Friday, February 8, 2013

Bundle of Joy Via Fernsnpetals!

Hello my cupcakes :D

Its the month of Love and God is showering much love on his Angel *That's me :p*
Though being single I love this month so much :D

Red is one of my favorite colors and roses (oh how much I love them and never receive them)
So here the bundle of joy I couldn't resist sharing , Two days back Ferns and Petals website conducted a contest on twitter ( @fernsnpetals_ )and guess what i was the sole winner ! * Mini Happy Dance*

Just received the gift  Now. :D Super fast delivery surprised Me :)
I love soft toys plus the heart shaped pillow was the cutest :-*
Here a few pics   :D

Super cute box in green :p

Two lovely teddy's or whatever they are :p

 The so very sweet heart shaped soft pillow ^_^

Thank you ferns n petals for making my friday super awesome :D


  1. Wow looks like a super cool haul!! Love the pillow ^-^

  2. OMG! So cute :) I love things like this, Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Your blog is amazing, I am now following you back on GFC!


  3. Nice blog you have! I blog about skincare, I am following you now hopefully you'd like to follow back :)


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