Friday, January 4, 2013

You cannot say NO :

Hello my fruit plums :-*

Back after a long time with a Patak wala review :D
Its none other than a pataka website for us girlies to shop online for the best fashion accessories;)

Twitter keeps me so busy I will soon turn into a tweety :P <Lame Joke, No? >
So last month , I mean the last few days of the last year were so Hectic, Contests raining everywhere !! :D :D But also sad We lost a Brave heart < Shame Case > :'(

Now now what was the topic , Oh yes Yes2Fashion ! :D
It is a beautiful website where you can buy fashion accessories according to your Moods :D
There's Drama Queen , Flirtatious , Divalacious etc etc

I caught up with this website when one of my friends tagged me to their page and since then I have been shopping wildly from their site  <They had this Christmas contest ,discount bags ,Hence :p)

They have lovely gorgeous and affordable collection of Rings , Bracelets , hair accessories and earrings which is sure to make you the center of Attraction :'D

Here are my top Five fav picks from their site :) :)

Don't for get to like them on Fb ,They keep conducting contest,So you have loads to win and ofcourse they keep updating about their sale and discount's which you wouldn't want to miss :'D

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Click here to go their website :)

Enjoy Shopping !

PS: I forgot to mention I won their pin interest contest 8)
Here's the tweet declaring me the winner :p < I won :D >