Saturday, August 24, 2013

How could I make through life..without you ! Oh soul sister..

"Hey I am sorry I called at this hour, but.. I don't feel good"
"Don't, I love you... I am here..." she said
and I knew the angel would never leave me....


They say that your enemy's enemy is your friend, but in my case my enemy's enemy turned out to be my BFF :D !
Friends since our both besties ditched us in our 4th grade ,the miser and hurt love company right?

Together we nursed high school homework nightmares (thank you, Dhanalakshmi !) and heartbreaks and when life kept us apart, we promised to keep in touch. Further as life progressed, our lives filled up with favorite classes and bullying examinations, with so-so boyfriends and new friends, and we would go weeks without talking.But when we talk after months, our sweet memories flood up like warm spring flowers ...

The few priceless memories I share with her during our Schooling..
Our worried faces during incomplete notes,copying each other's wrong mathematical sums
Secretly dumping of our south Indian Chitrana and Dosa and eating at the canteen :D (damn ! I miss those days)
Giggling uncontrollably hearing the All famous dialogue " is this a class or a fish market? This is the worst class in the entire school."
Those secret crushes we both shared shyly ^_^
Playing flames at Last page of my every-note book ,:P
The fun we had decorating her answers in notebooks with pencil shadings and curvy underlining =p
Discussing fairness creams and Rolling school uniform sleeves in style B)
The endless conversation on what we both would wear on Children's day 3 months prior to it. :D

I love my sisters, and I am happy I had another one in the form of a friend...
Those times when she made me smile..the laughter ..Bliss. Pure.

                                  Hey dhannu that's you and me :P

And when we joined the same college..

Laughing on something , in bus, at home, at college , the pure joy of laughing with her

Always breaking a kitkat so she could share it with me

Every Time a Hot guy passes and she tells me he is her future jijaji, Hahaha. She is insanely awesome like that!

When she writes my notes when I cut my thumb instead of completing hers
*wipes off tears*

She eating my burnt sabzi and telling me its not that bad I just have to improve a bit makes me want to hug all the air out of her <3

She gifting me books by authors I love

Her cute giggles and her soft laughter when we watch Saas bahu sagas

Arguing with those who argue with me and cursing them just because they fought with me

She putting the most hot famous boys name with me while we play FLAMES

She yawning and drawing funny doodles so that we don't end up sleeping in math class

She sending me pics of her cute cat to brighten up my day

She copying the exact figures of my pathetically solved maths sums in assignments

she acting overly dramatic like Geet when we talk about the alliances we both were showered with , I ..I love you yaar ! LOVE!

A jadoo ki jhappi from her when I feel low makes me alive !750 words are so few to describe what she means to me !

When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don’t wonder why, just make a wish. Trust me, it will come true, ’cause I did it and I found you!I found you Dhanalakshmi!  ^_^

I want to cherish every moment spent with you and will be spending with you !My soul just can't breathe without you...My sister, my friend I LOVE YOU DHANNU ! KOYI SHAK MAT RAKHNA DIL MEIN !:-* 

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  1. Quite interesting post. best of luck!

  2. Very sweet with feelings. Good read. :)

    1. Iam glad you found it sweet, Thank you Indrani :-)

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