Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bag love ! Keep Calm And Carry Me !

Hello my jalebeees :D

This is my post to get back to genuine blogging ..
All women love handbags ! We lust them like HELL !

Last month I got my hands on this Cutsie wala handbag from Bebe India  !!!
It was ordered from and I was waiting eagerly for the bag to arrive ...
Once I received it I was so overwhelmed with joy and a *mini happy dance*followed thereafter :P

Its a deep shade of Hot pink ! :*
Its was  'love at first sight' Truly. Deeply.Madly.

Super comfy with long straps!

This bag matches almost everything in my closet :D 
Also a bright pop of color makes up my day \o/

Unique and affordable it is !
Huge enough to hold all my daily travel essentials (Makeup,wallet,keys,water bottle,sunscreen,lip balm,tissues etc :P)

You like? I lurvvvv it :D Let me know if you liked it even a tinsy wincy bit :D

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