Friday, June 21, 2013

Party On my Mind !

Hello my honeydukes :D

Its been months since I blogged last *sigh* Exam does this.
But no worries I am back with a baaaang ! :P

Lately YJHD fever has caught up with me ! (Read Ranbir Kapoor) :P
These weddings and the lavish way they are arranged in bollywood movies has always amused and amazed me ! So much glamour , beaches, matkas n jhatkas , awesome blossom food *yumm* !! If given a chance to organise a party I would not think twice before planning one like them :D

I would love to host an anniversary party for my parents and here's how I hosted a fantastic mind boggling spectacular super se bhi upar wala party *Yeah I know I am Dreaming* :P So here it begins *Dream Mode-On*

Location: Huge Palaces, fountains on either sides, surrounded by palm trees Aaahh, well nevermind that's too much on my pocket so I'll go for a Farm house in a beautiful atmosphere with cook in facility
Surrounded by soft lush green garden and myriad color of flower pots .

I make sure the Farm house is located far from the city away from all the hustle bustle and noise of a city..The only sound to be the chatter and laughter of all the guests and relatives :)

I made arrangements for all the guests to be present at the venue 2 days before the ceremony.
Welcome the guests by handing them over sweets and what better than gift packs from KOI
Gourmet Gifts - Halwas 2 Pack They make very cute gifts and ofcourse sweet. Love them !
                                           Jodhpuri moong dal Halwa! 

Its so much fun , when all guests arrive and its mighty awesome to see them drive to city to buy gifts while the aunties and ladkis make ladoos and gift wrap dry fruits...

 and not to forget decoration of house with Marigold flowers. 

Then comes my favorite part where we stack up all we have to wear and match all accessories with clothe:D                                      

The day guests arrive its almost evening by the time they settle and make themselves comfortable. The next day the ladies apply mehendi on their hands (Mehendi nahi toh India mein ladki not dressed for a occasion mani jati hai :p)


And then the Dhol dancing were its just the women :D while the gentleman leave ladies alone and have fun all them by themselves!

 And dancing to bollywood item numbers with mom and dad wearing heels *Yippeee*

A lavish lunch throughout the week *Yeah lets get to the favorite part ;) :P* all spicy n chilly mouth watering selected from Kitchens of India and Parathes with Chicken curry *Yummm*
I always wanted to keep Golgappe,Gola and Chaats on my party menu
Plus not to forget the evergreen Biryani and brinjal curry !
for desserts!


Gola *Slurpppp*

Mughlai dishes *Drool*
  Hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton kolhapuri and Chicken curry with Naan *10X drool*


And desserts  ..Yohoooooooooooo

                                     Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa       Hazoori Petha Halwa

Next was the Rasam ceremony were my parents play games with my whole family and they are made to dance on old hindi songs :D Or dad sings for mom *Awwwwww* ^(^.^)^

The best part was were I arranged for a Red carpet for my parents on the last day of the party where they walk on it holding each others hands and feel like a celebrity when the photographers click their pictures ;) :D

I am sure my parents would be honored and know they are cherished once the party ends.

PS: All my cousins wanted (Read begged) me to host their parties after this ;) :P *Mini celebrity*

This post has been written for a contest on Indiblogger along with Kitchen's Of India on the theme "My weekend party with Gourmet food"


  1. Mouth watering choice of dishes! Beautiful post :)

  2. Too delicious. Good one. :)

    You will be hosting my next party :P

  3. Love the pics. And the extravagance. Where did you get those pale pink shoes with the bag. I want....