Sunday, July 28, 2013

Driving down the memory lane...

Hello my twinkling stars,

How many times do you get a surprise visit from your siblings who are married and stay far by.

2 years back one Early friday morning I woke up to the daily routine.I was on my way to eating breakfast and running to college ,when I got a call from my brother that 2 of my cousins & my sister mylil nephew where on their way to home. I was so happy . But when they got home they had packed bags and I was asked to pack my bags for 1 whole week!

After several attempts of finding out where we were going I got nothing out from them but "Its a Goddamn surprise, Now get the hell into the car" was all I got !
My curiosity got the better of me!

After announcing he would be driving throughout the trip , we took of in his Jaguar. I had no clue to where we were heading but was overwhelmed to find myself in the company of my nephew and darling siblings. The journey had not yet begun and I knew this would be the best drive of my life!

As far as they din't plan to take me to Thar and starve me , I din't mind surprises.
But by the time it was afternoon I knew where they were heading. to. It was to my Grandparent's place, my native.It was almost 8 years since we had been there.I wish mom was with us.

It din't stop here. We got down on a railway station and that's where the biggest surprise lay. There they were my 3 more cousins, mom and my aunts waiting with tickets and packed bags !
This was going to soooo memorable !!!

My grandparents place was in a warm cozy place far away in UP.
They made visits to our home so it had never been imp to visit their place.
Amidst all our life activities we had forgotten the bliss and happiness the place held.

The journey by train was a fun event like always.
We read books. Got down on every big station and splashed water just for the sake of it :P
Something had changed, adults were behaving like crazy kids! :D
And the craziest thing was when we got down and were filling bottles with chilled water and the train started moving , it was not until we heard mom shout we realised the train had started moving.And that was the first time I had jumped on a running train with face wash on face ! CRAZY AS HELL!
We laughed and laughed though mom was furious.

The next hours were just the same. Eating samosas, playing games. Aaaah , it was pure bliss I tell you.

When we reached Lucknow railway station, my uncles was thee to pick us up.
The drive from railway station to our Home* was the bestbestbest.
We drove through busy streets, bazaars, recalling our few heartfelt childhood moments.
We stopped by to eat the famous pani puris.
The half naked kids kept tapping the windows of our jeep.
It was a hot afternoon. we stopped by a dhaba to dive into some tasty Lucknowy food.
Finally having eaten our fill of kebabs, birayani and rumal roti we were back on road.
Granny's place is quite far the city.

It was 4 in the eve when we were nearing our home, when we spotted a park where we used to come with grandpa. We couldn't stop ourself and asked uncle to stop there.
Got down and though we were not aged 12 we played on the swings, rolled on the grass.
Talked about how we used to run away during mornings to pluck free roses from this park when we were kids.            


And when finally we reached I wasn't tired but I felt Alive.
My cute lil niece were waiting out . And shouted "Didi agayeee..!!!"
The journey, their smiles, the memories ..they were so right.
 This was my best journey, my best drive!
I hugged my grandparents and made a mental note to take this drives more often...

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