Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life is a fairy tale *120 followers Giveaway*

Hello my happy angels :D

Seriously I don't know whats wrong with me , when I blog I keep on blogging and when I don't , I just don't blog at all :| 

Anyways coming back to the title, I have some good news in store for You'll :)
Guess? *I am so lame* The title itself tell you all :P

Well Namitha of "Life is a fairy-tale" is holding a giveaway to celebrate her increasing amount of followers*lucky girl* Mine seems to have decide to never inc :'( :|:P

Its a simple rafflecopter giveaway :-) Easy to enter and three gorgeous girlies will get lucky and win makeup goodies:D !

One winner will win goodies from Stylecraze.com , second winner will get a surprise from her cute Boyfriend :P and third is the winner with the maximum entries :)

All together a very cute giveaway!
Click here to enter the giveaway!



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