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Shoppers Stop festive look : Eid Wali Awesomeness :D

Festivals ! You love them don't you? :D Dressing up, new clothes, delicious food .....I can go on and on and on!!!

So shoppers stop wanted us to create a perfect look, I'm perfect and whatever I wear is automatically perfect , No ? :P #OkayBye
I am totally enjoying creating different looks for shoppersstop.com 

This look is for the Eid :
I being a Muslim, Look forward for this festival the most !
After a whole month of fasting, dressing up is so much fun! :)

Here is what I would wear for Eid ( Products I chose from shoppers stop are so expensive >_< ) Please bear with me, Let me enjoy the fact that I would in fact be able to wear such expensive apparel and accessories someday :P :D
Eid is one festival where mostly women pick heavy and over worked attires , hence I have chosen this Gorgeous Pink sari for my momma! :D
Dressing up my Mom :D :D 

                                              Perfect in Pink Look:*

                     Style-O-Meter !


 Ashika Georgette Jacquard Embroidered Saree:
So which lady does not  like   Love the color Pink ? ! You don't ? I am gonna judge you NOW !
This Ashika Geogette saree is full of traditional spunk and festive flavor! You can also add extra pleats to your saree. Play up the sleeves in the blouse but give the neck a V shape or a round shape.An embroidered neckline tends to clash with the jewelry, giving an over-the-look that sometimes is an eyesore!

Accessories and Makeup :

Theses simple pearl Earrings will give my ensemble a classic look!

And this lovely DKNY bling watch *drool* ( #Iwant ) will add the extra flavour to the ensemble!

Guess perfume : Its important you smell delicious 8)  and oh oh its *pinnnnk* :*

This French Connection-Ladies Kimberly Sparkle Box clutch  is beautiful – it’s elegant and simple, with just the right amount of glamour.My mom is shy's away from big jewellery, the clutch will work perfectly to give this look the chutzpah it needs! :D

Pepper - Ladies Footwear for footwear, though my mom is uncomfortable in them a saree without heels is Fail O_o ! So these heels are perfect not too high nor scary flats :P

Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara : Mom is not a fan of make up *how mahn How? !!!! ) :P So I will let her define her eyes with this :)

Chambor Glitzy Blush : Mom You are Beautiful .Yes.
You need no make up still you would punch those actresses right in the face if you put on some blush! :p :D

 Haute Curry Heart Ring :Mothers love gold >_< Gold yeh gold woh..bla bla bla...hence this ring will look lovely adorned on her hands with this saree to complete the ensemble perfectly!!!

Eid is all about Glitz and Glamour , and this is how I prefer my mom looks ~The best !:)

Style tip :To give your simple saree a wild twist , Bling it ,go one shouldered ,try the halter neck style or go backless for the glam factor! (My mom would never agree with me for this :p )
~ To accentuate the look I will make sure my mom adorned her hair with a mogra tiara braid :D Something like the pic below !

Hair mane

Eid is all about Glitz and Glamour , and this is how I prefer my mom looks ~The best !:)

                                    Me ( *All you girls in their 20's* ) :)

And now coming to what I would wear for Eid!
First of all I spend months deciding what I should wear O_O
I am the Trendy,Today,Tomorrow and Always Type ! 8) So no wonder so much hype about the dressing part!
I love shopping and dressing up...and dressing up for festivals is my Passion :P Now that's too much isn't it? errr never mind coming back to the topic this is how I choose to dress up for Eid :D

Dressing The Young and yes ,Gorgeous Me ;)

Festive look 3

                              How To Style It:

Kashish by Vikram Phadnis Churidar-Kurta-Dupatta Set
  When it comes to Salwaar Kameez enhance your look with the Dupatta! I recommend Tunics in rich brocade net,lace,organza,old rose, cream ,fawn and brown colors for the festive season!This dress is absolutely the right choice for festivals!


Carry a French Connection clutch purse to add the extra spark to the style.

Long earrings in emerald green to break the black orange monotony!

A FCUK watch is a must!

Stack up bangles to give you the ultra festive look!

Colored Heels go well with this look!

 Play around with rings to give you the classic look.

Nirvana Diamond Nose Pin :
Well I have my nose pierced and my festive look would be incomplete without a nose pin!

Fab Hair Do :

Now coming to the hair part after all happy hair is a happy you :D !
Create big open curls and gentle wave with a blow dryer.Take one section of the hair and pin it back with a diamante clip for a soft elegant touch. :-) Here the ensemble is complete  purrrrrrrrrfect, isn't it ? 8) 

Now the make up !
                                               Beauty Love

Beauty Booty !
All products picked up from Shoppers Stop !


So with theses beauty tips of mine you can splash your make up the right way :D !

   Dressing up my Little Niece :*
Petite Princess !

       Accessories :

Pretty pink Shoes for her cute lil feet ^_^ *Pink again :******

South sea pearl necklace to adorn her lovely neck!

These lovely gold earrings for her cute pink ears.

A princess tiara for my lil princess to adorn her hair.. (Couldn't find this one on shopper's stop :/ ) But was so tempted I had to put this :P

 LOreal - Glamshine lip gloss for her lovely puckering lips :P (Oh gosh how much she loves make up!)


 Stop Girls Salwar Kurta Dupatta Set ( Pink is her fav color~isn't it every lil girls fav color ?*blink blink* She will end up looking an angel and a princess :***

Ha! There I finished dressing all the ladies Now to the men's grooming >_< *Nahiiiiiii* (Shouts in bollywood style):p I don't know much about dressing the ones from Mars :P

Never mind I would still try my hand on styling one or two ensemble of em!

So this look is for my sweet 'Smarty pants' brother ! Not making a look for my dad  as he is not much into fashion!


Man style


 Manish Creations-Men's Handicraft Kurta Pyjama Set:
Perfect fit for men, a sherwani in cream or beige will look fab on men! *men in dark sherwani's turn me off>_< * And anyways my brother prefers light colors when it comes to ethnic wear!

Manyavar Ethnic wear Stole:
To complete the ensemble!


ESPRIT Time wear :
This watch complements the look perfectly!

 Hidesign - Men's Wallet:
A wallet is a must for men, Isn't it *All women would agree with this part of kine ;) * Oh yes please keep your wallets loaded :P:D!!

Manyavar Mens Ethnic Wear Jutis:
Jutis to go with the outfit.

 Ring: He is so fond of rings! He may as well stack two three of them but I prefer he wears just

I think I did a good job there 8) Tell me yes oh yes yes *Puppy face* :P :D
Well let me know what you think about it :) :) 

This is my entry for the Shoppers Stop Perfect Look Contest on Indiblogger :)

Image sources: All images have been taken from Shoppers stop.com , or Google-d. I don't claim any ownership.


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