Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Experimenting and cooking: A beautiful day turned out to be healthy too !

Hello My Hunny Bunnies  :D

Its 5th of march and I still seem to think It was just yesterday I was watching those fireworks burst in the sky welcoming the new year.Time flies....

I have been a bit lazy and romanticizing too much since I opened a package of romantic novels from Mills and Boons I received last week *Dreamy Face* But mom has been hysterical about me cuddled up with a book days and nights and not working at all (remind you not stepping in the kitchen)

So when all the books were reread and finally I had nothing to do, I made up my mind to try my hand in cooking experimenting :P

Two days before when I had gone visiting an aunt of mine,she had cooked this delicious 'khajurs' (An indian dish made up of soji and Maida also known as the Fried Indian biscuit) These are a part of my childhood days, very simple and can be stored for a period of 15-18 days.Though they were oily I just couldn't resist myself from eating four or five of them and made a mental note to try it someday.

And Oh my what a try it was,I really don't if it came out well, But when My lil bro and mom complimented those khajurs I wanted to share my triumph  *My mom Complimented ME ,my cooking skills:P!* *faints*

So here's the easy recipe , Must try for the snack lovers :)

1)Maida flour /All purpose flour 500Gms
2)Soji/ Semolina (250gms)
3)Eggs (2 or 3)
4)Banana (2 of em)
5)Khaskash/Poppy seeds (1 Tbsp)
6)Sugar (150 gm)
7)Fennel seeds /Saunf (2 Tbsp)
8)Water/Milk to knead
9)Baking Soda (A pinch)
10)Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil (For cooking)
11)Milkmaid/khoya (3 Tbsp)
12) Ghee for flour softening (optional)
13)Almonds and dates sliced or chopped

 (PS:Kindly bear with the poor quality of the pics as it was taken by my Samsung Galaxy which has just 5 mp) Camera's batteries seems have started to dislike me -.-
  • Combine the flour and soji n a large /wide bowl. 

  • Add sugar,eggs,fennel seeds and bananas to the mixture. 

  • Add chopped almonds,poppy seeds to the mixture.
  • Pour in the milk slowly, gathering the flour together until you get a soft and moist dough. 

  • Transfer it to a clean surface or platform  and knead the dough for about 5 to 6 minutes .

  • Roll out the mixture into a thick disc and cut the it into parallelogram shape.Repeat till whole of the mixture is done the same way.            
  • Heat a non stick kadai and pour oil into it and it should be in a medium low flame.I Opted for Fortune Rice Bran oil because it is way more healthier *experience ,okay ?* As this is more of an oily recipe and my dad isn't allowed to eat much oil I tried using this heart friendly oil.Plus it has so many other pros!Check them out here 
  • Slowly put the uncooked kahjurs into the kadai and cook till they are golden brown in color.
So that's it, store them in a air tight container . Easy right ? Healthy bhi tasty bhi :)

Do let me know if you try it or maybe have a better version of this recipe :)

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  1. Beautiful recipe! Looks delicious...mmmmm!

  2. Yummyy!!! Am trying it this weekend! :D

  3. Like Really ? All the best :P