to gaze at the rain. Just sit simply and look at it. The streets were empty and it had stopped raining. loads of muddy water still washed the streets. Not a single child out, not even a capsized paper boat.

The muddy waters were now creating a stench . The heavy stench made me think of the times when as a kid I tore pages out of old ruled exercise books and made paper boats and watched them bob through murky waters, the royal black ink from forgotten lessons washing away with the rain.

The smell of thick pure mud made me look in the direction of the shoes at the door. Dripping and covered with mud . It was the state of my school shoes  every time it rained, spoiling our socks and shoes as we came back all drenched and grinning. The memory of me getting all nervous during school cleanliness check and worried that I would be punished for dirty white shoes caused due to rains and me with my bestie running upstairs and using white chalk to hide the muddy marks crossed my mind.I laughed at the memory.One of a kind we kids were. 

Wet smell of papers and humid smell of leaves from the newspapers mom used to for drying garlic teased my nose. The wet papers reminded me of times where I used to sit for hours and create paper mache craft for science projects . And later paint them with myriad of colors.

It was very cold out. I went back inside to the comfort of my home only to find there was no electricity.Power cuts were a norm during rains. And half listened to my cursing the electrician as the computer having blacked out suddenly was giving a faint burning smell, which took me back to those days where my siblings and I watched cartoons for endless hours without giving our Tv a break and resulting to too much heat and damage to Tv. All those hours locked up in rooms while it was raining watching romantics all day long with pakodas by our side. Pure unadulterated bliss.

 It was turning dark. No call from him yet. Maybe I way.He made fun of rain. So childish, but my relationship with rain is somewhat intimate.The connection between us,me and rain is something special.

Rain to me is like a drug. Without it I cannot survive.It is my best friend.When under it I know I am home.The smells and fragrances it carries and brings with it entice me and have excited me always..

How could I forget all those times where after a heavy downpour all neighborhood kids would come out at night as there were power cuts during night, we would gather dry leaves and then play in the fire there...
All those times when we went lurking in the kitchen in pitch dark to get hold of the jack fruit seeds , so we could cook in the little fire we created. So much fun. so much maza.

The smell of freshly painted paint on the walls as we faced the wall when we were forced to play hide and seek indoors as it rained out. The shouting dabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbba ! And mom shouting back she would throw us all out !!!!LOVE!

And when a swarm of mosquitoes invade our house due to heavy downpour ,we had to bear the stench of good night coils and incense sticks!

Those fragrances of ala and neel arising from warm sweaters and white uniforms which mom used for removing all the dirty stains left by the remnants of muddy rains.

The rattle of my window snapped me back to the present, it had started raining again. This time I walked into the balcony , not thinking once to get drenched in the aroma of rain. I closed my eyes and let rian seep in my emotions.To forget all the pain the marriage was going to cause , something I was refusing to agree with. The spectacular mithi ki khusbu cheered me up. This is what I wanted. To be home always. With my memories. With love. A gentle pat on my back , and I opened my eyes but it was the fragrance of something that smelled like love , I knew it was him and even before I could think I simply turned around and closed my arms around him. His laughter and sweet apology had just my day even more awesomer.

And when I was back in the hall it was the smell of cake ! yumm ! Birthday cake ! yayy ! i jumped with joy feeling like a 3 year old . All those memories of me waiting for my big day with anticipation . Getting up early to unwrap the gifts laid in the hall. Carefully hiding all my gifts in the wardrobe so my bro wouldn't mess up with them.
It is my bday. I have my loved ones around me. the rain celebrating with me.This was an extra ordinary day.

The surprise part was my mom gifting me a carton full of Ambi pur , jokingly telling me they would remind me of her all the time I forgot about her at my inlaws. She was right I was in Love at first sniff with Ambi pur's smelly to smiley range. Why not the day had begun from being silly to smiley.Being my favorite.

This was home and as far as I had my loved around me I would make a home wherever I go  I thought to myself.
Not afraid of leaving my home anymore,as the smells, the stenches, the fragrances would always haunt me and cheer me up and enchant me . They never leave you or become old. They just stay and cage you in their memories...

After a tiring 2 hours of eating and cleaning, I was off too bed. The stiff smell from my curtains , the soft smell from my blankets and the homely smell from my bed spread engulfed me and before I knew i was asleep.....

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