Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pretty Pretty hands :Joy from Stringing Beads !

Hello <Insert Your Name Here> :D

Happiness comes to those who stay happy , and you know I am Happiness Manager B-)
Oh my Valentine's day kept me so busy (No no not busy with the human one, My cupid just took a holiday:P)Busy with contests ! Damn contests were raining the whole month >_<
14th of February must be renamed as the Infinite contests Day! :D

Won so many things vouchers & cupcakes ! (Oh yes,Be jealous baby:P)

So I won this giveaway by A li'l bit of everything , Sponsor Stringing Beads :D and guess what i received my gift today , Black hearts beaded all the way, I am gonna shout Yayyy :P *hey that rhymed ? :p*

Lovely piece of jewelry , it looks so beautiful on my wrist , Its already my favorite and matches most of my outfits! :d
Can't wait to show it off!

Here is the pic , Me wearing it :)

Stringing Beads have these beautiful variants of jewelry on sale, don't give it a miss, do check it out !

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Thank you stringing Beads :)
Loads of love !
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bundle of Joy Via Fernsnpetals!

Hello my cupcakes :D

Its the month of Love and God is showering much love on his Angel *That's me :p*
Though being single I love this month so much :D

Red is one of my favorite colors and roses (oh how much I love them and never receive them)
So here the bundle of joy I couldn't resist sharing , Two days back Ferns and Petals website conducted a contest on twitter ( @fernsnpetals_ )and guess what i was the sole winner ! * Mini Happy Dance*

Just received the gift  Now. :D Super fast delivery surprised Me :)
I love soft toys plus the heart shaped pillow was the cutest :-*
Here a few pics   :D

Super cute box in green :p

Two lovely teddy's or whatever they are :p

 The so very sweet heart shaped soft pillow ^_^

Thank you ferns n petals for making my friday super awesome :D