Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Story of my cute pen drives! :D

Hello my sugar candies! :-*

How was your monnnday ? Mine was super awesome ;) !!!

 Got my order I had placed on *Products  Worth Rs 2500 :D * :-* (Won the Rs 2500 gift voucher from @medplusbeauty in a twitter contest :P) *Dances happily*

Will post a blog about it soon :)

And now coming back to the topic, I lately have been on a winning spree :D 8) And I suddenly found myself amid st loads of cutie pen drives, and here I am writing a post about em!!:)

I love collecting interesting and cool stuff! and the best one is collecting pen drives..I have many pen drives including two 4GB Kingston pen drives, one 8GB Kingston pen drive and a 4GB San disk pen drive! :) *Nope I don't own a 16GB pen drive YET :/ will try winning one soon :P )

Coming to the first cutest pen drive I ever laid my hands was one which I won on a twitter contest held by @99labels (Valentines day contest  #MyCupid and World Environment day #Gogreen ) > 4GB

The second is sweet yellow Nano pen drive I won the Tata Nano face book page :)>2GB

The third is a cricketer Ishant Sharma pen drive & a Dhoni pen drive...(love it 1GB), won it on a twitter contest held by @PepsiIndia

The fourth I won on a fb contest by Celio .

Well I really don't know what I should do with so many pen drives, but I super love them :-*(and I don't let my siblings even talk about borrowing one of them :P) *Selfish me* lol

Do let me know which one you liked :)
And have a fab day ahead :))

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life is a fairy tale *120 followers Giveaway*

Hello my happy angels :D

Seriously I don't know whats wrong with me , when I blog I keep on blogging and when I don't , I just don't blog at all :| 

Anyways coming back to the title, I have some good news in store for You'll :)
Guess? *I am so lame* The title itself tell you all :P

Well Namitha of "Life is a fairy-tale" is holding a giveaway to celebrate her increasing amount of followers*lucky girl* Mine seems to have decide to never inc :'( :|:P

Its a simple rafflecopter giveaway :-) Easy to enter and three gorgeous girlies will get lucky and win makeup goodies:D !

One winner will win goodies from , second winner will get a surprise from her cute Boyfriend :P and third is the winner with the maximum entries :)

All together a very cute giveaway!
Click here to enter the giveaway!


Lusting earrings from Pipa + Bella!

Hi gorgeous girlies :)

Currently I am on love mode ..oh not that "love " dearies :P Love in the sense...loving the weather , mangoes, prizes, contest, blah blah blah :P
Okay really I am Loving the mornings...Love this city ! :) *Love my superb siblings too* :-*

Anyways, The thing I am in love with nowadays is none other than these gorgeous earrings from Pipa+Bella (Won it in a contest held by em :D) Oh yes yes..I know I am so talented 8) :P *Grins broadly*

I was so happy to get these from them!Aren't they absolutely gorgeous!!!Very beautifully crafted and so light weighted <3! and yes I loved the small note they put in it! It made my day! :)

Loved the Pastel green envelope too :P

Snap shot of my Winning entry :

Pipa bella has an awesome collection of jewelry and watches, You should check them out !
They keep holding contests every now and then on their fb page don't miss a chance to win free jewelry! :) 

Click here to like then on Facebook.

Love, Najmun

Won cute rosette bobby pins :)

Hey ya ladies:) 

I am so happy nowadays ...loads of prizes pouring at my home (oh yeah..I am not so famous winner of so many contest held on Facebook and twitter ;) )

And recently I won cute hair accessories from roses are red in a giveaway held by Pink clouds! And I am so much in love with those girly chic rosette bobby pins ^_^ .

I just couldn't help sharing a pic with my lovely readers:)